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Clapton, London E5: Onur Kalan

#TheList convicted drug dealer and addict Onur Kalan, born c. 1988, of 18C Southwold Road, Clapton, London E5 9PT – left his elderly dog to become blind, crippled and floundering in his own excrement

An Iman told a drug-addicted dog owner he could kill his pet after neglect left the animal blind and crippled, a court heard. Bull mastiff ‘Tiger’ was found floundering in his own excrement by RSPCA inspectors, suffering from heart disease and hardly able to eat. He was only discovered when his owner, Onur Kalan was arrested for drug offences.

The dog was so ill there was no alternative but to put him down, Willesden Magistrates’ Court was told. The Iman had previously told Kalan he could kill the dog – but he did not have the courage to do it.

Defending Kalan, Georgia Lascombe, said: ‘He sought advice from his Imam because he was worried about taking the life of an animal.

‘He was told it was fine. He had a long-term attachment to the dog and asked his brother to do it.

‘At the time he was significantly suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.’

Sarah Gabay, prosecuting, said: ‘Police attended the defendant’s address. They went out the back door of the house. There was a courtyard divided into three areas. In one there was a kennel.

‘There was dirty green foam and it was covered in moss. The area was covered in faeces and there was a bright yellow liquid, either sick or excrement.

‘There were two dirty bowls. The area did not look like it had been cleaned for a long time.

‘Tiger was extremely nervous and shaking, and his tail was down. His eyes had cataracts.

‘However, he responded well to human contact, but he struggled getting up and down the stairs.

‘He was taken to the van and then to the kennels at Islington Police Station. He was sick on the way.

‘Treatment was started for heart disease and pain relief was given for arthritis. The dog was only eating small amounts and the breathing became more laboured.

‘There was no improvement in Tiger’s health and the decision was made that he should be put down.’

Sentencing: Kalan, who was already serving a 43-month prison sentence for dealing drugs, was jailed for another 12 weeks. He was banned from owning animals for life and told he could not appeal for 10 years.


Liverpool: Dylan Uttley

#TheList county lines drug dealer Dylan Uttley (also known as Dylan Ojapah), born 09/06/1998, most recent known address Onslow Road, Liverpool L6 3BA – took selfies with a woman’s Lhasa Apso before killing the dog by hanging him

North Wales Police mugshot of Dylan Uttley, also known as Dylan Ojapah.

Dylan Uttley had asked a Peterhead woman if he could use her home to sell drugs – a practice known as “cuckooing.”

Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard that she refused – but left the property to go and stay with a friend.

When she returned the next day, she discovered her home had been broken into – and spotted her beloved Lhasa Apso hanging from a door.

She smashed a window to get in and desperately tried to resuscitate the dog before realising he was dead.

The court heard neighbours heard her screams, and called the police.

Photo of Dylan Uttley

Police searched a property on Seaton Drive in Aberdeen the following month, and came across Uttley.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Wright said: “Photographs of the accused and of the dead dog were recovered.

“An examination established these photographs had been taken at the locus, the first image was a selfie of the accused taken before hanging the dog.”

Uttley, whose address was given in court papers as Polmont YOI, admitted killing the dog.

Photo of Dylan Uttley

He also confessed to supplying cocaine and diamorphine in August and September 2017.

Sheriff Jack Brown locked Uttley up for three years, and told him: “It is evident that you are not at the lowest end of the chain as far as this supply is concerned and you openly accept you employed others to sell drugs.”

He described the killing of the dog as a “singularly evil, callous and barbaric act” which Uttley “compounded by taking photographs of it.”

Sentencing: three years in jail.

Press and Journal

In July 2018 Uttley was locked up for a further three years after being caught dealing crack cocaine in North Wales.

Wickford, Essex: Tyler Gilford-Farley

#TheList Tyler Gilford-Farley, born c. 1999, most recent known address Alderney Gardens, Wickford, Essex SS11 – failed to seek treatment for his pet cat’s (unexplained) burn injuries

Police mugshot of drug dealing animal abuser Tyler Gilford-Farley.

Convicted drug dealer Tyler Gilford-Farley, who has links to London, Welwyn Garden City, Basingstoke and the West Midlands, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a cat named Haze.

Farley, a father of one with another child on the way, had failed to seek urgent veterinary care after Haze had suffered significant burns to his face and eyes on October 3, 2017. The cause of Haze’s terrible injuries are not explained.

Haze and a second cat, named Kush, are to be rehomed by the RSPCA.

Sentencing: 18 months’ detention, suspended for 12 months. 25 days of probationary activity. 100 hours of unpaid work. Compensation of £1,062, £200 court costs and £115 victim surcharged. Banned from keeping any animal for just two years (expires April 2020).

Welwyn Hatfield Times

In December 2018 Gilford-Farley was sentenced to four years and nine months for drug dealing offices alongside partner Faith Willis and accomplice Ian Brown. The trio were part of a violent drugs syndicate known as the WEZ network which had been operating in Basingstoke and Dean.

Basingstoke Gazette

Oxford: Nora and Sonny Mannion

#TheList Nora Christine Mannion, born 22/12/1965, of 9 Denmark Street, Oxford OX4 1QS and son Sonny Christian Mannion, born 09/08/1990, of 86 Percy Street, Oxford OX4 3AD – allowed one of their five injured bull terriers to attack a stranger’s dog in the street

Sonny Mannion and one of the five dogs rescued from his home.
Convicted drug dealer and career criminal Sonny Mannion was only banned from keeping animals for five years despite evidence of severe abuse towards his dogs. All five dogs, some of whom ha cigarette burns as well as fighting wounds, were destroyed.

On May 26. 2011, the police, along with RSPCA inspectors, executed a search warrant at Nora Mannion’s home in Denmark Street, Oxford where they found the dogs alone. The crossbreed bull terriers – named Yao, Billy, Marley, Cannon and Blingers – were taken by the RSPCA to kennels and examined by a vet.

Dog abuser Nora Mannion

Vets said the dogs had numerous small injuries, some of which had been caused by fighting. Some wounds were consistent with cigarette burns.

All five dogs had to be destroyed because they were too aggressive to be rehomed.

Nora Mannion was charged with being the owner of a dog and allowing it to be dangerously out of control in a public place and cause injury.

She also admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by failing to arrange veterinary care for Yao.

Dog abuser Sonny Mannion

Career criminal Sonny Mannion, who has a string of previous convictions including three robberies, criminal damage, battery, shoplifting and dealing in Class A drugs, pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the welfare of an animal.

Dog abuser Sonny Mannion

Senior RSPCA inspector Kirsty Wignall said: “I am pleased with the sentencing, particularly with the disqualification.”

She said it had not been possible to prove who was responsible for the burns on the dogs.

The animals also had wounds indicative of fighting with other dogs or each other, she said.

Nora Mannion – six-week jail term, suspended for 12 months; three-month curfew; £500 costs and £500 compensation. Banned from owning animals for 10 years (expires March 2022)
Sonny Mannion – three-month curfew; £500 costs. Banned from owning animals for five years (expired March 2017).

BBC News
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