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Crediton, Devon: Michael Rice

#TheList farmer Michael Rice, born c. 1950, of High View, Woodland Head, Crediton EX17 5HE – kept cattle in appalling conditions; failed to treat very poorly cow.

Officers described the living conditions for the animals throughout the farm as ‘generally poor’, as several animals did not have a dry lying area and had access to sharp objects which posed a risk to their health such as farm machinery and rusty nails.

The case was brought by Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards Service following an investigation into concerns for the welfare of his cattle.

Trading standards officers and a vet from the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) visited the farm and discovered a bovine which appeared to have been unable to stand for several weeks with no access to water or supplementary feed.

Rice had previously been advised by a vet that if the animal’s health didn’t improve it should be culled. However several weeks later, when trading standards visited his farm, he had made no attempt to do so.

The vet believed that the animal was subjected to ‘avoidable and unnecessary suffering’ under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 both by failure to cull without delay and failure to isolate the sick animal and house it in suitable accommodation with dry comfortable bedding.

District Judge Matson described the conditions on the farm as ‘appalling’ and the condition the bovine was left in as ‘extremely upsetting and distressing’.

16-week suspended prison sentence, fined £6,970 and banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Farming UK

Washford, Somerset: Heather Stanton

#TheList hoarder Heather Stanton, born c. 1958, of Barn End, Williton Road, Washford, Somerset TA23 0NU – left several animals to suffer in squalor with untreated health conditions

Some of the pets rescued from animal abuser Heather Stanton from Washford, Somerset
Some of the pets who suffered appalling neglect at the hands of their negligent owner Heather Stanton

Stanton was found guilty of the mistreatment of 11 dogs, including a sheepdog, a Jack Russell Terrier, Chinese Crested type dogs and Pomeranian type dogs.

Some of the pets rescued from animal abuser Heather Stanton from Washford, Somerset

The animals had a number of conditions including eye and skin infections which were not treated.

Stanton was also found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a white lionhead rabbit by confining the animal to the detriment of his wellbeing, to which she had pleaded not guilty.

Stanton pleaded not guilty to causing suffering to a white domestic cat but was again found to be guilty.

She also admitted to the mistreatment of a tortoise and six birds in her care.

Speaking about the case RSPCA inspector Jo Daniel said: “This was an upsetting case of extreme neglect for which there can be no excuse.

“Stanton had more animals than she could cope with and was unable to care for them adequately, as a result sadly many of the animals were suffering.

“All owners are responsible for meeting the needs of the animals in their care and we now look forward to finding these animals the loving homes they deserve.”

Fined £5,000 and £85 costs. Community order of 80 hours of unpaid work. Disqualified from owning dogs, cats, birds and tortoises for five years under the Animal Welfare Act.

Somerset County Gazette

Holbeck, Leeds: Michael Kevin Jackson and Christine Jackson

#TheList Michael Kevin Jackson, born c. 1958, and Christine Lorraine Carol Diane Jackson, born c. 1974, of 171 Stratford Street, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 7EQ – let their tumour-riddled dog suffer in agony for at least a month

Butch's owners Michael Kevin Jackson and wife Christine Jackson of Holbeck, Leeds, left him to suffer in agony with horrific facial injuries for at least a month
Butch’s owners Michael Kevin Jackson and wife Christine Jackson of Holbeck, Leeds, left him to suffer in agony with horrific facial injuries for at least a month

Mastiff Butch had appalling open wounds to his head – both of his eyes had virtually disappeared. Sadly, he had to be put down after being assessed by a vet.

His owners admitted, between 1 October and 1 November 2018, causing unnecessary suffering to Butch by failing to explore and address chronic wounds to his head which led to his death.

Michael Kevin Jackson said he tried to treat the tumours by pouring Dettol over Butch’s face

RSPCA inspector Kris Walker said:

“I could smell Butch before I saw him – I’ve never smelt anything so horrific.

I couldn’t get it off myself and my van smelled for about a week afterwards.

“He was wearing a buster collar that had blood and tissue on it from the open wounds all over his head and neck, which it turned out were ulcerated cancerous tumours.

“He was crying and shaking his head and necrotic skin was going everywhere.

“His collar had blood and tissue on it from the open wounds”
The pain he was in was obvious.

It was the most appalling thing I’ve seen in a long while.

“His right eye had almost vanished and his left eye was shut.

“He couldn’t see – when we got to the vets he was bumping into the examination table and walls.

“His ear canals were so inflamed they were completely closed and the skin on the pad of one of his feet was also gone, open and bloody.

“Mr Jackson told me he had been treating him by pouring Dettol on his face.”

After examination Butch was put to sleep on vet advice.

In mitigation for Mr Jackson the court heard that the offence happened when he was separated from his wife Christine.

The dog had banged his head and sustained a cut at some stage which had worsened.

He said he did try to bathe the cut and the dog was eating okay but this was challenged and the court heard that the defendant clearly knew there was a problem as he was walking the dog at night.

The court was told he was not working due to health issues.

In mitigation for Mrs Jackson the court heard that she had not been aware of the extent of the problem, however she stated that she had asked Mr Jackson to contact the RSPCA.

The court heard that she also had health problems.

Michael Kevin Jackson – 12-week curfew order; 15 rehabilitation days; total of £235 costs and charges.

Christine Jackson – 12-month community order including 200 hours of unpaid work and 15 rehabilitation days, total of £235 costs and charges.

Both were disqualified from keeping animals for life.

A deprivation order was placed on Christine Jackson’s five cats.


Cwmbran, South Wales: Philip James Ellis

#TheList Philip James Ellis, born c. 1977, of 5 Beaumaris Houses, Cwmbran NP44 8HX – failed to provide urgent veterinary care for his pet Staffy, who was riddled with fleas, had chronic ear disease and serious skin problems.

Staffy Troy was in very poor condition as a result of Philip James Ellis's neglect.
Staffy Troy was in very poor condition as a result of his owner Philip James Ellis’s neglect.

Ellis pleaded guilty to two Animal Welfare Act offences at Cwmbran Magistrates’ Court on Monday, January 7, 2019.

The RSPCA was contacted after reports that the dog, named Troy, had been seen with a nasty flea infestation.

Officers from the charity attended the property in September 2018 with Gwent Police, and found Troy with fur loss to his back end and tail, swollen ears and with his head shaking vigorously.

Veterinary inspection later confirmed that Ellis’ failure to ensure necessary treatment, care and attention for his dog’s flea infestation and skin disease caused suffering unnecessarily.

Ellis also admitted failing to meet the needs of Troy by ensuring adequate or effective veterinary attention for this problem.

The dog’s skin problems were also causing intense itching; but by the second week of treatment after veterinary intervention, improvements and response to treatment were already evident.

Troy is now in the care of the RSPCA, with animal centre staff working tirelessly to support behavioural challenges and make him ready for rehoming in the future.

Elaine Spence, RSPCA chief inspector for South East Wales, said: “Owning an animal is a privilege – but this man’s failure to ensure appropriate veterinary care meant that was clearly not appreciated in this case.

“A simple visit to the vet could have spared Troy such a difficult time.

“Sadly, the state of his flea infestation and skin problems were very serious and vets were clear that suffering had taken place as a result.

Close-up of neglected Staffy Troy's infected ear
Troy was suffering from a painful ear infection which his owner hadn’t bothered to treat.

“Troy’s ear disease was advanced, and the clinical signs were severe enough that – shockingly – permanent damage to the ear canals is a distinct possibility.

“The owner should have sought veterinary advice, and it is unacceptable he failed to do so for so long.

“Thankfully, this Staffordshire bull terrier is now in RSPCA care, and we’re working tirelessly to ensure this dog can go up for rehoming in the future and get a second chance of happiness.”

Total of £235 fines, costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping any animal for five years.

South Wales Argus

Alford, Lincolnshire: Lynda Elizabeth Went

#TheList Lynda Elizabeth Went, born c. 1951, of Lake View Bungalow, Alford Road, Thoresthorpe, Alford LN13 9HU – for causing unnecessary suffering to horses in her care.

Lynda Went pleaded guilty to two charges, namely:

  • Between July 13, 2018 and September 13, 2018, at Thoresthorpe, caused unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, namely four Arab type horses, by an act, namely by failing to explore and address their overgrown hooves.
  • On or before September 13, 2018, at Thoresthorpe, did not take such steps as were reasonable in all circumstances to ensure that the needs of an animal for which you were responsible, namely two Arab stallions, were met to the extent required by good practice in that you did not ensure their need for a suitable environment in which to live.

For the first offence, Went was handed a 12 week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months. During the 18 months supervision period, the defendant must also carry out 60 hours of unpaid work. Went was also ordered to pay £250 in court costs and a £115 victim surcharge. Two ‘Section 33’ orders were made to deprive Went of ownership of the horses, and a ‘Section 34’ order was imposed to disqualify her from owning horses, keeping horses, participating in keeping horses, and from being party to an arrangement under which the defendant is entitled to control or influence the way in which they are kept, for a period of five years.

For the second offence, Went was handed a 12 week concurrent suspended prison sentence.

Skegness Standard

Kirkmuirhill, South Lanarkshire: Stefan Zelan

#TheList Stefan Zelan, born c. 1983, of Hope Road, Kirkmuirhill, South Lanarkshire ML11 – failed to seek veterinary treatment for his cat’s broken leg

Mistreated cat Bonnie had to have her leg amputated

Zelan pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide veterinary treatment for his cat’s broken leg under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, Section 19(2)(a)(b).

Commenting on the investigation and court case, inspector Emma Sergeant said, “The charge was dealt as Zelan failed to provide veterinary treatment to his cat, Bonnie.

“Bonnie, a black and white domestic long haired type cat, was found to be suffering from a broken leg that had been left untreated by her owner.

“Upon veterinary examination, x-rays showed that the fracture had started to heal and was unfortunately not able to be fixed. The decision was taken for her leg to be amputated.

“Thankfully, she made a full recovery, is pain free and is coping well on three legs.

“She will be transferred to one of our rescue centres where she will stay until she finds her new, loving forever home.

“I am happy that the courts have dealt with this case and the sentence passed down. Bans send an important message that owning an animal is a privilege rather than a right.”

Sentencing: 18-month community payback order. Three-year ban from owning or keeping animals.

Scottish SPCA News

Bridgwater, Somerset: Martin Veysey

#TheList Martin Veysey, born c. 1955, of 6 Albert Court, Albert Street, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 7ET – breached a previous life ban on keeping animals imposed on him in 2011

Veysey pleaded guilty to six charges under the Animal Welfare Act and the Cattle Identification Regulations on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at Taunton Crown Court.

Veysey was banned for life from keeping animals in 2011 after he was prosecuted for causing unnecessary suffering and failing to provide appropriate care for his animals.

The latest prosecution was brought by Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards Service and related to the purchase, transport and ownership of cattle obtained from markets in the South West.

Charges also related to a pony and an American bulldog owned by Veysey.

Veysey was also found guilty for failing to report and record the movements of cattle and failing to surrender the passports of cattle to Defra’s British Cattle Movement Service.

The court heard that the prosecution followed an investigation by Trading Standards officers.

Officers gathered intelligence from several sources including from members of the public, who responded to adverts he had placed to sell animals, as well as the RSPCA, livestock auctioneers and landowners who had witnessed his involvement with animals.

In sentencing Veysey, the judge told him that ‘the legislation is intended to protect animals from cowboys like you’ and warned him any further breaches would mean that he would go to prison.

Sentencing: eight-month prison sentence suspended for two years. Costs of £2,115.


Manor Park, Newham, London: Amarpal Singh

#TheList backyard breeder and serial animal abuser Amarpal Singh, born c. 1986, of 6 Banks Way, Manor Park, Newham, London E12 5NZ – neglected 23 dogs and puppies in home reeking of animal urine and faeces.

Filthy conditions at the property where backyard breeder and serial animal abuser Amarpal Singh kept 23 starving dogs and puppies in squalor.
Filthy conditions at the property where backyard breeder and serial animal abuser Amarpal Singh kept 23 starving dogs and puppies in squalor.

Amarpal Singh forced seven alapaha bulldogs and 16 puppies to live in such sickening conditions they became malnourished and underweight.

One of the dogs had to have her tail amputated.

Notorious greeder Singh had already been issued with an improvement notice in 2015, when Newham Animal Welfare Services and police officers found three dogs living in filthy conditions in his back garden.

Singh said he’d clear up the area, and the dogs were taken away.

However when officers visited his home again in November 2017 they found the 23 animals squeezed into the house which stunk of urine and faeces.

Pc Holly Hoare, who led the investigation, said: “After seeing the conditions the dogs were living in, I wouldn’t want any dogs to be living in this way ever again.

“When we went to the address, the puppies were very quiet and unable to interact with us. A number of the dogs were showing signs of diarrhoea and there was little evidence of water or food.”

FILE PHOTO: Alapaha bulldogs are a rare breed. They should be socialised early on in life, and their personalities make them natural guard dogs. 

Pc Hoare added: “They were all living in extremely poor conditions, with excrement that had not be cleared up in a number of days. Some of the dogs were in cages that were too small for them and it was distressing to see them in such a poor state of health.”

Sentencing: 200 hours of unpaid work. Total of £1,360 costs and charges. Banned from dealing in, owning or keeping dogs for just two years (expires December 2020).

Newham Recorder

Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire: Rose Galbraith Innes

#TheList Rose Galbraith Innes, born 1970, of 364 Millcroft Road, Cumbernauld G67 2QW – left her two dogs severely malnourished and with protruding ribs.

Photos of Toby and Scamp when they were rescued from Rose Innes. Both dogs were very thin and poorly.

Innes was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to tri-colour spaniel Toby, 7, and 11-year-old crossbreed Scamp.

She is said to have failed to provide adequate diet or veterinary treatment for the two dogs and has been admonished and given the ban following an investigation by the Scottish SPCA.

Photo of Rose Innes
Rose Galbraith Innes – we believe this is quite an old photo of her and that she looks quite different.

Concerns were raised by a member of the public about the condition of the dogs in December 2017, leading to the Scottish SPCA visiting Innes’ property to check on their welfare.

Commenting on the investigation, Scottish SPCA inspector Emma Sergeant said: “After we opened our investigation, we tried our best to work with the accused but were denied entry to her house.

“Innes eventually took Toby and Scamp to a veterinary practice and upon inspection both were given a body score of 2/9 with their hips, bones and spine clearly prominently protruding.

“Innes was given clear feeding advice by the vet and the practice raised concerns with us about the conditions of both animals.

“She failed to show for a follow-up appointment later that month, leaving the Scottish SPCA with no choice but to secure a warrant to remove the dogs from her care. At the time they were removed Toby and Scamp were malnourished and severely underweight.”

Toby and Scamp were then taken to the SSPCA animal rescue and rehoming centre in Lanarkshire.

Sadly, Scamp developed lameness in his right hind limb in October and scans revealed a tumour in his leg, as well as malignant bone cancer which had spread, and he had to be put down.

SSPCA staff say it’s highly unlikely Scamp’s death was related to his physical condition.

Toby has made a full recovery and following Innes’ sentencing he can now be re-homed.

Sentencing: five-year ban on keeping animals.

Scottish SPCA
Evening Times

Portadown, Craigavon: Eamonn Keegan

#TheList Eamonn Keegan, born c. 1981, of Charles Street, Portadown, Craigavon BT62 – “chose to buy alcohol over taking his dog to a vet”

Eamonn Keegan pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to animals at Craigavon Magistrates’ Court.

It was heard that on April 22, 2018, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier was found at the back of the defendant’s home in Portadown.

The dog appeared malnourished and had an injury to his left eye.

He was tied by 1.5-metre of chain to a squalid kennel and had no access to food or water.

The Staffy was taken by the local dog warden as he was in need of urgent medical attention.

A veterinarian concluded that the dog had been enduring the ulceration to his left eye for some time and was severely underweight.

When interviewed, Keegan stated that he had been treating the eye ailment himself.

Defence solicitor John McAtamney said: “Mr Keegan has no relevant previous offences, he does have a considerable record but other than a speeding offence in 2015 he has not been before the court since 2005”.

He stated: “This was a case of passive neglect through there not being adequate water and food for the dog, rather than active mistreatment”.

Mr McAtamney explained that Keegan had been drinking for four or five days and had left the dog in a “poor state”.

Adding: “Mr Keegan had been on a binge and had neglected his responsibilities”.

Addressing the eye ulceration, Mr McAtamney stated that the infection dated back to October of 2017.

He commented that the defendant had not been able to afford to take the dog to the vet and so treated it himself with saline drops.

District Judge Bernie Kelly stated: “Whilst I accept that this was a case of passive neglect, I also accept that Mr Keegan deliberately chose to buy alcohol over taking his dog to a vet.

“Anyone who wants to have animals as pets has to be responsible for them.

“Until society recognises this importance, it will not encourage proper responsible pet owners”.

Judge Kelly added: “Animals can’t ring up 999 and ask for help, all they can do is suffer”.

She said that there was only one penalty she could impose as the defendant was sentenced to two months in prison.

Keegan was also told that a lifelong ban was being placed on him keeping animals as pets.

Sentencing: two months in jail; lifetime ban on keeping animals.