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Wishawhill, Wishaw, North Lanarkshire: Conran Connor

#TheList badger baiter Conran Connor, born 01/12/1998, of 61 Gateside Road, Wishaw ML2 7SB – kept dogs for animal fighting

Conran Connor was jailed for 5 months after making three pets brutally attack badgers
Conran Connor was jailed for 5 months after making three pets brutally attack badgers

Conran Connor was sentenced to 21 weeks in prison and given a 15-year ban on owning and/or being in control of any animal after admitting to keeping and training his three dogs for animal fighting.

A Patterdale terrier was discovered with horrific injuries
A Patterdale terrier was discovered with horrific injuries

Connor was caught when a Patterdale terrier was discovered with horrific injuries consistent with being caused by badger baiting.
The dog’s injuries were so severe that he had to be put down by vets.

Knives were then found in Connor’s home with badger blood and DNA during a Scottish SPCA investigation.

The probe revealed Connor had direct links to badger baiting.

Wildlife abuser Conran Connor from Wishaw, Scotland

He dug up badger setts in woodland in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, in preparation for illegal and bloody fights where the animals are set upon by dogs.

Connor's dog had injuries consistent with animal fighting
Connor’s dog had injuries consistent with animal fighting

A Scottish SPCA undercover inspector said: “We became aware of Connor following an enquiry into an abandoned Patterdale terrier, found in the Carnwatch/Carluke area, which had injuries consistent with badger baiting and fighting.

“The dog had to be euthanised due to the extent of his injuries.

“Our investigation led to the home of Connor and with a warrant, we discovered evidence to suggest he was engaging in animal fighting.”

The inspector added: “We recovered proof that Connor had held conversations specific to purchasing dogs for, and discussing, animal fighting.

“Other items recovered from the house included numerous magazines and books relating specifically to hunting and fighting dogs with wild animals, hunting clothes, devices used to lure foxes called fox callers, a torch identical to one found during the excavation of a badger sett and knives, many of which were subsequently found to have badger blood and DNA.

“We were able to gather the DNA evidence thanks to Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA).

“Multiple items found matched those in Connor’s possession of him posing with dead wild animals and his three dogs”.

Image recovered from badger baiter Conran Connor's phone showing him in a hole in the ground with his dog

The SIU inspector added: “Other images confirmed his presence at badger baiting sites and showed his own dogs at the entrance to a badger sett.

“There were also men digging into the ground at night in woodland. This is an activity carried out as part of the badger baiting process. Other pictures include a dog with injuries consistent with badger fighting.

“We welcome the sentence handed down to Connor. He engaged in depraved acts that showed his complete disregard for animal welfare.

“He caused extreme levels of suffering to the wild animals involved and put his three dogs at great risk of injury or death, and failed to get any veterinary treatment when they were injured.”

The Scottish SPCA’s special investigations unit are experts in investigating animal fighting offences and rely on information from the public to continue to put a stop to this horrific activity.

Sentencing: 21 weeks in prison. Banned from owning any animal for 15 years.

Scottish Sun
Motherwell Times
Scottish SPCA News

Middlesbrough: Steven Harrison

#TheList Steven Anthony Harrison, born 12/08/1985, of Brereton Road, Middlesbrough TS4 3HS – starved and neglected his pet dog and let him stray

Habitual house burglar Steven Harrison can now add animal cruelty to his long list of convictions
Habitual house burglar Steven Harrison can now add animal cruelty to his long list of convictions

Steven Harrison’s dog, known as Benson, was found “skinny, lethargic and retching’ with a potato stuck in his throat. He had also swallowed a dishcloth which was lodged in his stomach.

Crossbreed Benson had a whole potato stuck in his throat and dish cloth in stomach
Benson had a whole potato stuck in his throat and dish cloth in stomach

Career criminal Harrison, who has racked up dozens of convictions for house burglary, was convicted of two offences under the Animal Welfare Act: one of causing unnecessary suffering and one of failing to meet Benson’s needs.

A member of the public had alerted the RSPCA after the dog was found straying on February 4, 2019.

Habitual house burglar Steven Harrison can now add animal cruelty to his long list of convictions
Father-of-three Harrison has the nickname Wayno

Inspector Clare Wilson said: “When I first saw Benson he was skinny, lethargic and kept retching and coughing constantly. I could feel and see all of his ribs and his spine.

“It was late at night so I took him to a nearby vet surgery where staff were concerned that he had an obstruction.

“He was put onto a drip and given pain relief and medication to help with the sickness. Vets did lots of tests and x-rays showed a large obstruction in his chest cavity, behind the heart. He needed a special operation to remove it – and that’s when vets found a whole potato and dishcloth inside him.

“It was touch and go whether he’d survive the complex operation but, luckily, he pulled through.”

Inspector Wilson traced Harrison and was told that Benson had been vomiting for a number of days but no veterinary treatment was sought and he was allowed to stray around the area.

She continued: “He was extremely poorly by the time we were able to get him the vet. He was lucky to survive.”

Habitual house burglar Steven Harrison can now add animal cruelty to his long list of convictions
Police mugshot of Steven Anthony Harrison

Benson was signed over to the RSPCA after court.

The inspector continued: “Poor Benson has a stricture in his oesophagus which means he will probably always need to be fed small amounts of food regularly so this incident has had a life-changing effect on him.

“He’s doing well otherwise though and is such a lovely dog that the animal centre staff who are caring for him are hopeful they will be able to find him the special home he needs and deserves when he’s ready.”

Sentencing: six weeks’ custody suspended for 12 months; ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work and to pay a victim surcharge of £115. Disqualified from keeping all animals for seven years.

Gazette Live

Previous convictions:


Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire: Julie and Craig McDermott

#TheList Julie McDermott, born 19/01/1969, and Craig McDermott, born 19/09/1968, both  of 2 Devon Close, Burton-on-Trent DE15 9NB – admitted  animal cruelty after two dogs are found emaciated and starving

Dog abusers Julie and Craig McDermott from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Dog abusers Julie and Craig McDermott from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Black labrador Ebony and brindle-coloured Staffy Monty were found wandering around Burton in February 2018.

A concerned member of the public took the dogs to Swadlincote Veterinary Centre where Ebony was found to weigh almost 7kg less than would be expected at 18.4kg. Monty weighed just 10.8kg, when he should have been around 15kg.

Monty was very weak when rescued and had an untreated skin infection, while Ebony had a bleeding tail that had not been treated.

The dogs’ owners – part-time DJ and HGV driver Craig McDermott and wife Julie, a dinner lady at River View Primary School – pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering between February 7 and February 28, 2018.

Inspector Kate Levesley from the RSPCA , who was called to investigate the case, said: “Both dogs were extremely thin with their ribs, hips and spine bones protruding.

Monty also had a skin condition which had been left untreated and was causing him a lot of discomfort.

“The dogs were very eager to eat as soon as they were offered food by us and I just can’t understand why someone would own a dog and not feed it properly, even people really struggling can always call for help and support instead of leaving their dogs to suffer.

“They are both adorable and friendly dogs and I am pleased to say they have now been re-homed with loving families.”

Sentencing: Craig McDermott was fined £1,250 while his wife was fined £300. They were also ordered to pay £150 in court costs. They were banned from having any other animals for just five years (expires September 2023).

Derbyshire Telegraph

Whitminster, Gloucester: Jon Humphries-Cuff

#TheList security company boss Jon Douglas Humphries-Cuff, born 30/03/1980, of Hillsborough House, Fromebridge, Whitminster, Gloucester GL2 7PF – neglected a guard dog so badly his tail had rotted

Security boss Jon Humphries-Cuff failed to treat guard dog Goffio's rotting tail and leg sores but was not banned from keeping animals
Security boss Jon Humphries-Cuff failed to treat guard dog Goffio’s rotting tail and leg sores but was not banned from keeping animals

Jon Humphries-Cuff, then a director of Cuff Security Services Ltd, which has since been dissolved, was the owner of a dog found roaming the streets with open sores and a rotten tail. He was found guilty of neglect, following a prosecution by the RSPCA.

The animal welfare charity began an investigation after the Presa Canario, known as Goffio, was discovered wandering the streets by a council dog warden.

Inspector Philip Mann, who investigated, said: “Goffio is such a lovely friendly dog – he’s a real gentle giant. It’s heartbreaking to think he was left to suffer without the veterinary care he desperately needed. The sores had been there for months and months and his tail was in such a terrible state it had completely rotted.

“Goffio was a security dog but sadly he wasn’t given security from pain and suffering he deserved in his own life.

“He was also underweight when he was rescued but thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team at Stubbington Ark RSPCA Animal Shelter, and particularly Hannah Nandhra, he has now recovered and is doing great.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to Stroud District Council’s animal welfare officers and Teckels Animal Sanctuary who helped him when he was found straying and raised concerns for his welfare.”

Humphries-Cuff denied knowing about the condition of his dog’s tail, claiming he had not seen his dogs in daylight for several days. He also told the court he had been treating the sores himself with antiseptic spray.

Following a two-day trial, he was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide suitable veterinary care for the necrotic and infected tail, contrary to Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and failing to provide veterinary care for the open sores contrary to Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

He was also found guilty of failing to meet Goffio’s needs by not ensuring he maintained a suitable body weight, contrary to Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

The RSPCA hoped to rehome Goffio if no appeal was lodged within 21 days.

Sentencing: ordered to undertake 240 hours of unpaid work and pay £1,000 in court costs. No ban on keeping animals was imposed by the court.


Additional info:
According to his entry on Companies House Jon Humphries-Cuff has two active companies: CUFF MANAGEMENT GROUP LTD and MURION TRADING LTD.

Normanton, West Yorkshire: Susan Maude

#TheList Susan Maude, born 08/08/1953, formerly of Wirral, Merseyside, and more recently (2018) Bridge Street, Normanton WF6 2ES – dumped five kittens and three adult cats in zipped-up laundry bag; also abandoned a dog

Vile animal abuser Susan Maude

CCTV cameras recorded Maude leaving her then home in Tranmere, Wirral, with the bag at around midnight and returning empty-handed a short while later.

The same zipped up laundry bag was discovered on land off Southwick Road, Tranmere, the following day. Inside were five kittens and adult cats Polly, Dolly and Dylan.

Kittens dumped by Susan Maude
RSPCA photo of five kittens who were dumped in a zipped-up bag in Tranmere by evil Susan Maude

Maude was charged with failing to ensure a suitable environment for the kittens and a dog named Rusty, and failing to protect them from pain, suffering, injury or disease through dumping the cats and letting the dog loose.

Vile animal abuser Susan Maude

She was prosecuted by the RSPCA and the case was presented at Birkenhead Magistrates’ Court.

But Maude did not attend, leading to her being found guilty in her absence.

A warrant was issued for her arrest for sentencing,

Wirral RSPCA Inspector Anthony Joynes said: “If they had not been found when they were we could easily have been dealing with a bag full of dead animals.

“The eight cats and kittens were covered in faeces and urine and were suffering with stress and exhaustion when they were discovered.
“They were dumped without any regard at all for their welfare in a place where they were unlikely to be found.

“This is completely unacceptable – on every level.”

Sentence: 12-month community order; £500 in costs; banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires March 2026).

Liverpool Echo

Tong, Bradford: Tracy Davis and Andrew Ward

#TheList Tracy Michelle Davis, born 03/06/1974, formerly of Beeston in Leeds, but as at April 2020 of 12 Melcombe Walk, Bradford BD4 9HE, and son Andrew Ward, born 07/05/1995 most recently of Hartland Road, Bradford BD4 0DZ – for the severe neglect of a dog found wandering the streets covered in scabs and sores.

Dog abusers Andrew Ward and Tracy Davis from Bradford
Andrew Ward and his mother, Tracy Davis, are banned from keeping dogs until 2029

Travellers Tracy Davis and Andrew Ward pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by failing to seek appropriate veterinary care for their dog’s chronic skin condition, and failing to seek and address the causes of her poor bodily condition.

Neglected Saluki Lady
Neglected Saluki Lady was found wandering the streets in an atrocious condition. She went on to make a full recovery, however, and was rehomed

The Saluki-type dog, called Lady, was emaciated and almost completely bald due to a skin condition when she was found by a member of the public in September 2013.

Mr Andrew Davidson, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: “It is no exaggeration to say she was close to death.”

RSPCA chief inspector Heidi Jenner said: “[Lady] weighed just 11kg when she should have weighed between 20kg and 30kg.

“Her skin was crusty and cracking and covered in sores.

“I hope the sentence will help ensure other animals do not suffer in their care in future.”

Lady made a full recovery and was rehomed

Davis – 12-month community order, £250 costs.
Ward – 12-month community order, 120 hours of unpaid work, £250 costs.
Both were banned from keeping dogs for 15 years (expires April 2029).

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