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Peterhead, Aberdeenshire: Gary Stevens

#TheList Gary Stevens, born 13/07/1966 of Hallmoss Farm, near Peterhead AB42 3BP – for cruelty to livestock, a Shetland pony and a donkey

Gary Stevens from Peterhead caused suffering to livestock, a donkey and a pony.
Gary Stevens was jailed over the ‘extreme neglect’ of a pony and a donkey. A total of 45 animals, including horses, pigs, sheep, lambs, cats, dogs and terrapins, were removed from his Peterhead farm by the Scottish SPCA.

Stevens pleaded guilty to three of eight criminal charges raised against him under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

He had all his livestock seized by Aberdeenshire Council’s Animal Health and Welfare Service in August 2018, following a series of visits by inspectors, prompted by public concerns.

A vet deemed it necessary for the animals to be removed due to concerns over their poor condition, lack of veterinary treatment and the dreadful conditions in which they were kept.

A pig was euthanised to end its suffering and the remaining livestock were taken to a place where they could be restored to health. Aberdeenshire Council subsequently sought a disposal order at Peterhead Sheriff Court which was granted in February 2019 allowing the animals to be sold.

Senior council animal health and welfare inspector Pauline Anderson said: “We welcome the strong sentence that has been imposed in what was a very distressing case.

“As well as the wholesale suffering of the animals, the poor conditions at the farm meant there was a risk of disease spreading outwith the premises. The animals were kept in shocking conditions and we would like to thank Police Scotland and the Animal and Plant Health Agency for their support to allow us to remove them from the site.”

Mr Stevens was also found guilty of ‘extreme’ neglect of a Shetland pony and donkey.

The Scottish SPCA had visited Hallmoss Farm in June 2018 after concerns were raised to the charity’s animal helpline. The vet in attendance then said the state of the Shetland pony was ‘the most extreme case’ he’d come across in 34 years of practising. Her front feet were so badly deformed that they were deemed in-correctable, while her poor body condition was attributed to pain and stress, and she was subsequently put to sleep.

Inspector Fiona McKenzie said: “In my 12 years as a Scottish SPCA inspector, this is one of the worst cases I’ve ever dealt with and I’ve never seen such a disregard for animal welfare.

“We made every attempt to work constructively with Stevens and his family, including issuing statutory care notices to improve the welfare of their animals.

“They rebuffed this offer of support and were uncooperative. Ultimately, they attempted to hide the animals under the guise of them having been rehomed.

“This left us with no choice but to make a report to the procurator fiscal. From this investigation we took ownership of over 45 animals including horses, pigs, sheep, lambs, cats, dogs and terrapins.”

She added: “We worked closely with Aberdeenshire Council’s Animal Health and Welfare team who took their own case to the procurator fiscal. We are very pleased the sheriff exercised the maximum punishment available to Stevens. We hope this will act as a deterrent to others and be just one of many examples of more consistent sentencing for those who are cruel to animals.”

Sentencing: 18 months in prison, reduced to 14 because of the guilty plea. Lifetime ban on keeping all animals.

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Aberdeenshire: Frank James and Michelle Wood

#TheList puppy farmer Frank James, born 05/04/1967, of 105 Coronation Way, Montrose, Angus DD10 9DW, and accomplice Michelle Wood, born c. 1989, of Berrymuir Road, Macduff AB44

Puppy farmer and serial animal abuser Frank James alongside latest accomplice Michelle Wood

Frank James and Michelle Wood caused dogs, ferrets and rabbits suffering at East Mains of Ardlogie Farm near Fyvie, Aberdeenshire AB53 8PH.

East Mains of Arlogie Farm signpost

The Scottish SPCA and police raided the farm in November 2017, removing 105 animals including 87 dogs, the youngest being a few days old.

Inhumane conditions on Frank James’s filthy puppy farm where scant regard was given to animal welfare.

The animals were taken to Scottish SPCA animal rescue and rehoming centres for treatment and rehabilitation.

An undercover investigator for the Scottish SPCA described the conditions as “absolutely disgraceful”.

The investigator said: “We believe this was the largest scale puppy farming operation in Scotland.

“The conditions these dogs were being kept in were absolutely disgraceful. It fell far below the minimum standard in terms of animal welfare and, given the environment and sheer volume of puppies, it was immediately evident these were not being kept as pets and the premises was effectively a battery farm for pups.

“Our investigation revealed dogs on site were being intensively bred with little to no regard for their welfare.

“On site, we found a burnt out van which had dog carcasses within, suggesting this was a means of disposing dead pups.”

Golden retrievers rescued during a previous raid on Frank James’s puppy farm

James first came to the attention of the Scottish SPCA in 2011 after selling a poorly cocker spaniel puppy on Christmas Eve. The pup was in such poor condition he had to be put to sleep by a vet the following day. In November 2012 James was banned from having any contact with animals for three years.

A Scottish SPCA investigation into James’s activities in March 2013 led to more than 70 dogs being seized from the same address.

Inspectors found cattle sheds packed with breeding bitches and dogs suffering with lice, skin sores, matted hair and cysts on their paws due to the floor being covered in faeces.

Frank James's two sons, Frankie and Sean James, daughter Elizabeth Sutherland, and daughter-in-law Charlotte James
Family business: Sean James, who was convicted of animal cruelty alongside his father and uncle in 2014, is pictured on the far right with sister Elizabeth James, brother Frankie James of 20 Greenbanks, Bridge Road, Banff. His wife Charlotte is on the far left.

Following the investigation, James’ along with brother Edward James and son Sean James pleaded guilty to welfare offences in October 2014.

Frank James and brother Edward James pictured outside court in 2014

Frank James and his brother were banned from keeping more than two dogs for three years.

Cruel puppy farmer Frank James

Sean James, who was 18 at the time, was ordered to carry out 50 hours of community service and banned from keeping more than two dogs for three years

Frank James's daughter Elizabeth Sutherland
Frank James’s daughter Elizabeth Sutherland (DoB 09/05/1992) of Kintore, Inverurie

In September 2016 a planning application in the name of Frank James’ daughter Elizabeth James (now Elizabeth Sutherland of Hillhead Caravan Park, Kintore, Inverurie AB51 0YX) with Sean James as the named agent was submitted to Aberdeen Council for the East Mains of Ardlogie farm to be used as breeding kennels. Following a huge wave of public objections the application was rejected at the eleventh hour.

Undeterred, the James family continued to operate their puppy farm illegally and Frank James flouted his ban on selling puppies.

Sentencing: James was jailed for nine months and banned from owning animals for life. Wood was given 300 hours of unpaid work and placed under supervision for two years. She was banned from keeping animals for ten years.

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Bucksburn, Aberdeen: Peter Brady

#TheList Peter Brady, born c. 1984, of Stoneyton Terrace, Bucksburn, Aberdeen AB21 9HA – subjected his pet dog to a sustained and brutal beating in the street

Peter Brady from Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, subjected this dog to a savage beating
Peter Brady subjected this dog to a savage beating

Brady admitted seizing his dog by the legs, repeatedly throwing him to the ground and repeatedly punching him on the body.

Fiscal Depute Calum Thompson said the attack had been prolonged.

He told the court: “The dog was thrown against the ground at least eight times and it was punched at least six times.

“Eyewitnesses thought the accused was under the influence.”

Peter Brady from Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, subjected his dog to a savage beating
Peter Brady has a taste for violence

Brady’s solicitor Ian Woodward-Nutt said his client – a full-time driver – was “utterly horrified” by his behaviour.

He said: “Mr Brady struggles with his mental health and with substance abuse, which led to this.

“He has grown up with dogs and is utterly horrified he should ever behave this way toward an animal.”

Mr Woodward-Nutt added that his client was “very upset and contrite” about the entire incident and had taken action to rectify his behaviour.

He said: “In what is perhaps a measure of his feelings, he re-homed the dog through a local animal charity immediately after the incident.

“It was entirely out of character. He has loved and cared for animals all his life.”

Mr Woodward-Nutt added that his client had “no recollection of what happened” and said there had been “no significant injury to the animal”.

Sheriff Grant Hutchison spared Brady jail and instead imposed a community sentence.

But he said: “I get the impression this was a rather frenzied attack and I will impose supervision as an extra safeguard. This is an alternative to custody.

“This is a chance for your mental health to stabilise and hopefully improve your situation.”

Sentencing: placed under social work supervision for a year and ordered to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work. Banned from owning an animal for two years.

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Peterhead, Aberdeenshire: David Youngson

#TheList David Youngson, born 21/08/1961, of 17 Bell Avenue, Peterhead AB42 7YS – failed to provide adequate veterinary attention and grooming for his Lhasa Apso dog

Doodles was badly neglected by David Youngson from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
Doodles was badly neglected by David Youngson from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. Although he recovered under the care of the Scottish SPCA he has now been returned to his cruel owner.

David Youngson pleaded guilty to causing the dog, named Doodles, unnecessary suffering following an investigation by the Scottish SPCA.

The Lhasa Aspo was left struggling to walk due to matted fur. He was also contaminated with faecal matter around his hind and feet and smelled of of urine and faeces.

Youngson was fined for cruelty to the dog, but the sheriff failed to ban him from keeping animals and Doodles was returned to him.

The Scottish SPCA said it was “disappointed” with how the case was dealt with, adding that it highlighted the need for “tougher and more consistent sentencing”.

Inspector Fiona Shand said: “The charge was dealt as Youngson caused Doodles suffering by failing to provide adequate veterinary attention and grooming.

“Upon veterinary examination, Doodles was found to have severely matted fur over his whole body.

“The matts were significantly contaminated with faecal matter around his hind and feet, and he smelt very strongly of urine and faeces.

“Doodles had a significantly reduced range of motion in all four limbs, and was lame on his right hind leg due to the matting restricting his movement.

“Once the matted fur had been clipped it became evident that there was urine scalding on all four feet, around the groin area as the matts had restricted urination.

“Doodles’ bodyweight on presentation was 9.4kg, after removal of the matted fur his bodyweight was 7.5kg.”

Inspector Shand added: “Although we welcome the fact that this case has been dealt with by the court, we are disappointed with the sentence handed down.

“As no ban was issued, Doodles had to be returned to Youngson’s care.

“This case further highlights our push for tougher and more consistent sentencing.

“This degree of matting had not occurred quickly and is likely to have taken a considerable amount of time to get to this state.

“Doodles suffered unnecessarily as a result of this and it could have been easily avoided.”

To combat outcomes like this, the Scottish SPCA is encouraging members of the public to participate in a consultation on animal welfare law before it closes on April 26, 2019.

Sentencing: fined £1,000.

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Aberdeen: Yasmin Doherty and Frankie Kane

#TheList Frankie Jane Kane, born 03/07/99 of Printfield Walk, Woodside, Aberdeen AB24, and Yasmin Doherty (aka Yasmin Walker), born circa 2000, of Marischal Court, Castlehill, Aberdeen AB11 – filmed themselves abusing an escaped boa constrictor in the street

Yasmin Doherty (left) and Frankie Kane

Vile Frankie Kane and Yasmin Doherty shared twisted videos of themselves mistreating the snake, named Esmerelda, on social media site Snapchat.

Kane hurled the escape animal 10ft across an Aberdeen street and Doherty swung her above her head.

The disturbing footage which they captured in the early hours of July 4, 2018, showed Esmerelda “writhing in pain” and sparked widespread outrage on social media.

Kane later confessed to causing the animal unnecessary suffering and throwing her, while Doherty admitted the same but also pleaded guilty to “spinning the snake around” and causing her to suffer injury.

Fiscal depute Rebecca Clark said: “The snake’s owner, who had it for three years, kept it in an enclosure in his bedroom and noticed it was missing – but thought it was elsewhere in the property.

“It was 3am when the two accused were outside the Marischal Court block of flats and found it.

“Both were under the influence of alcohol at the time, and Doherty began filming the snake on her mobile phone and posting it on Snapchat.

“Kane then picked it up and threw it several feet across the road.

“The snake appeared to be moving in a distressed state and Doherty said ‘it’s real’ before before picking it up, spinning it around above her head and throwing it.”

A passer-by intervened at that point and handed Esmerelda in to the police, who gave her to the Scottish SPCA.

Ms Clark added that the 4ft snake was “regurgitating blood”, and “appeared to be convulsing in pain”.

She said: “The chief inspector described the animal as writhing about in agony, coughing up blood and clearly dying.

“The decision was made to humanely destroy the snake, which had severe internal injuries.”

Kane’s solicitor maintained that his client did not realise Esmerelda was a live animal at first.

He said: “She though it was a fake snake, but quickly became aware it was real after picking it up and hearing it hiss at her.

“She should have placed it on the ground but she threw the snake through the air.”

Defence agent Tony Burgess said Doherty had lost her job as a result of the incident and is now “struggling to find her way back into employment”.

He added: “She accepts that her behaviour was completely reprehensible.”

Mr Burgess said the snake may have suffered some of her injuries when she escaped from her home and fell “from quite high up” on the multi-storey block.

Sheriff Aitken said he had “limited sympathy” for the teenagers, whose troubles he said were “nobody’s fault but their own”.

He added: “I hope it was drunken stupidity that led to this, rather than an underlying defect in your character. People do not like those who abuse animals.”

The Scottish SPCA welcomed the sentencing of Kane and Doherty but expressed disappointment that no order was imposed preventing them from keeping pets.

Scottish SPCA chief inspector John Carle said: “Although we are pleased to hear this sentence has been passed down we are disappointed a ban was not also imposed.

“Doherty and Kane caused cruel and unnecessary suffering to Esmerelda the snake.

“Treating any animal this way is despicable behaviour and the injuries caused ultimately contributed to the death of the poor snake.”

Sentencing: Kane was ordered to perform 80 hours of unpaid work in the next six months, and Doherty 120 hours. No ban on keeping animals was imposed on either of them.

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Methlick, Aberdeenshire: Marshall Hay

#TheList Marshall Hay, born c. 1940, of Castlehill, Methlick, Aberdeenshire AB41 – left three steer bovines to suffer in agony with ingrowing horns that had penetrated their skin; all three euthanised

Farmer Marshall Hay had a complete disregard for the welfare of his animals

Hay pled guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering under section 19 of the Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 to a black and white male steer, and consecutively two red male cattle.

Senior Scottish SPCA inspector Alison Simpson said, “This charge was dealt as Hay failed to seek standard veterinary treatment for his cattle, predominantly three males.

“The first of the three was a black and white castrated male, who, upon veterinary examination was discovered to have an ingrown right horn, protruding four inches into the sinus, creating a seven centimetre wide hole in his head. After removing the ingrown horn, dressing the wound and injecting antibiotics it was noticed he had a broken right tibia. The decision was immediately made to euthanise the cow to prevent further suffering.

“The second of the cattle in question, a red castrated male, was found to have both horns growing into the side of his head. The horn on the right hand side of his head was embedded into the soft tissue. The ingrown horn on the right side had punctured the skin 5 centimetres, leaving a hole in which you could insert a finger. The horn on the left hand side was also overgrown although not to such a bad extent.

“The last was also a red coloured castrated male. His right horn had also grown into his head and the left side round the front of his eye. The horn on the right hand side was embedded into the soft tissue and once removed, was also found to be piercing five centimetres into his head. The horn on the left hand side was obscuring the animal’s eye and starting to penetrate the skin.

“The decision was made to put both red males to sleep to prevent further suffering.

“We are happy that Hay pled guilty and this sentence handed down.

“Prosecution is always a last resort for the Scottish SPCA and every effort was made to work with Hay prior to this, however the disregard for his animal’s welfare led us to having no choice.

“The remaining cattle at that time were moved from the premises, however we are aware that after these cattle were moved, more have since arrived at Hay’s property.

“Hay has two months before the ban is enforced.”

Sentencing: two-year ban on keeping or owning cattle, suspended by two months.

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Peterhead, Aberdeenshire: Peter Reid

#TheList Peter J Reid, born c. 1989, of Skene Street, Peterhead AB42 1LF – left two dogs in a caravan without food and water; one dog had starved to death

Peter Reid pictured outside court and the dogs he abandoned: Russia who had already died and Flash who survived.
Peter Reid pictured outside court and the dogs he abandoned: Russia who had already died and Flash who survived.

Peter Reid failed to provide basic care for two dogs he was responsible for, resulting in the death of a Staffordshire bull terrier called Russia.

The discovery was made by the Scottish SPCA after a member of the public got in touch.

The inspector who visited the property – a caravan – described how the dog was found dead in a corner along with another animal he described as “clearly distressed”.

Neither animal had any food or water.

 An image taken by the SSPCA inspector showing the inside of the caravan  in which a dog was found deceased and another in a state of suffering
An image taken by the SSPCA inspector showing the inside of the caravan in which a dog was found deceased and another in a state of suffering

A veterinary post mortem examination concluded Russia died “as a result of starvation and dehydration”.

Following an investigation, Reid admitted causing unnecessary suffering by failing to look after animals in his care.

Scottish SPCA Inspector Watson said: “This is a horrific case of animal neglect which resulted in the death of Russia, a brindle Staffordshire bull terrier.

Flash had starved to death
Peter Reid left Staffy Flash to starve to death

“We responded to a call from a member of the public that there was an ill dog lying beside a dead dog in or next to an empty caravan.

“When I entered the caravan, the floor and soft furnishings were covered in faeces and urine and the smell was overpowering, the carpet squelched when any steps were taken.

“There was a Labrador and Staffordshire bull terrier cross, Flash, standing on the sofa area.

“He was clearly distressed and was barking, lunging and pacing around.

“We noticed Russia lying in the corner of the sofa area and he was sadly deceased.

“Flash seemed to be protecting Russia.

“Once we removed Flash, we examined Russia and his ribs, spine and pelvic bones were all clearly visible and it was obvious he was emaciated.

“There was an empty bowl in the caravan but no sign of any food or water for the dogs.

“The veterinary post mortem examination showed that Russia was emaciated as a result of starvation and dehydration.

“This would have caused Russia unimaginable suffering and for his body to get into this state from starvation would have taken three or four weeks.

“The live dog, Flash, was an adult male given a body score condition of 1.5/5 by the vet and weighing 23kg when we recovered him.

“We would expect a dog of his type to weigh between 28-40kg.

“His ribs were easily felt and he had no fat cover.

“We welcome the result of this case and the sentence that has passed down.

“This is a truly heartbreaking case that could have easily been avoided with proper care.

Sentencing: 200 hours of community service. Banned from keeping animals for life.

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Banff/Inverurie, Aberdeenshire: Jordan McIsaac and Daniel Innes

#TheList Jordan McIsaac, born c. 1999, of Temple View, Banff AB45 1HG, and Daniel Innes, born c. 1997, of Brands Butt, Inverurie AB51 – killed two geckos during a house party

Thugs Jordan McIsaac (left) and Daniel Innes slaughtered a family’s pet geckos during a vile wrecking spree

Daniel Innes wrecked a house in Aberchirder during a drink-fuelled rampage, causing £5,000 worth of damage, before he and pal Jordan McIsaac killed two geckos.

One of the animals was dropped on the floor, where it died, and the other was blitzed in a blender.

Innes and McIsaac used a mobile phone belonging to the householder’s teenage son to film the crime as he slept.

Sheriff Philip Mann had previously deferred sentence on the pair to give them a chance to show they were sorry, and suggested they spend time volunteering with animal charities.

Thugs Jordan McIsaac (left) and Daniel Innes slaughtered a family's pet geckos during a vile wrecking spree
Jordan McIsaac

But with no organisation willing to take the pair on, they returned to court and Sheriff Mann remanded them after ruling they had failing to show enough remorse.

The geckos’ owner Amanda Bibby welcomed the sentence – but said it should have been a lifetime ban.

During an earlier calling of the case, Sheriff Mann described the crime as “chillingly evil” and one of the most difficult he had ever dealth with in his career.

Thugs Jordan McIsaac and Daniel Innes slaughtered a family's pet geckos during a vile wrecking spree
Innes and McIsaac outside court

However, he acknowledged the friends had suffered as a result of the media attention surrounding the case – with both claiming they have been assaulted.

He told them: “You’re still young men, you’ll still be able to make a proper and productive life for yourself.

“I hope you’ll use the period in custody to good effect.

“I think you’ll find there are opportunities there.”

McIsaac was also sentenced to two months’ detention for his part in a violent assault in 2016.

His solicitor Leonard Burkinshaw had urged Sheriff Mann to be lenient in his sentence, and told the court the teen had sold his Xbox and weights bench to provide his mum with money to make donations of £50 to the Scottish SPCA and £80 to the Cats Protection charity

He had also applied to start college and had dreams of becoming a fisherman.

Mr Burkinshaw added: “He deeply regrets being involved in this and the trauma that has been caused.

“He is entirely remorseful for his behaviour that night and he is trying to get things back on track.

“Certainly, he has learned his lesson.”

Solicitor Margaret Nash yesterday revealed her client Innes, of Brands Butt in Inverurie, had written a letter of apology to gecko owner Amanda Bibby but said she had not passed it on because “things are a bit raw”.

Last night, Ms Bibby said she was surprised the pair had been locked up, but welcomed the decision.

“Hopefully it will set a precedent for other animal cases,” she added.

“I think you should be banned from keeping animals for life if you can kill.

“But it’s a lot more than what I thought they would get.

“I hope it’s a lesson learned for them.”

Liam Kerr, Scottish Conservative justice spokesman, said: “These thugs appear to have shown no remorse whatsoever for their actions and I think most people would agree this crime justifies a custodial sentence.

“It beggars belief that anyone would consider that this was acceptable behaviour. The fact that this stomach-churning offence was filmed using the teenage son’s own mobile phone makes it even worse.

“This pair will at least now have some time to think about their actions, and the awful impact that this horrible stunt will have had on the family involved.”

Sentencing: Innes was given a 36-week sentence for the animal cruelty offence at Banff sheriff court, with McIsaac receiving 33 weeks. They were also disqualified indefinitely from keeping animals.

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Whitehills, Banff: Carol and Samuel Baird

#TheList Carol Baird, born c. 1964, and husband Samuel Allan Baird (aka Samuel Hutchinson) both of Knock Street, Banff AB45 2NW – for neglect of their elderly pet cat who was ultimately put to sleep

Neglected cat Austin had to be sedated to have his fur removed. Sadly he was later put to sleep because he'd lost so much weight.
Elderly Austin had to be sedated to have his fur removed. Sadly he was later put to sleep because he’d lost so much weight.

Carol and Samuel Baird were banned from keeping pets for five years, following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

The pair pleaded guilty to failing to take reasonable steps to ensure the cat’s needs were met, allowing the cat’s fur to become so matted he was unable to move properly, and failing to provide veterinary treatment thereby causing him unnecessary pain and suffering.

Scottish SPCA Inspector Alison Simpson said, “This was one of the worst cases of cat neglect I’ve dealt with and I’ve worked with the Scottish SPCA for more than 20 years.

“Austin, the cat, was so badly matted that the vet needed to sedate him to be able to remove the matted fur.

“The extent of the matting caused Austin to be unable to exhibit normal behaviours and inhibited his movement. He was also suffering from dental issues that would have caused him considerable pain.

“It took over one and a half hours to remove the matted hair, and Austin’s weight dropped from 2.9kgs to 2.65kgs. It’s believed that matting this severe would have taken at least a year, and could have easily been prevented with regular brushing.

“Once his hair was removed it was clear how thin he was, with his spine and bones easily seen and felt. A cat of Austin’s build should have weighed around 4-5kg.

“Due to Austin’s advanced age and extremely ill health, a good quality of life could not have been achieved. Following extensive examination a vet decided that the kindest thing to do was put Austin to sleep and end his on-going suffering.

“I’m happy the courts have dealt with this case, however it further highlights our push for tougher and more consistent sentencing. This level of neglect didn’t happen overnight and could have easily been avoided. I hope the pair seriously consider their ability to look after animals once the 5 year ban has passed.”

Sentencing: Carol Baird was fined £1,000. Samuel Baird received a £200 fine. Both were banned from keeping animals for five years.

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Torry, Aberdeen: William Duguid

#TheList William Duguid (DoB 15/11/1990) of 4 Tullos Circle, Aberdeen AB11 8HD – caught hitting his pet dog with a chain and kicking her to her body

William Duguid
One of life’s eternal losers: druggie animal-abusing William Duguid of Tullos Circle, Aberdeen whose pet dog lost her life for being the ‘wrong’ breed

Duguid was told to stop by a concerned neighbour when he was lashing out at the pitbull terrier in a pub car park in Aberdeen in May 2016.

The dog, which is an illegal breed to keep in the UK, had earlier bitten a member of the public, and a drugged-up Duguid was hitting the pet as a reaction to the earlier incident.

Dugid, who has been in trouble with the law repeatedly, appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court in June 2017 where he admitted possessing a “dangerous dog” and causing her to suffer unnecessary harm.

Fiscal depute Colin Neilson said: “A woman looked out of her window and saw the accused with a dog.

“He seemed to be hitting the dog with a chain. She told him to stop. He was disagreeable to this. He was also seen repeatedly kicking the dog to the body.

“She contacted police. CCTV footage was seen which showed him making as kicking motion towards the dog.”

Representing Duguid, defence agent Ian McGregor said: “Something had happened before with the dog. He is somewhat hazy with regards to the events. He had taken various substances that day.

“He has owned this dog for a period of nine years and there have been no other incidents. He has always taken the dog to the vet when it needed to go.

“He reacted to an incident earlier in the day when the dog had bitten a member of the public. That happened about ten minutes before.”

Sheriff Graham Buchanan told Duguid: “I am required by law to order the destruction of the dog, which is a breed that is illegal in this country.”

Sentence: £750 fine; banned from keeping animals for five years (expires June 2022).

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