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Oxford: Nora and Sonny Mannion

#TheList Nora Christine Mannion, born 22/12/1965, of 9 Denmark Street, Oxford OX4 1QS and son Sonny Christian Mannion, born 09/08/1990, of 86 Percy Street, Oxford OX4 3AD – allowed one of their five injured bull terriers to attack a stranger’s dog in the street

Sonny Mannion and one of the five dogs rescued from his home.
Convicted drug dealer and career criminal Sonny Mannion was only banned from keeping animals for five years despite evidence of severe abuse towards his dogs. All five dogs, some of whom ha cigarette burns as well as fighting wounds, were destroyed.

On May 26. 2011, the police, along with RSPCA inspectors, executed a search warrant at Nora Mannion’s home in Denmark Street, Oxford where they found the dogs alone. The crossbreed bull terriers – named Yao, Billy, Marley, Cannon and Blingers – were taken by the RSPCA to kennels and examined by a vet.

Dog abuser Nora Mannion

Vets said the dogs had numerous small injuries, some of which had been caused by fighting. Some wounds were consistent with cigarette burns.

All five dogs had to be destroyed because they were too aggressive to be rehomed.

Nora Mannion was charged with being the owner of a dog and allowing it to be dangerously out of control in a public place and cause injury.

She also admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by failing to arrange veterinary care for Yao.

Dog abuser Sonny Mannion

Career criminal Sonny Mannion, who has a string of previous convictions including three robberies, criminal damage, battery, shoplifting and dealing in Class A drugs, pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the welfare of an animal.

Dog abuser Sonny Mannion

Senior RSPCA inspector Kirsty Wignall said: “I am pleased with the sentencing, particularly with the disqualification.”

She said it had not been possible to prove who was responsible for the burns on the dogs.

The animals also had wounds indicative of fighting with other dogs or each other, she said.

Nora Mannion – six-week jail term, suspended for 12 months; three-month curfew; £500 costs and £500 compensation. Banned from owning animals for 10 years (expires March 2022)
Sonny Mannion – three-month curfew; £500 costs. Banned from owning animals for five years (expired March 2017).

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Clarkston, Glasgow: Anthony John Docherty

#TheList serial cat killer Anthony John Docherty (DoB 31/12/1985) of 4 Woodburn Avenue, Glasgow G76 7TZ

Serial cat killer Anthony John Docherty of Clarkston, Glasgow
Serial cat killer Anthony John Docherty of Clarkston, Glasgow

In January 2009 Docherty tortured, mutilated and killed several cats, which he had stolen from houses in his neighbourhood of Clarkston, E Renfrewshire.

He is known to have killed three cats. All were decapitated, two were scalped, and one had its tail pulled off.

Three cat skulls were also found in his garden.

Dozens of pets had gone missing in the area and many cat owners feared their pets had fallen into evil Docherty’s hands.

The court heard psychiatric reports that Docherty’s behaviour could escalate towards humans.

He was banned from owning, keeping or taking charge of animals indefinitely.

In 2010 Docherty had his jaw broken in an apparent revenge attack. He was walking along the road when he was jumped and battered by two strangers — before a well-meaning passing motorist regrettably stopped to help him.

Sentence: jailed for 8 months; indefinite ban on keeping animals

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