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Bucksburn, Aberdeen: Peter Brady

#TheList Peter Brady, born c. 1984, of Stoneyton Terrace, Bucksburn, Aberdeen AB21 9HA – subjected his pet dog to a sustained and brutal beating in the street

Peter Brady from Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, subjected this dog to a savage beating
Peter Brady subjected this dog to a savage beating

Brady admitted seizing his dog by the legs, repeatedly throwing him to the ground and repeatedly punching him on the body.

Fiscal Depute Calum Thompson said the attack had been prolonged.

He told the court: “The dog was thrown against the ground at least eight times and it was punched at least six times.

“Eyewitnesses thought the accused was under the influence.”

Peter Brady from Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, subjected his dog to a savage beating
Peter Brady has a taste for violence

Brady’s solicitor Ian Woodward-Nutt said his client – a full-time driver – was “utterly horrified” by his behaviour.

He said: “Mr Brady struggles with his mental health and with substance abuse, which led to this.

“He has grown up with dogs and is utterly horrified he should ever behave this way toward an animal.”

Mr Woodward-Nutt added that his client was “very upset and contrite” about the entire incident and had taken action to rectify his behaviour.

He said: “In what is perhaps a measure of his feelings, he re-homed the dog through a local animal charity immediately after the incident.

“It was entirely out of character. He has loved and cared for animals all his life.”

Mr Woodward-Nutt added that his client had “no recollection of what happened” and said there had been “no significant injury to the animal”.

Sheriff Grant Hutchison spared Brady jail and instead imposed a community sentence.

But he said: “I get the impression this was a rather frenzied attack and I will impose supervision as an extra safeguard. This is an alternative to custody.

“This is a chance for your mental health to stabilise and hopefully improve your situation.”

Sentencing: placed under social work supervision for a year and ordered to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work. Banned from owning an animal for two years.

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Aberdeen: Yasmin Doherty and Frankie Kane

#TheList Frankie Jane Kane, born 03/07/99 of Printfield Walk, Woodside, Aberdeen AB24, and Yasmin Doherty (aka Yasmin Walker), born circa 2000, of Marischal Court, Castlehill, Aberdeen AB11 – filmed themselves abusing an escaped boa constrictor in the street

Yasmin Doherty (left) and Frankie Kane

Vile Frankie Kane and Yasmin Doherty shared twisted videos of themselves mistreating the snake, named Esmerelda, on social media site Snapchat.

Kane hurled the escape animal 10ft across an Aberdeen street and Doherty swung her above her head.

The disturbing footage which they captured in the early hours of July 4, 2018, showed Esmerelda “writhing in pain” and sparked widespread outrage on social media.

Kane later confessed to causing the animal unnecessary suffering and throwing her, while Doherty admitted the same but also pleaded guilty to “spinning the snake around” and causing her to suffer injury.

Fiscal depute Rebecca Clark said: “The snake’s owner, who had it for three years, kept it in an enclosure in his bedroom and noticed it was missing – but thought it was elsewhere in the property.

“It was 3am when the two accused were outside the Marischal Court block of flats and found it.

“Both were under the influence of alcohol at the time, and Doherty began filming the snake on her mobile phone and posting it on Snapchat.

“Kane then picked it up and threw it several feet across the road.

“The snake appeared to be moving in a distressed state and Doherty said ‘it’s real’ before before picking it up, spinning it around above her head and throwing it.”

A passer-by intervened at that point and handed Esmerelda in to the police, who gave her to the Scottish SPCA.

Ms Clark added that the 4ft snake was “regurgitating blood”, and “appeared to be convulsing in pain”.

She said: “The chief inspector described the animal as writhing about in agony, coughing up blood and clearly dying.

“The decision was made to humanely destroy the snake, which had severe internal injuries.”

Kane’s solicitor maintained that his client did not realise Esmerelda was a live animal at first.

He said: “She though it was a fake snake, but quickly became aware it was real after picking it up and hearing it hiss at her.

“She should have placed it on the ground but she threw the snake through the air.”

Defence agent Tony Burgess said Doherty had lost her job as a result of the incident and is now “struggling to find her way back into employment”.

He added: “She accepts that her behaviour was completely reprehensible.”

Mr Burgess said the snake may have suffered some of her injuries when she escaped from her home and fell “from quite high up” on the multi-storey block.

Sheriff Aitken said he had “limited sympathy” for the teenagers, whose troubles he said were “nobody’s fault but their own”.

He added: “I hope it was drunken stupidity that led to this, rather than an underlying defect in your character. People do not like those who abuse animals.”

The Scottish SPCA welcomed the sentencing of Kane and Doherty but expressed disappointment that no order was imposed preventing them from keeping pets.

Scottish SPCA chief inspector John Carle said: “Although we are pleased to hear this sentence has been passed down we are disappointed a ban was not also imposed.

“Doherty and Kane caused cruel and unnecessary suffering to Esmerelda the snake.

“Treating any animal this way is despicable behaviour and the injuries caused ultimately contributed to the death of the poor snake.”

Sentencing: Kane was ordered to perform 80 hours of unpaid work in the next six months, and Doherty 120 hours. No ban on keeping animals was imposed on either of them.

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Tillydrone, Aberdeen: Beata Teresa Rutkowska

#TheList Beata Teresa Rutkowska, born c. 1967, of Flat E 6 Alexander Terrace, Tillydrone, Aberdeen AB24 2RF – failed to treat an ulcerated wound on her elderly dog’s paw; boxer Oscar sadly put to sleep

Beata Teresa Rutkowska and her elderly pet Oscar, who had to be put to sleep due to her neglect
Beata Teresa Rutkowska and her elderly pet Oscar, who had to be put to sleep due to her neglect.

Beata Teresa Rutkowska, who is originally from Gdansk, Poland, pleaded guilty to failing to provide veterinary treatment for 12-year-old Oscar, whose ailments included a chronic skin lesion on his paw that was ulcerated and ruptured.

The offence, which took place between February 1 and May 26 2017, came to light following an investigation by the Scottish SPCA.

Rutkowska’s neglect caused Oscar to be unable to stand on the paw, and the Scottish SPCA said the “omission of pain relief” caused “unnecessary suffering, pain and discomfort”.

Scottish SPCA Inspector Alison Simpson said: “When I initially visited the property and saw Oscar, it was clear that he was struggling and in pain.

“The wound was oozing constantly and there was a putrid smell coming from his paw.

“Oscar had clearly not been able to put weight on his paw for quite some time as his claws were overgrown and considerably longer than those on his other paw.

“He also kept licking the wound which no doubt aggravated it further.

“Whilst investigating it became apparent that Oscar had not seen a vet for at least four years.

“Unfortunately, due to the extent of his condition and the risks associated with amputation in dogs as old as Oscar, the owner chose to euthanise following veterinary advice.

“Whilst I’m happy that Rutkowska has been dealt with by the courts and handed a significant ban, it is clear that Oscar’s suffering could have been entirely prevented.”

£700 fine; 10-year ban on owning all animals.

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Aberdeen: Justin Reid

#TheList Justin Reid, born c. 1975, of King’s Crescent, Aberdeen AB24 3HP – repeatedly punched his pet dog in the street

Justin Reid from Aberdeen subjected his pet dog Amber to a brutal beating.
Justin Reid from Aberdeen subjected his pet dog Amber to a brutal beating.

Justin Reid pleaded guilty to causing a dog unnecessary suffering by repeatedly punching the animal to the head and body.

Reid hit the seven-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, named Amber, at a bus stop on King Street, Aberdeen, on February 25, 2018.

Police witnessed Reid strike the dog to the head and body about six times on CCTV.

When officers arrived on the scene Reid tried to demonstrate he had only been “play fighting” with the pet by punching her again – leaving her “cowering”.

Dog abuser Justin Reid pictured outside court.
Dog abuser Justin Reid pictured outside court.

Defence agent Paul Barnett said his client, who is unemployed, has a history of mental health difficulties.

He said: “The dog is jointly owned by Mr Reid and his girlfriend.

“It’s accepted by him he was heavily under the influence of alcohol.

“He thought that he was play fighting with the dog but having seen the CCTV he accepts he went beyond what could be described as play fighting. That’s a matter of extreme regret for Mr Reid.”

Mr Barnett added the dog had been in the care of the SSPCA since the incident, but that Reid’s girlfriend hoped to get her back.

Sentencing: fined £120. Not banned from keeping animals.

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Bucksburn, Aberdeen: Agnes McPhee

#TheList Agnes McPhee, born c. 1967, of Brimmondside, Bucksburn, Aberdeen AB21 – banned from owning animals for 10 years after she admitted neglecting her two dogs

Dog abuser Agnes McPhee from Aberdeen

McPhee admitted causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide Staffordshire bull terrier Kai and rottweiler Bruno with adequate nutrition, which resulted in them losing weight.

The court previously heard Kai had been left so hungry he was “scavenging” for food.

McPhee also failed to seek treatment for their medical ailments which included skin conditions and pressure sores.

One of the dogs abused by Agnes McPhee from Aberdeen
Rottweiler Bruno was sadly put to sleep due to a liver condition

She also exposed Bruno to urine and excrement, failed to provide an adequate resting area and confined him to a vehicle.

The offences took place between January 4 and May 4 2016 at West Tullos Industrial Estate.

Bruno was later put to sleep as it was felt unfair to subject him to treatment due to a liver condition he had, which was not thought to be related to his living conditions.

When the offences came to light Kai was described as being in a “poor condition” and was around 5kg under- weight.

The court heard there had been reports of the dog “scavenging from a bin” and Kai “ravenously ate” anything offered to him by the vet. It was believed he had been underfed for up to six weeks.

Kai, who was given antibiotic treatment, also had a number of skin lesions.

Bruno was seen to be “emaciated” and was thought to be up to 10kg underweight.

The dogs were taken to a SSPCA rehoming centre, which was when it was decided Bruno would be put to sleep.

Total fines of £500. 10-year disqualification order

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Middlefield, Aberdeen: Shona McBain

#TheList Shona McBain (aka Shona Wilks), born 20/12/1974, of Logie Place, Aberdeen AB16 7UP – left one dog to starve to death and two others emaciated

Shona McBain from Aberdeen left three dogs to starve. Sadly the condition of Staffy Roxy (bottom) deteriorated and she had to be put to sleep.
Shona McBain from Aberdeen left three dogs to starve. Sadly the condition of Staffy Roxy (bottom) deteriorated and she had to be put to sleep.

McBain admitted the horrific neglect of her Staffies Lexie and Roxy and lurcher Ruby.

Roxy had to be put down because she had no fat or muscle on her “skeletal” body.

Shona McBain from Aberdeen left three dogs to starve. Staffy Lexie recovered from her ordeal in the care of the SSPCA.
Staffy Lexie recovered from her ordeal in the care of the SSPCA.

Scottish SPCA inspector Fiona McKenzie said:”Roxy was like a skeleton. The temples of her head were extremely sunken and she had no fat or muscle at all.

“She showed no interest in life and appeared very weak. When we removed her from McBain’s property she was unable to walk and had to be carried the short distance to our van.

“Roxy was in a semi-collapsed state when we got her to the vets and was clearly emaciated. Ruby was also very thin.

“Tragically, Roxy’s condition deteriorated overnight and there was no option for the vet but to put her to sleep to end her suffering.

“Lexie and Ruby made full recoveries in our care and we have since found them loving new homes.”

Dog killer Shona McBain from Aberdeen pictured outside court
Dog killer Shona McBain, who actually uses her married name Wilks in day-to-day life, pictured outside court

McBain was no stranger to the courts. In September 2013 she was given a community order after threatening her husband, Kenneth Wilks, with a knife.

Dog killer Shona McBain from Aberdeen

Despite her latest conviction she still avoided prison.

Dog killer Shona McBain from Aberdeen
Convicted animal abuser Shona McBain was allowed to keep her cats

McBain, who also owns several cats, was given a pathetic three-year ban which only extended to dogs. At the time of adding this case to the database, that ban had already expired and McBain would appear to now own a lurcher-type dog.

Shona McBain's dog Roxie was a walking skeleton when discovered by the SSPCA. Sadly she did not recover.
Roxie was a walking skeleton when discovered by the SSPCA. Sadly she did not recover.

We hope the authorities are watching her like a hawk.

Sentencing: 135-hour community service order. Three-year ban on owning dogs (expired August 2017).

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