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Ellesmere Port, Cheshire: Martin Frederick Jones

#TheList Martin Frederick Jones, born c. 1986, of Park Road, Ellesmere Port CH65 0DH – captured on CCTV battering a terrified dog

Puppy Millie was subjected to a vicious attack by her owner, Mark Frederick Jones
Puppy Millie was subjected to a vicious attack by her owner, Mark Frederick Jones

Father-of-seven Martin Frederick Jones pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal on March 7, 2018

He was spotted by two horrified witnesses hitting his golden labrador puppy Millie near Ellesmere Port bus station.

The shocking incident was captured on CCTV and shows Jones assaulting the defenceless dog.

In the footage Millie runs out into the road and is caught by Jones, who grabs her and punches her multiple times in the side, before pulling her back to the pavement.

Wirral magistrates court was told how the two female witnesses had got off a bus and saw Jones yank the dog, before she ran into the road.

When Jones got the dog back he hit her on her side and the witnesses reported Millie cowered and seemed very scared.

The women were so worried about the dog they decided to follow Jones home and saw him further yank Millie with “uncalled for force.”

Chris Murphy prosecuting said: “The women saw the dog shaking and reported that it appeared timid.

“The incident was reported to the RSPCA and the CCTV of the incident was given to vet Holly Jones who also examined the dog.

“The vet expressed concern for the welfare of the dog and Millie was taken from the family home.

“When she examined her Millie seemed very reserved and anxious, although there were no visible bruises she pointed to mental trauma the dog had gone through.

“When the defendant was interviewed by the RSPCA he accepted responsibility and said he had done it to “make her understand.”

The court heard Jones suffers from mental health problems including Aspergers and ADHD and had no previous convictions.

Scott McCrimmon, defending, said Jones was a family man, had seven children and had always owned dogs.

He said: “Millie is a family pet and the children have been missing her.

“He admits he overreacted and caused trauma to Millie, when he was in a blind panic.

“He accepts he used force to control the dog and handled it very poorly.”

Sentencing Jones District Judge Nick Sanders said: “You went over the top, Millie was a young dog that didn’t understand what was going on.

“What you did was in no way helping her understand, you lost your temper.

“You need to take a long hard look at the way you treat animals.”

Labrador Millie, who was subjected to a vicious attack by her owner Martin Frederick Jones
Millie will now be made available for rehoming

RSPCA Inspector Anthony Joynes said: “This was a vicious attack on a completely defenceless dog which is just simply unacceptable.

“The CCTV captures Millie breaking away from her owner and running into a road, the cars are seen to be slowing down and as Jones catches up with his dog he unleashes a number of heavy blows which he said where ‘to confuse her and make her understand’.

“However this would only have had the effect of inflicting pain and resulting in the dog becoming scared of Jones.

“Beating a dog is never acceptable and is certainly not a nice thing to witness. Jones beat poor Millie in front of numerous members of the public in broad daylight seemingly unfazed.

“Thankfully two brave witnesses came forward to assist in the investigation and after CCTV enquiries recovered two clips of the incident, we were able to locate Jones and remove Mille from his abusive care.

“After waiting many months for this case to come to trial today, Millie can now look forward to finding a loving forever home.”

Total of £270 fines, costs and charges. Banned from keeping animals for a mere three years (expires November 2021).

Liverpool Echo

Michelle Baldwin and sons Shaun and Shane Baldwin, all of Runcorn

#TheList Michelle Baldwin, aka Michelle Robinson (DoB 14/08/1976) and Shaun Baldwin (DoB 26/05/1996) both of 63 Masseyfield Road, Runcorn and  Shane Andrew Baldwin (DoB 17/11/1997) of 22 Linkway, Runcorn – allowed their two dogs to starve so badly one had to be put down.

Evil: Michelle Baldwin and sons Shane and Shaun who left two dogs to starve.
Evil: Michelle Baldwin and useless feckless sons Shane and Shaun. The trio left two dogs to starve.

The RSPCA said the dogs, Staffordshire terrier-type breeds Bruno and Roxy, were so thin their ribs were clearly visible and they were living in ‘atrocious’ conditions.

Bruno was put to sleep on health grounds despite the charity’s efforts to save him and Roxy has been rehomed.

The trio each pleaded guilty in May to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs and one of failing to provide a suitable environment at an earlier hearing.

Speaking about the case, attending RSPCA Inspector Lisa Lupson described both dogs as being  “very thin” especially Bruno who was described as being very lethargic and subdued and so weak he had to be put on a drip .  Sadly he couldn’t be saved.

Court papers said Michelle Baldwin had entrusted the care of the dogs to two young adults without taking responsibility for them herself.

Sentence: Michelle Baldwin was given an eight-week prison sentence suspended for six months and her sons Shaun and Shane were both given a 12-month community order and told to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work. All three were told to pay costs of £100 and an £85 victim surcharge each. A 10-year ban on keeping animals was imposed on the trio. 

Liverpool Echo 11/07/2017

Warrington: Lewis Modlinsky

#TheList Lewis Benjamin Modlinsky, born 22/04/1997, currently of 56 Whinchat Drive, Warrington WA3 6PB – tortured and killed a dog.

Dog killer: Lewis Benjamin Modlinsky from Warrington and his helpless victim, Jager
Dog killer: Lewis Benjamin Modlinsky from Warrington and his helpless victim, Jager

Jailed for just 18 weeks in April 2016 for the brutally violent killing of a sweet-natured Staffy, this is feral fiend Lewis Modlinsky previously of Redshank Lane, Birchwood, Warrington, and more recently residing with his grandmother Kay Modlinsky at 56 Whinchat Drive, Warrington WA3 6PB.

Be aware, memorise his dead-eyed vacant face, and protect yourself, your children and your pets from him at all costs.

The then 18yo psycho inflicted a catalogue of injuries on his best friend’s cherished dog, Jager, during a day-long beating, including fractured ribs, a ruptured liver, lung damage, scratches and cigarette burns.

He left Jager’s battered body wrapped up in a baby blanket in the hall for his friend to find on her return from hospital with her new-born baby.

Modlinsky’s bitter parents, Liam and Jenny Modlinsky,  and loathsome bullying aunts Gemma Barnes and Jade Modlinsky protest that he is “just a kid”, as if that’s any excuse for his murderous actions. At 18 years old this lad knew exactly what he was doing.

This family ignore their relative’s taste for cruelty and violence at their peril.

Confront it, deal with it, fix it and for God’s sake if you have any pets keep this beast away from them.

Sentence: 18 weeks in jail. Banned from keeping animals for life.

Manchester Evening News

Christopher Couper, Macclesfield

#TheList Christopher Couper (DoB 11/11/1986) formerly of Park Brook Rd, Macclesfield and as at July 2018 living at 85 Canal Street, Congleton – witnessed dragging a squealing 12wo Staffy along ground, injuring her paws, chin and stomach.

Dog abuser Christopher Couper, Macclesfield
Thug: Christopher Couper, Macclesfield and Roxy, the dog he abused.

Members of the public called the RSPCA when Couper was spotted dragging 12-week-old Roxy along the ground in Somerton Road, Macclesfield, in December 2015.

Roxy was squealing and whimpering as she was pulled across the pavement, leaving her with extensive bruising as well as wounds to her chin, paws and stomach.

RSPCA Inspector Heather Morris confronted Couper who blamed Roxy for not walking properly and that he was drunk.

She said: “Couper said that Roxy, being a young puppy, had a habit of sitting down while being walked.

“She did this while Couper was walking her on this occasion, and instead of stopping with her, he dragged her along very roughly on the pavement and was witnessed shouting abuse and swearing at the young, frightened dog.

“Members of the public intervened, which led to him lifting her up with the lead and dangling her from her collar, before running off and leaving the dog behind.

“Couper said he was drunk – but this is no excuse to treat an animal in this way.

Roxy was signed over to the RSPCA and recovered from her ordeal.

Sentence: four-week curfew, total of £525 costs; banned from keeping animals for 5 years

The Express 06/04/2016
Macclesfield Express 07/04/2016

Further violent offences:



Chester: Christopher Hurst

#TheList Christopher Hurst, born c. 1977, of Wharton Court, Hoole Lane, Chester CH2 – drowned his pet cat in the bath in an outburst of anger

Cat killer Christopher Hurst from Chester is an aircraft fitter with Airbus
Cat killer Christopher Hurst from Chester is an aircraft fitter with Airbus

Hurst, who works as an aircraft fitter with Airbus,  pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The court heard how Hurst held the 8yo black longhair cat, named Charlie, Charlie under the water for 15 seconds until he died.

Scratch marks found on Hurst’s hands were consistent with the cat struggling against him.

Hurst, who drank every day to self medicate for his supposed mental health problems, had owned Charlie since he was a kitten.

Cat killer Christopher Hurst from Chester is an aircraft fitter with Airbus

He said he had tried to rehome the pet because the cat had been ripping up his neighbours’ property and keeping everyone in the apartment block up all night.

Cheshire Police were called after reports of a disturbance at Hurst’s flat.

Hurst said he had run the bath for himself, but told officers he just ‘lost it’ and ‘it had all happened very quickly’.

He held Charlie down underneath the water until he had drowned.

Christopher Murphy, prosecuting, said: “The vet said these were cruel and inhumane actions on a perfectly healthy cat for no reason whatsoever.

“The drowning would’ve resulted in severe mental trauma and psychological suffering for Charlie.”

Hurst had one previous conviction, for assaulting a police officer when he was arrested later on September 12, 2015.

He was also too drunk to be interviewed on the same day.

Speaking about the case RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes said it was “one of the most appalling and upsetting cases” he had dealt with.

He said: “The cat was a generally healthy pet who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and for that he paid the ultimate price.

“It was an inhumane ending for this cat and utterly barbaric. The cat would have suffered to an unimaginable extent, both physically and mentally through panic and terror.”

Jailed for 18 weeks. Banned from keeping animals for life.

BBC News

Anthony (Tony) Astles, Runcorn, Cheshire

#TheList Gypsy traveller Anthony Barnett Astles (DoB 10/06/1973) of 2 Holt Lane, Halton, Runcorn, Cheshire WA6 2AY – left Great Dane Neo to starve to death in a caravan toilet.


Traveller Anthony Astles and Neo, the Great Dane he left locked in a caravan to starve to death.
Traveller Anthony Astles and Neo, the Great Dane he left locked in a caravan to starve to death.

The caravan was kept on a pallet yard and it was only after a recently recruited worker stumbled upon it that Neo’s emaciated corpse was found.

He had been locked in a tiny caravan toilet and starved and the floor was covered in excrement.

Inspector Nadine Pengilly said: “In ten years of being an inspector this is the saddest thing I have ever seen. He was such a big dog and he was just shut in that tiny room, it was filthy and full of excrement.

“He had starved to death and he must have spent four to six weeks waiting for someone to come and rescue him.

“Thinking about how Neo must have suffered is incredibly sad.”

Unemployed Astles – a member of the travelling community – pleaded guilty  to one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to Neo between January 31 and February 28, 2014.

Sentence: Astles was sentenced to a 14-week custodial sentence and a lifetime ban on keeping animals as well as an £85 surcharge.

Liverpool Echo 07/01/2015