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Rushden, Northamptonshire: Paul Underwood and Nicola Muca

#TheList Paul Underwood, born c. 1972, and Nicola Muca (aka Nicki Underwood), born 20/01/1975, of Balmoral Avenue, Rushden NN10 – owners of an unsocialised Alaskan Malamute puppy who bit neighbours after straying twice from his home

Irresponsible Nicola Muca and partner Paul Underwood from Rushden, Northants, UK, are now banned from keeping dogs for five years
Irresponsible Nicola Muca and partner Paul Underwood are now banned from keeping dogs for five years

Underwood and Muca were each given community orders and banned from keeping dogs for five years after being found guilty of having a dog dangerously out of control.

The one-year-old dog, known as Thor, first came to the attention of police after biting a neighbour who tried to return him home in August 2019, before the same thing happened to a different neighbour three months later.

Thor was seized from owners Underwood and Muca under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Neglected Alaskan Malamute Thor has been rehabilitated and will now be rehomed.
Neglected Alaskan Malamute Thor has been rehabilitated and will now be rehomed.

Following an investigation and assistance from specially trained police officers, it became apparent that he hadn’t been socialised properly – he didn’t know how to play with dog toys, wasn’t toilet trained and was clearly used to an abusive environment where raised voices were the norm.

He was in danger of being put to sleep but officers from Northamptonshire Police’s Dog Section persevered and successfully rehabilitated him. A rehoming centre is now in the process of finding him a home.

PC Eva Horn, who assisted the investigating officers, said: “Thor certainly didn’t have the best start in life and we were determined to try our hardest to ensure he could get to a place where he was able to live the life he deserves. No-one invested in Thor to be a family dog and he was denied socialisation and training.

“Thor reacted so well to our training and has now become a much more well-rounded dog – all he needed was some love and attention.”

Sentencing: Underwood and Muca were each given 12-month community orders and banned from keeping dogs for five years.

BBC News

Hatfield, Hertfordshire: Daniel Stasik

#TheList Daniel Stasik, born c. 1988, of 6 Walker Grove, Hatfield AL10 9PL – allowed his banned-breed ‘fighting’ dog to savage a pet cat and failed to get help for the stricken animal

Shelly, a cat that was fatally injured by a dog in Hatfield, just before she died.
Pet cat Shelly suffered horrific injuries in a dog attack from which she would never recover

At around 11am on June 23, 2018, a pitbull-type dog owned by Daniel Stasik chased a cat named Shelly into an alleyway in Walker Grove and attacked her. Stasik grabbed the dog, but was unable to keep control of him.

He did not attempt to assist the cat or find her owners to get medical assistance.

Around 1am the following morning, Shelly was found by her owner in a nearby garden covered in blood and faeces and unable to place any weight on her hind legs.

Due to the length of time she had been left, there were maggots around her wounds.

Over the next few days, Shelly’s condition deteriorated and following multiple treatments and attempts at resuscitation, she died from her injuries on July 1, 2018.

On July 20, officers from the Welwyn Hatfield Safer Neighbourhood Team and the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Dog Unit attended Stasik’s address to execute a warrant to seize his dog.

The dog was examined and confirmed to be substantially a pit bull-type.

Stasik was reported to court for possessing a fighting dog under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal under Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act.

At court, Stasik pleaded guilty to possessing a fighting dog and, while initially pleading not guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Shelly, was found guilty of that offence.

PC Gavin Richardson, from the Welwyn Hatfield West Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Pit bulls are banned in the UK and Stasik’s dog posed a very serious danger to public safety.

“Not only did Stasik have possession of a banned dog breed, but he made no attempts to help save the cat and instead simply left her to die.

“This was extremely distressing for her owners who found their beloved pet in an incredibly distressed state with horrendous injuries.

“I hope that this sentence provides some justice for the victims and that the public feel safe knowing that Stasik will not be allowed to have dog for another decade.”

Sentencing: 240 hours of unpaid community work. Ordered to pay compensation to Shelly’s owners for vet costs and to the police for kenneling costs. Banned from having custody of a dog for 10 years. Stasik’s dog was ordered to be put down, unless an appeal is lodged within 21 days.

Welwyn Hatfield Times

We’re building quite a profile on this piece of filth. He is from Poland. He came to the UK in 2009 to work as a painter/decorator but is now living on benefits. He showed no remorse in court and he and his friend seemed to find the proceedings amusing. He freely admitted in court that he beat his dog. Another cat belonging to Shelly’s heartbroken owner died after being deliberately poisoned. This happened just after Stasik was charged. Coincidence? Stasik has another address in Prayle Grove, London NW2 1BD 

Edgware, London: Nijamul Islam

#TheList serial dog abuser Nijamul Islam, born 19/02/1973, of 91 Farm Road, Edgware HA8 9LR – kept dozens of large-breed ‘protection’ dogs in cramped, dirty conditions and without food or water

Serial dog abuser Nijamul Islam of Edgware, London, kept dogs to be used in the security industry
Islam ran a business supplying dogs to the security industry but kept them in filth and squalor and without food or water

Persistent animal abuser Nijamul Islam was first convicted of dog abuse on a massive scale in November 2012. Then trading as the Vardalu Pet Hotel based in Elstree, Herts, Islam was convicted of cruelty to 173 dogs and puppies, including Rottweilers, German shepherds, Belgian malinois and American bulldogs. He was given a two-year suspended prison term and banned from keeping dogs for 10 years.

Footage from the RSPCA’s 2012 raid on Islam’s then premises in Elstree, Hertfordshire

In October 2014 the authorities discovered he was keeping 102 dogs at Woodhill Farm, Stanstead Road, Great Amwell SG12 9RN after a kennel maid was attacked by a Belgian shepherd and a German shepherd. The victim was rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries and required surgery to save her arms.

The two dogs concerned were later destroyed due to their “extremely aggressive nature”.

Serial dog abuser Nijamul Islam of Edgware, London, kept dogs to be used in the security industry

Both police officers and officers from the RSPCA entered the farm later on the same day where they discovered more than a hundred dogs being kept in “squalid” conditions.

Judge John Plumstead was told several people worked at the farm, where dogs to be used in the security industry were allegedly trained.

The judge was told the conditions for the animals were ‘appalling’ with filthy cages covered in urine and faeces.

The animals, some of which were puppies, had inadequate bedding and no access to clean water or food.

There were also dead dogs on the site.

Serial dog abuser Nijamul Islam of Edgware, London, kept dogs to be used in the security industry

Of the dogs found within the farm, 40 had to be put down either because they were deemed dangerous by the RSPCA or had severe medical conditions and were suffering.

RSPCA inspector Steph Law said: “The conditions the dogs were kept in were horrendously squalid. It was filthy and most of the dogs had been left without food and water.

“Sadly we also found that a number of the dogs were very badly injured and had been left to suffer without veterinary treatment.

“It was sickening to see the scale of suffering as we worked with the police over four days to remove the dogs and bring them into boarding.”

Serial dog abuser Nijamul Islam of Edgware, London, kept dogs to be used in the security industry

Judge Plumstead said Islam had an ‘appalling track record’ for neglect and cruelty to animals.

He said: ‘These were not everyday dogs. They were all large and potentially violent dogs.

‘These dogs were kept in dreadful conditions in a way which could only be described as scandalous.’

He said he had also seen a training video seized from Islam’s business, which showed him setting a large Alsatian-type dog across a field to attack a man wearing a bite suit.

Judge Plumstead said the dog had been ‘biting determinedly and with considerable force until it was called off by the defendant’.

He said: ‘This was not a legitimate business because he was in no position to legally be doing what he was doing.’

In July 2017 Nijamul Islam was jailed for two and half years after pleading guilty to two charges of being in charge of a dog which was dangerously out of control.

Islam also admitted being in breach of an order disqualifying him from keeping dogs and four charges of causing unnecessary suffering to dogs.

Sentencing: two-and-a-half year jail term. Continuation of his original 10-year ban on keeping dogs imposed in 2012.

Daily Mail
BBC News

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire: Billy Michael Furey

#TheList Billy Michael Furey, born c. 1997, of 35 Elmfield Avenue, Huddersfield HD3 4SQ – allowed his dog to be “dangerously out of control”. The dog attacked a woman and her Jack Russell and was ordered to be destroyed.

Billy Michael Furey failed to control this dog. The dog, named Spot, lost his life as a result.
Billy Michael Furey failed to control this dog who attacked a woman and her Jack Russell.. The dog, believed to be named Spot (pictured), lost his life as a result.

Furey was convicted of owning a dangerous dog which attacked Elizabeth Duffield. Mrs Duffield spent five days in hospital following the attack near her home in Golcar on March 13, 2014. She was left with horrific hand injuries and facing the ordeal of extensive surgery to repair the damage.

Mrs Duffield’s Jack Russell Buster was also injured in the attack.

Furey pleaded guilty to owning a dog dangerously out of control and causing injury when he appeared before Kirklees Magistrates.

The magistrates ordered that the dog must be destroyed unless an appeal is lodged within the next 21 days.

Furey was also sentenced for dishonestly receiving stolen goods. He drove a stolen Mazda on Riddings Road, Deighton, without a licence or insurance.

When police stopped him panic-stricken Furey reversed the Mazda into the police vehicle behind him and got stuck.

He was given a community order to take part in an accredited programme for 33 days and ordered to pay £200 compensation for dog attack. His driving licence endorsed with eight points.

Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Crawley, West Sussex: Urfan Ahmed

#TheList dog breeder Urfan Ahmed, born c. 1977, of 2 Burdock Close, Crawley RH11 9EH – repeatedly breached his ban on keeping dogs even after one dog mauled his baby niece to death 

Backyard breeder Urfan Ahmed repeatedly ignored court orders banning him from keeping dogs.

Urfan Ahmed, a spray-painter, was fined for breaching a court order banning him from keeping dogs, despite being told he would be jailed if caught again. Aiding and abetting charges brought against Ahmed’s partner, hairdresser Linda Hood of Davis Close, Broadfield, Crawley were dropped and six seized dogs returned to her.

Ahmed was charged with breaching an order banning him from keeping custody of a dog after he was found with one in a field to the south of West Field Place, Lowfield Heath Road, Charlwood, on September 14, 2015.

Ahmed initially pleaded not guilty to the charges but later changed his plea. 

Ahmed was first charged with keeping a prohibited dog under the Dangerous Dogs Act after his 18-month-old niece was killed by one of his dogs in April 2010.

He was found guilty of breaching the five-year disqualification twice and possessing a dog dangerously out of control at a court hearing in 2013.

At the time, a police statement said he was banned from owning a dog until 2023 and fined £1,585.

Backyard breeder Urfan Ahmed repeatedly ignored court orders banning him from keeping dogs.

After the conviction in 2013 Inspector Di Lewis said: “The magistrate told Ahmed during the trial that if he comes before the courts again for keeping dogs, he will be sent to prison.”

Sentencing: Fined £785 and ordered to pay £1,500 court costs with a £75 victim surcharge. Ban expires 2023.

Crawley Observer

Oxford: Nora and Sonny Mannion

#TheList Nora Christine Mannion, born 22/12/1965, of 9 Denmark Street, Oxford OX4 1QS and son Sonny Christian Mannion, born 09/08/1990, of 86 Percy Street, Oxford OX4 3AD – allowed one of their five injured bull terriers to attack a stranger’s dog in the street

Sonny Mannion and one of the five dogs rescued from his home.
Convicted drug dealer and career criminal Sonny Mannion was only banned from keeping animals for five years despite evidence of severe abuse towards his dogs. All five dogs, some of whom ha cigarette burns as well as fighting wounds, were destroyed.

On May 26. 2011, the police, along with RSPCA inspectors, executed a search warrant at Nora Mannion’s home in Denmark Street, Oxford where they found the dogs alone. The crossbreed bull terriers – named Yao, Billy, Marley, Cannon and Blingers – were taken by the RSPCA to kennels and examined by a vet.

Dog abuser Nora Mannion

Vets said the dogs had numerous small injuries, some of which had been caused by fighting. Some wounds were consistent with cigarette burns.

All five dogs had to be destroyed because they were too aggressive to be rehomed.

Nora Mannion was charged with being the owner of a dog and allowing it to be dangerously out of control in a public place and cause injury.

She also admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by failing to arrange veterinary care for Yao.

Dog abuser Sonny Mannion

Career criminal Sonny Mannion, who has a string of previous convictions including three robberies, criminal damage, battery, shoplifting and dealing in Class A drugs, pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the welfare of an animal.

Dog abuser Sonny Mannion

Senior RSPCA inspector Kirsty Wignall said: “I am pleased with the sentencing, particularly with the disqualification.”

She said it had not been possible to prove who was responsible for the burns on the dogs.

The animals also had wounds indicative of fighting with other dogs or each other, she said.

Nora Mannion – six-week jail term, suspended for 12 months; three-month curfew; £500 costs and £500 compensation. Banned from owning animals for 10 years (expires March 2022)
Sonny Mannion – three-month curfew; £500 costs. Banned from owning animals for five years (expired March 2017).

BBC News
Oxford Mail

Blackburn, Lancashire: Nasar Khan

#TheList Nasar Khan, born 13/03/1982, of 12 July Street, Blackburn BB1 1SR – turned a terraced house into a training centre for vicious fighting dogs

Dog fighter Nasar Khan from Blackburn, Lancashire

Khan pleaded guilty to eight charges of owning fighting dogs and one of allowing one of the dogs to be in a public place without a muzzle or lead.

Police found the nine illegal, unlicensed pit bull terriers chained up around a terraced property in July Street, Blackburn, after one escaped and began roaming the street.

The house, which was owned by Khan’s family, had been transformed into a pitbull training centre complete with a treadmill.

Isla Chilton, prosecuting, said: “Inside the house was a violent scene and there was blood splattered everywhere.

“There was no furniture and no lighting. It was just full of caged and chained dogs with a treadmill.

“There was a range of muscle-building tablets and powder found there.

“It is clear that these dogs had been trained to fight, a number of these dogs had relatively fresh scars on them. They are clearly not pets.

“The treadmill had a clip for the dogs’ collars which forced them to run, keeping them as fit as possible for fighting.

“These were not normal pit bulls. They were very aggressive and very dangerous.”

After police discovered the animals, which are banned under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, a dog warden was called and they were taken to a kennel, Ms Chilton said.

The court heard the dogs were so vicious that after they were seized one of them escaped from his cage in the back of the dog warden’s van and mauled another so badly he had to be put down. All nine dogs were later euthanised.

Aftab Bakhat, defending, said his client was not training the dogs for fighting, but was “fascinated” by them and wanted them to grow big and muscular. He added that Khan was an “extremely stupid man” and did not realise that what he was doing was illegal.

Dog fighter Nasar Khan from Blackburn, Lancashire

District Judge Peter Ward said: “It is clear that these dogs were being trained to bite and the potential danger to the public was significant.”

Judge Ward continued: “He may have been naive but it seems to me that these are dogs that have been prepared for fighting and have been involved in some fighting.”

The cost of kenneling the dogs reached over £15,000. This was met by the taxpayer after unemployed Khan was jailed.

After the case, RSPCA spokesman Sophie Corless said: “Sadly large numbers of pitbull types are still being kept for the wrong reasons – seen as macho status symbols for the purpose of organised dog fighting.

“Either way the dog’s welfare is unnecessarily put at great risk by their owners. It is a brutal crime.”

Sentencing: four months in jail. No ban.

Lancashire Telegraph
Wildlife Guardian