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Laxey, Isle of Man: Klaudiusz Grzesiak

#TheList alleged dog killer Klaudiusz Maria Grzesiak, born c. 1973, of Ballacannell Estate, Laxey, Isle of Man IM4 – walked free from court after the sole witness, his wife, refused to testify against him

No further action is to be taken against alleged dog killer Klaudiusz Grzesiak from Laxey, Isle of Man, after his wife retracted her statement
No further action is to be taken against alleged dog killer Klaudiusz Grzesiak after his wife retracted her statement

The case against Polish national Klaudiusz Maria Grzesiak, who was accused of stranging a cocker spaniel named Milka to death, collapsed after his wife, Marta Adamczewska-Grzesiak, withdrew her evidence.

IOM Today previously reported that the dog had been found dead in a children’s shed in the garden of the family’s home in Ballacannell, Laxey on Tuesday November 19, 2019. The court heard she was wrapped in clear plastic and a black bag.

A post mortem examination carried out on Milka confirmed the cause of death was strangulation to the front of the neck.

They were also injuries consistent with trauma to the dog’s back.

Mrs Grzesiak had advertised the dog as missing on Facebook before her body was discovered.

Prosecutor Roger Kane told the court during an initial hearing that Mrs Grzesiak had received text messages about the dog following a verbal altercation with her husband the previous day.

Grzesiak had denied causing unnecessary suffering to the dog and damaging property. But just days before a pre-trial review hearing on Christmas Eve 2019, his wife retracted a statement she’d made to police.

No further action is to be taken against alleged dog killer Klaudiusz Grzesiak after his wife retracted her statement

Prosecution advocate Rebecca Cubbon said by law she was prevented from compelling Mrs Grzesiak to give evidence against her husband.

She said under the circumstances, all the prosecution could do was offer no evidence on both counts.

No further action is to be taken against alleged dog killer Klaudiusz Grzesiak after his wife retracted her statement
Marta Adamczewska-Grzesiak

Mrs Hughes told Grzesiak no further action would be taken against him, and formally dismissed the charges.

She also said the prosecution wasn’t to blame for the trial’s collapse, and didn’t order defence costs to be paid.

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Kirkby, Knowsley, Merseyside: Christy Draper and Peter Finnegan

#TheList Christy James Draper, born 14/11/1985, of 6 Dulas Road, Kirkby, Liverpool L32 8TL and Peter James Finnegan, born 06/05/1986, formerly of Mintor Road, Kirkby and as at November 2019 of 36 Browning Street, Bootle, Liverpool L20 4HH – caught on CCTV goading their dogs into ripping apart a tame feral cat; walked free after Crown Prosecution Service offered no case

Prosecution against cat killers Christy Draper and Peter Finnegan collapsed.
Cat killers Christy Draper of Kirkby and Peter Finnegan now of Bootle laughed as the prosecution case against them collapsed

Animal lover Alf White used to look after Tooch, a feral tabby which lived near his workplace in Kirkby for five years and was treated by staff as a pet.

But in January 2011 the tile showroom manager arrived at Knowsley Industrial Park to find the cat’s body on the ground.

After searching through CCTV footage covering the yard, the 54-year-old discovered shocking images showing Tooch being ripped apart by dogs before being kicked by a thug who was watching on.

The local newspaper, the Liverpool Echo, published the pictures in an effort to find those responsible and was flooded with callers offering information.

Merseyside police later charged Christy Draper and Peter Finnegan with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

But at a trial which was due to begin on 2 November 2011, prosecutors offered no evidence and the case against the two men was dismissed by District Judge Ian Lomax

He said: “As always it is for the prosecution to prove you are guilty rather than for you to prove you are innocent.

“I do not know what the flaws in the prosecution’s case are but clearly they were spotted and it was decided no evidence is to be offered.

“The case against you is dismissed.”

The two men, wearing tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts, raced from the dock laughing, with one shouting: “You have wasted everyone’s time.”

Mr White, who was waiting to give evidence in the trial, told the ECHO: “I am absolutely fuming. I am shaking with rage. I cannot get my head straight.

“The man from the Crown Prosecution Service told me although they had the CCTV, it was not of the front of the building, only the side, so they could not prove our Tooch was alive when the dogs got hold of her.

“Would you be alive after four dogs got hold of you? I told him she was alive 29 minutes before the attack because I visited her to bring her a blanket and say goodnight.

“But he said that was not in the evidence.”

Mr White, who paid £360 for a vet to fix Tooch’s teeth, said: “You can see another cat, Sylvie, on the video.

“She was lucky to survive.

“She has been moved now to Liverpool Cat Sanctuary so at least now she will be safe.”

The ECHO asked the CPS why the trial collapsed and why it took until the trial date to decide it had no evidence but it failed to respond.

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