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Rochdale, Greater Manchester: Scott Buik

#TheList Scott Andrew Buik, born 30 September 1991, of Mellor Street, Rochdale OL11 – starved two dogs and a cat to death.

Scott Andrew Buik from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, left two dogs and a cat to starve to death

Scott Andrew Buik was found guilty of four animal welfare offences.

An RSPCA investigation began after Buik took an emaciated white and brindle Staffordshire bull terrier, known as Buster, to a vet on November 12th, 2018.

Scott Andrew Buik from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, left two dogs and a cat to starve to death

Buik told the vet that Buster had become unwell that morning, but on examination it was clear the dog had been starved. He weighed just 11kg, which is around half of what a healthy dog of Buster’s breed should weigh.

The vet examined the dog and saw that he was gravely ill. He was unable to lift his head and was emaciated, with all his bones protruding.

The vet put the stricken dog to sleep to end his suffering.

Concerned that Buster’s condition was caused by neglect, the vet contacted the RSPCA and inspectors Natalie Taylor and Nina Small visited Buik’s house that afternoon.

Buik invited Inspector Taylor inside and showed her a cage where Buster had been kept in the kitchen.

Next to this was another cage covered in a pink blanket and when she touched the blanket it was so full of fleas, it was moving.

When Inspector Taylor removed the blanket she was horrified to discover the emaciated body of a Labrador-cross dog called Scarlett.

Scott Andrew Buik from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, left two dogs and a cat to starve to death. Photo shows body of crossbreed Scarlett.
Starved crossbreed Scarlett was skin and bone

This dog was severely underweight and her rib cage, spine, shoulders, and hip bones were prominent. It is believed she died the previous day.

Next, Buik led Inspector Taylor to the cellar of his house where she found the body of tortoiseshell female cat named Tilly. She had been dead for some time as mould was growing on her face.

Buik had claimed he had been looking after Scarlet and Tilly for friends, but while in his care the animals were left to starve.

Scott Andrew Buik from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, left two dogs and a cat to starve to death

Inspector Nina Small said in her 16-year career with the RSPCA this has been one of the most horrific cases she has come across.

She said, “It was awful to see the condition of these animals they must have suffered a long and lingering death because they were denied food.

“They were clearly kept in atrocious conditions where they were locked away and really just left to rot.

“The post mortem reports revealed pieces of plastic and metal in the dogs’ bodies so they had been so hungry they were trying to eat anything they could.

“Withholding food when it was available and leaving these animals to suffer until they died is the most callous thing imaginable.”

Sentencing: 26 week custodial sentence suspended for 12 months; community order with a rehabilitation activity requirement for 20 days and 150 hours of unpaid work. Ordered to pay £1,280 costs and a victim surcharge of £115. Banned from keeping animals for life.

Oldham Chronicle
Manchester Evening News

Chard, Somerset: Ian Tompkins

#TheList Ian Stuart Tompkins, born c. 1974, of 2 Dellshore Close, Chard TA20 1AG – left elderly German Shepherd to suffer in agony for months with an untreated ear tumour

Elderly German Shepherd Theo was neglected by his cruel owner Ian Stuart Tompkins of Chad in Somerset

In a prosecution case brought by the RSPCA Tompkins admitted one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to 14-year-old Theo by failing to seek veterinary care for a chronic ear condition.

RSPCA inspector John Pollock was called in April 2019 by a member of the public who was concerned for Theo’s welfare.

After several visits with no answer, the inspector returned on Saturday, April 6 when Tompkins brought out a black and tan coloured German Shepherd dog from the lounge.

Mr Pollock said: “I was immediately drawn to an apple-sized mass erupting out of Theo’s right ear.

“It looked red, sore and inflamed.

“It was dripping pus over his coat.

“The smell was very strong and started to trigger my gag reflex.”

Theo had a tumour which was 9cm wide by 10cm in height and 3cm thick to the base of his right ear and a high temperature.
Theo had a tumour which was 9cm wide by 10cm in height and 3cm thick to the base of his right ear and a high temperature.

He was taken to a vet for emergency care and sadly it was found his condition was so severe that a vet made the decision he should be put to sleep to end his suffering.

RSPCA Inspector John Pollock added: “Sadly Theo had suffered from prolonged neglect that could have been avoided by seeking appropriate veterinary care much earlier.

“While it is always heartbreaking to see the health of a much-loved pet deteriorate, ignoring serious issues won’t make them go away.

“We’d encourage people who may be worried about the health of their pet to ask for help and advice to avoid unnecessary distress and suffering being caused.

“The RSPCA, as well as a number of other animal charities, can offer financial help, and a range of support, for owners who need help to help their animals.”

Sentencing: 130 hours of community service; £485 in court costs. Five-year disqualification order with right of appeal after two years.


Ferryhill, County Durham: Nicole Jones

#TheList Nicole Lauren Jones, born 19/05/2000, of Kitchener Terrace, Ferryhill DL17 8AX – left dogs to starve to death in her filthy home

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

Mother-of-one Jones admitted three offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 after allowing two of her three dogs to starve to death.

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

The 19-year-old placed the animals in shocking conditions and left them to forage among the junk scattered throughout the house.

The pets knocked over a pot of paint and left a heart-breaking trail of paw prints all over the surfaces and inside the fridges as they desperately searched for food.

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham
Gypsy the lurcher after she was rescued

One dog was found by RSPCA inspectors lying dead next to a chewed up Pot Noodle carton. Another was rescued by the charity but had to be put to sleep because she was so emaciated,

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham
Gypsy was lying on the sofa in a lethargic state

RSPCA inspector Garry Palmer attended Jones’ home on 12 January 2019

Dog killer Nicole Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

He said: ‘I could see through the window that the conditions inside were awful with dog faeces and household rubbish littered throughout.

‘There was a young tan and white crossbreed curled up on the floor dead next to a chewed-up Pot Noodle pot.

‘Two surviving dogs, a young male Rottweiler called Bronson and a grey long-haired lurcher called Gypsy, were both obviously very underweight.’

Insp Palmer added: ‘Gypsy was laid out on a settee and appeared very weak and listless.

‘She barely moved when I knocked on the window.

‘When we got inside, we found a tub of fence paint in the house had been knocked over revealing paw prints on top of the worktops and even inside the empty fridge. It was a very upsetting scene.’

The surviving dogs were immediately taken to a veterinary surgery for emergency treatment.

Gypsy was very emaciated. As soon as she was offered food and water she ate and drank immediately. She continued to eat well while hospitalised, being fed small amounts four times a day, and she gained 45% of her original body weight in less than three weeks.

Sadly, Bronson was put to sleep on veterinary advice. Insp Palmer described the dead dog in the house as the most underweight dog he had ever encountered.

He said: ‘In my opinion this is as bad as it gets – depriving animals of their basic needs of food and water and as a consequence one dog paid the ultimate price.’

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

The RSPCA had given Jones advice in September 2018, yet she ignored this advice and made things worse by taking on a third dog in the meantime.

‘She could have easily contacted the RSPCA for help’, Palmer added.

12 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months; 20-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement; £400 costs and £115 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping animals for ten years, with no appeal to have this lifted for seven years.

Chronicle Live

Grangemouth: Coral and Andrew Elliott

#TheList Coral Elliott, born c. 1995, of 28A Fendoch Road, Grangemouth FK3 9HA, and former partner Andrew Elliott, age and current whereabouts unknown – for the horrific neglect of a dog who was “waiting to die”

Convicted animal abuser Coral Elliott from Grangemouth
Convicted animal abuser Coral Elliott from Grangemouth
King suffered appalling mistreatment at the hands of his callous owners Coral and Andrew Elliott

Coral and Andrew Elliott were tried separately for their part in the shocking mistreatment of German shepherd King, who was found barely alive at the couple’s then home in Cultenhove Crescent, Grangemouth.

Convicted animal abusers Coral Elliott from Grangemouth and ex partner Andrew Elliott whose whereabouts are currently unknown
Birds of a feather: Andrew and Coral Elliott

Andrew Elliott was sentenced in June 2017 after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide his dog veterinary treatment and adequate nutrition. He was given a 180-hour community payback order and banned from keeping animals for 20 years.

In December 2017 Coral Elliott also pleaded guilty to the cruelty charges but received a ban of just five years. She failed to comply with her community payback order and was given another one in May 2019.

Speaking about the distressing case Scottish SPCA Inspector Nicola Liddel said: “When I first visited the property, King could be seen lying in an emaciated state with thick yellow mucus streaming from his nostrils.

“His eyes were so sunken back into his head that you could hardly see them and they were surrounded by a thick greenish discharge. His demeanour was so low, it looked like he was waiting to die.

“After taking King to the vet it was found that he weighed only 18.6kgs, when a dog of his size should be around 32kgs.

“He was severely emaciated with all his bones visible throughout his coat and muscle wastage around his skull. His coat was stark and horrendously matted due to filth and faecal matter.

“Poor King had a chronic flea infestation and was struggling to breathe due to the severe discharge blocking his nasal passages. Unfortunately, King was put to sleep following veterinary advice.

“King should not have been left to suffer as he did and was housed in entirely unsuitable accommodation which smelt strongly of urine and faeces.”

Scottish SPCA News
Falkirk Herald

Belton, Doncaster: Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker

#TheList hoarders Simon Hallgarth, born c. 1971, and partner Paul Walker, born c. 1976, both of 2 Holland Close Villas, Woodhouse, Belton, Doncaster DN9 1QJ – for cruelty towards 52 dogs and three goats

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats
Simon Hallgarth (right) and Paul Walker of Belton, Doncaster, were jailed and have been banned from keeping animals for life after admitting cruelty to dozens of dogs and three goats

Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker pleaded guilty to 11 offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats

The RSPCA were alerted to the plight of the pair’s animals after receiving a call to its cruelty line about three abandoned goats, who were found living in a poor environment with no access to water.

As RSPCA Inspector Tamsin Drysdale spoke to Walker, a number of dogs could be heard barking from inside a garage nearby so she asked if she could see them.

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats

She said: ““As the garage door was opened the smell of faeces and urine was overwhelming. There were four pens with various breeds of dogs living in them.

“Their food and water bowls were filthy and empty and the dogs were pungent, their coats in various stages of matting.

“The three dogs in the last pen were in such a poor condition I wasn’t sure what breed they were. Two of the dogs were moving, albeit very slowly, but the third dog, a Bichon Frise called Peggy, appeared to be dead.

“I went into the pen and gently shook her and I was shocked when she moved slightly.

“At the vets she was found to be very thin, in respiratory distress and hypothermic. She was initially unable to be examined because of the extent of the matting, which had to be cut away.

“She had a fractured wrist and wounds on her back legs so badly infected that they were down to the bone. The damage was irreparable and she was put to sleep on humane grounds.

“A large number of dogs were also living in the house, and though these were in better condition than those in the garage, many of these were also suffering.”

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats

Three other dogs were also put to sleep on veterinary advice, including a 17-year-old Shih Tzu called Daisy who was in severe respiratory distress and had two blind shrunken eyes that were discharging green pus and her ears were also discharging pus.

Another dog, Cookie, had to have a leg amputated.

Seven of the 52 dogs removed from the property were suffering with severe dental disease, four of them with ear infections, two of them with eye infections and one with overgrown nails that had penetrated the pads of the dog’s feet.

Thirteen of the dogs and the three goats did not have their needs met due to the environment they were living in and/or a lack of fresh clean drinking water.

In mitigation, the court heard that Hallgarth had bought the dogs as a way of coping after the death of his mother in 2013, with whom he had bought the property, lived and owned dogs previously.

He accepted that he had caused very high suffering and was remorseful.

Hoarders Paul Walker (left) and Simon Hallgarth from Doncaster have been banned from keeping animals for life
Hoarders Paul Walker (left) and Simon Hallgarth from Doncaster have been banned from keeping animals for life

In respect of Walker, the court heard that the offences had been borne out of concern and care for his husband.

The court heard that both defendants were overwhelmed financially and by the level of care the animals needed. They were of previous good character and had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

Sentencing: 14 weeks in prison; post-sentence supervision orders of 12 months, less the time served in prison. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

The Star

Camrose, Haverfordwest: Mark Mathias

#TheList Mark Phillip Mathias, born November 1978, of Chapel Hill, Camrose, Haverfordwest SA62 6JN – left dozens of cows to suffer on his farm

Cows were kept in horrific conditions at Mark Mathias's farm in Camrose, Haverfordwest, Wales.

Four cows belonging to Mark Mathias had to be put down to prevent further suffering.

Distressing images from the farm show cows lying on their sides in field, and a pile of carcasses left in a farmyard area

The ruling follows a prosecution by Pembrokeshire County Council.

The court heard that between March 20 and July 12, 2018, 14 visits were made to the farm by animal health and welfare inspectors.

The first visit followed a report of a calf being on its side in the farm yard which was thought to be suffering with no bedding or care provided.Cow carcasses were also discovered by officers on a yard near baled feed for the herd and inside a large trailer.

Other welfare concerns were noted within the herd and notices were issued to dispose of the carcasses correctly, to address welfare concerns and to improve conditions on the farm.

The court was told that throughout the ensuing visits, additional notices and further advice was given to Mathias by officers and vets.

These related to conditions on the farm in which the cattle were being kept, welfare concerns, including for specific animals which required veterinary attention and for removal of animal by-products.

The court was told that four animals had suffered unnecessarily which resulted in them being destroyed.

A large number of cattle had also been moved onto the site while a TB restriction notice was in place, prohibiting moves on or off site without a licence.

Mathias pleaded guilty to failing to observe the terms of the notice.

As part of mitigation for Mathias, reference was made to the mental, physical and financial issues involved in the farming business.

Sentencing: 200-hour community service order; costs and charges totalling £585. Disqualified from keeping, owning, participating in, or influencing the keeping of bovine animals for a period of 12 months.

Milford Mercury

Great Horton, Bradford: Raja Zulqarnain

#TheList Raja Q Zulqarnain, born c. 1982, of Southmere Oval, Great Horton, Bradford BD7 – left his pet kitten’s horrendous eye infection untreated – causing the eyeball to rupture and burst.

Kitten neglected by Raja Zulqarnain of Great Horton, Bradford, who has now been sent to jail for 4 months.
Vile kitten abuser Raja Zulqarnain of Great Horton, Bradford, hadn’t even given his abandoned pet a name

Zulqarnain pleaded guilty to an offence of causing unnecessary suffering to his kitten, who was aged just eight weeks old at the time.

Bradford Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday how the RSPCA was called to reports of a suffering kitten at the address after a resident saw the poorly pet’s eye on August 22, 2017.

Inspector Emma Dingley was sent to investigate and found the suffering kitten cowering in a nearby garage and was shocked by the severity of his eye infection.

She said: “The resident told me the kitten was in the garage as she had been trying to feed it.

“It was 10pm and pitch black when I went inside to try find the kitten and although I couldn’t see him I could smell the infection it was so bad.

“Then when I brought him out and held my torch up to him I could see the severity of the infection, which had caused his eyeball to rupture and burst.

“The kitten, who had sadly not even been given a name, was also severely underweight.

“I rushed him to a nearby vets who also found the kitten was infested with fleas causing flea anemia – which is when the fleas drain so much blood it causes the body to shut down.

“The vet said if the kitten had been healthy he could have had the eye removed but because of his medical problems he wouldn’t survive the anaesthetic and the kindest thing to do was put him to sleep to end his suffering.”

Inspector Dingley later interviewed Zulqarnain and he admitted the kitten was his but said he had no money to seek veterinary treatment for him.

She added: “He said didn’t know the kitten was living in the cold garage and also said he had no name for the cat.

“The magistrate was disgusted by the photographs of the eye injury which were shown in court – and said he couldn’t bring himself to look at them.

“It is so sad that the kitten was only a few weeks old and during that time suffered terribly. It is such a shame because he was such a friendly little guy and when I picked him up that night he was enjoying cuddles and attention. It was an extremely upsetting case.”

Sentencing: jailed for four months. No indication of a ban.

Telegraph and Argus

Aberford, Leeds: Andrew David Hinde

#TheList horse trader and kitten breeder Andrew David Colbert Hinde, born 07/01/1965, of Becca Farm, Aberford, Leeds LS25 3AH – flouted a ban and continued to abuse animals in his care

Former international horse show judge Hinde, who bred Dartmoor ponies at Pumphill Stud, immediately ignored a 12-year ban on keeping animals imposed in March 2015 and went on to neglect 50 horses and two foals.

The 2015 conviction related to cruelty to horses and also cats after dozens of pedigree British short-haired cats being bred for sale were found at the property Hinde shared with parents Raymond and Cynthia. They were also convicted of animal cruelty at that time.

Hinde was first convicted of horse cruelty in 2011 when he was banned from keeping horses for three years.

Now the serial animal abuser has finally been sent to jail and banned from keeping animals indefinitely with the crown court recorder Gavin Doig telling him it was “time to pay the price for your behaviour”.

The court heard heard Hinde kept 20 horses at his own farm with more than 50 other ponies kept in fields he rented at Westfield Farm at Kirk Smeaton near Pontefract.

The court heard in February 2017 RSPCA inspectors went to Westfield Farm and found some of the ponies were in poor condition with their her ribs, hips and spines. showing.

One of the ponies was emaciated and was suffering from hunger, was infected with lice and had overgrown feet.

Another pony, which was exhausted and suffering from hypothermia, was put to sleep.

The court heard that the pony was infested with worms and was infected with salmonella.

In July 2017 RSPCA inspectors went to Becca Farm at Aberford and seized 20 horses after finding that some were being kept in conditions that didn’t meet their needs.

Many of the animals had been left to fend for themselves with one suffering hypothermia

The horses and ponies were left without adequate food or shelter and were “skin and bone” with one so badly emaciated and infected with disease he had to be put down.

The judge told Hinde he had a “cavalier attitude towards the animals, a cavalier attitude to orders of the court; you showed complete disrespect”.

“Now you must face those consequences,” he added.

Shila Whitehead, defending, said Hinde had “issues on wanting to have animals”.

Sentencing: jailed for 11 months and banned from keeping animals indefinitely.

BBC News
Yorkshire Evening Post

Towyn, Abergele: Steven Lock

#TheList horse abuser Steven Martin Lock, born c. 1964, of Penisaf Avenue, Towyn, Abergele LL22 9LL

Gypsy traveller Steven Lock abuses horses and has also ripped off elderly people
Gypsy traveller Steven Lock abuses horses and has also ripped off elderly people through his dodgy building firms Coastal Home Improvements Ltd and Westcoast Roofing

Gypsy traveller Steven Lock pleaded guilty to four Animal Welfare Act offences related to his “appalling” and “long-running” treatment of equines.

The 54-year-old, a notorious rogue trader with a conviction for ripping off elderly customers, admitted offences relating to the mistreatment of seven mares and one stallion.

RSPCA Cymru had long been monitoring the welfare of a number of horses, located at fields off Tan-y-Fron Road in Abergele.
Despite repeated warnings and the provision of advice – the welfare of a number of the animals started to decline sharply over the autumn of 2018.

Horses neglected by gypsy traveller Steven Lock of Abergele, North Wales
Steven Lock has been banned from keeping animals for a decade following his “appalling” and “long-running” treatment of horses

In October 2018 officers removed three mares and a filly from the site, all of whom were very underweight and had severe diarrhoea.
Three foals belonging to the mares were also removed, because they were too young to come away from their mothers.

A further three mares, a filly and a stallion were removed in December 2018, many appearing thin, and living in muddy conditions. One was found to be suffering, while the remainder were not having their needs sufficiently met.

Two horses had to be euthanised after becoming seriously unwell. A post-mortem examination of them showed they had serious liver damage thought to be caused from ragwort as well as internal damage caused by parasites.

RSPCA inspector Jenny Anderton said: “This was a really difficult case to work on, given the repeated attempts and efforts we made to support this individual with caring for the horses.

“We worked closely with World Horse Welfare to help these horses, and we’re very grateful, as always, for their support, assistance and expertise.

“Sadly, the man’s failure to provide proper care was long-running, and some of the treatment these horses endured was appalling.

“Many were very thin, and living in wholly inappropriate muddy conditions. Others were struggling with severe diarrhoea and urgently needed help.

“Owning equines should be a privilege – but despite repeated warnings and attempts of help, this individual repeatedly failed to give the equines the care they so desperately needed.

“I hope this incident highlights to people how important it is to give equines appropriate treatment for parasites, be vigilant against the toxic plant ragwort as well as consulting your vet at the first sign of any illness.

“Horses have complex needs, are expensive to keep properly and time-consuming to look after.

“I would urge anyone considering taking on a horse to ensure they have the necessary financial means and specialist knowledge before they do so.”

Sentencing: curfew; ordered to pay £250 towards costs. Ten-year ban on keeping animals.

North Wales Live

Hinstock/Newport, Shropshire: Ashley Longhurst and Jessica Smith

#TheList Ashley Longhurst born c. 1995, of Roman Way, Hinstock, near Market Drayton TF9 2SL and Jessica Smith, born c. 1995, of Greenacres Way, Newport TF10 – banned from keeping animals after their pet cat suffered unexplained injuries on three occasions and was eventually put to sleep.

Convicted animal abusers Jessica Smith and Ashley Longhurst are banned from keeping animals after their pet cat suffered a series of unexplained injuries
Convicted animal abusers Jessica Smith and Ashley Longhurst are banned from keeping animals after their pet cat suffered a series of unexplained injuries

Ashley Longhurst and Jessica Smith both admitted causing unnecessary suffering to one-year-old cat Belle (pictured).

Belle suffered unexplained injuries on three occasions in under a year and the pair were told by magistrates that they could have faced jail.

However, the court heard that there was not enough evidence to say that the injuries were “non-accidental” after experts were unable to agree on the possible causes

At her last trip to Tern Vets in Newport on September 4, ,2018, Belle had large swelling on the back of her head, two bruise-like marks on her ear and a swollen nose. Metalwork installed to treat a previous leg injury had also been displaced.

She was taken into RSPCA care and initially improved, but her health deteriorated and she was euthanised in October 2018.

Smith had previously taken Belle to the vet with a fractured hip in April 2018, and again that July with a broken leg. The couple blamed Belle’s hip injury after she fell off a lizard tank, and her head injuries on getting caught in a cage.

However, for the broken leg they had no explanation. After the third trip in September, police opened an investigation.

Judge Kevin Grego said: “Between April and September last year this cat suffered, at separate times, three serious injuries. It does look suspiciously like these were non-accidental injuries but we haven’t heard evidence of that and that is not what they are in court for.”

He said that if prosecutors had been able to prove either or both of the pair were responsible for the “more serious matters” of deliberately causing the cat’s injuries, they would have faced prison.

Representing Longhurst, Jemma Gordon said that he had been unemployed for more than a year in part due to depression and anxiety, and that he “essentially lives off his mother”.

For Smith, Alex Barber said his client had been “traumatised” by her experience with Belle and did not want to keep animals again.

Longhurst – 150 hours of unpaid work; £900 towards the RSPCA’s costs. Banned from owning or looking after animals for 10 years
Smith – £300 in costs. Five-year ban on owning or looking after animals.

Shropshire Star