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Chatham, Kent: Keeley Boswell and Paul Flemming

#TheList serial animal abuser Keeley M Boswell, born 18/09/1986, and partner Paul M Flemming, born c. 1991, both of Gerald Avenue, Chatham ME4 5TF – banned from keeping animals for 10 years after their dog’s broken leg had to be amputated

Victims of convicted animal abusers Keeley Boswell and Paul Flemming of Chatham in Kent
Rottweiler Bella and Chihuahua are victims of serial pet abuser Keeley Boswell, shown here with her latest partner in animal crime, Paul Flemming

Keeley Boswell was already disqualified from keeping animals alongside previous partner James ‘Jimmy’ Moore for the severe neglect of an emaciated and flea-riddled Rottweiler named Bella and a Staffy, Rizla, with the latter having to be put to sleep.

James Moore was convicted of animal cruelty alongside Keeley Boswell in 2015
Keeley Boswell’s previous partner Jimmy Moore was convicted of animal cruelty alongside her in February 2015

In June 2018 RSPCA inspectors visited the home Boswell shares with latest partner Paul Flemming and discovered two flea-infested pets: 10-month-old Chihuahua Sandie and a cat called Princess Sandie also showed signs of a deformed forelimb.

Convicted animal abusers Keeley Boswell and Paul Flemming of Chatham in Kent

Both animals were taken to a veterinary surgery, where Sandie was found to have suffered a painful leg fracture, which would have occurred at least three weeks earlier and been caused by “great force”.

Victims of convicted animal abusers Keeley Boswell and Paul Flemming of Chatham in Kent
Princess was covered in fleas

The couple’s solicitor told the court that Boswell was aware she had been banned from keeping animals but she wasn’t sure if the ban was still in force.

Keeley Boswell is a serial animal abuser
Keeley Boswell is a serial animal abuser

She also admitted when asked by inspectors that Sandie’s leg did not look straight.

Flemming said he hadn’t noticed any issue with the dog’s leg but admitted that he ought to have taken her to the vets.

Convicted animal abusers Keeley Boswell and Paul Flemming of Chatham in Kent

Their solicitor asked magistrates to give the couple community orders rather than a custodial sentence, as they had multiple children in their care and Flemming was named as the household’s only breadwinner.

In addition to the animal cruelty charges, Boswell was convicted of breaching a disqualification order, whilst Flemming was convicted of aiding and abetting this.

Sentencing: 18-week suspended sentence; ordered to take part in a total of 400 hours of unpaid work and supplementary rehabilitation sessions; £450 in costs. Banned from keeping animals for ten years.

Kent Online

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire: Donna Glenister

#TheList Donna Glenister (aka Donna Ward), born 06/12/1972, of 13 Tapping Road, High Wycombe HP14 3DY – for horse cruelty; repeatedly breaching ban on keeping horses

Glenister was first banned from owning horses in 2012 and was later hauled in front of magistrates in June 2015 after RSPCA investigators found she had bought two horses and was keeping them in stables in Henley-on-Thames.

In January 2016 Glenister was ordered to pay almost £2,000 after being caught breaking the court’s disqualification order for a second time in less than a year. That offence was discovered just a week after the 2015 hearing, with a member of the public tipping off the RSPCA over suggestions she had bought another horse.

Then in July 2017 after being caught breaching her ban for a third time, Glenister was given a 12-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months, and ordered to pay costs of £750 and a £115 victim surcharge. Her disqualification order on keeping horses was extended for a further seven years, expiring in 2024.

Bucks Free Press

Manchester: Grace Banks, Julian King, Peter Jones

#TheList serial offenders Grace Banks (aka Leah Grace Rogers) and Julian King (aka Alec Paul Rogers), both of 10 Reed Street, Gorton, Manchester M18 8JT, and Peter Jones (aka Aneirin Joseph Sculley) of 20 Graymarsh Drive, Poynton, Stockport SK12 1YW – imported and sold severely ill puppies to unsuspecting families

Julian King and sister Grace Banks outside court
Julian King, whose birth name was Alec Paul Rogers, and his sister Grace Banks born Leah Rogers

An investigation in Manchester led to the convictions in October 2015 of three people who made £35,000 a week importing sick and dying puppies from Ireland and selling them on to heartbroken animal lovers. 

The trio created a callous facade of a reputable pedigree puppy company selling healthy and happy dogs, but the reality was a short life of pain, suffering and disease for the animals. 

Grace Banks with hoodie-clad Peter Jones outside court
Banks with Peter ‘Nye’ Jones, a childhood friend of her brother

RSPCA investigators uncovered how Banks, King and Jones: 

  • Received weekly deliveries of puppies imported via ferries from the Republic of Ireland; 
  • Kept puppies at a “holding” address at Seventeen Windows, a large rented property in Marple Road, Stockport, which had purpose-built kennels at the rear, before selling them via a network of rented residential properties; 
  • Used a variety of different names; 
  • Lied to buyers, telling them the puppies for sale had been bred in a homely, family environment and were the first litter; 
  • Set up their own company through which they provided buyers with glossy “Kennel Registration” folders containing false paperwork; 
  • Used more than 30 mobile telephones, each one for selling specific breeds of puppy, to avoid confusion when contacted by buyers.

When the RSPCA and Greater Manchester Police raided Seventeen Windows as part of Operation Pagan aimed at shutting down the sale of dogs over the internet, they were confronted with the shocking truth of the crooked gang’s criminal operation. 

The bodies of four Yorkshire terrier puppies were found at one of the addresses. One had been dumped in a wheelie bin, two in a plastic bucket in the footwell of a car on the driveway and one was with a live puppy in a pen.

Evidence given by vet Dr David Martin during King’s trial suggested these puppies had died from starvation over a prolonged period of time.

At least six large plastic buckets filled with live puppies were discovered.

Grace Banks

In total inspectors discovered 87 live puppies, including Yorkshire terriers, huskies, West Highland terriers, pomeranians, Labradors, beagles, shih tzus, French bulldogs, cockapoos and more. The average advertised price for these puppies at the time was approximately £600 each.

All of the animals were suffering from health problems including lice, pneumonia, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis and bloody stools. Some had parvovirus and distemper. No veterinary treatment had been sought for any of the puppies.

Full details of the ghastly trio and their convictions are as follows:

Grace Banks (23/09/1986), real name Leah Grace Rogers. A former prostitute, she was also commonly know as Lilly Cooper. Her other aliases included Holly Saxon and Sarah Connor. She was a director of Lilly’s Puppy Boutique Ltd which traded from a rented residential property at Seventeen Windows, Marple Road, Stockport.

Grace Banks

For months, Banks had played the part of a caring woman with a one-off litter – even giving away cosy blankets with the puppies so they could feel ‘safe’.

In reality, the tiny animals were riddled with contagious diseases, kept in pens, advertised using fake images downloaded from Google and other websites – and sold for up to £600.

Buyers all described Banks’ white Mercedes, high definition eyebrows, long black hair and pouty lips.

Banks admitted offences of failing to protect more than 1,200 puppies. She was sentenced to five months in jail and ordered to pay £4,500 in costs.

In May 2016 Banks was jailed for a further nine months after it was discovered that she had continued to sell poorly puppies while awaiting sentencing for her original conviction.

Banks’s brother Julian King (11/09/1985), whose birth name was Alec Paul Rogers; also used the alias Thomas Spencer. He was managing director of Pet Identification Limited, Juliano Media Ltd, Kennelreg Limited and Kennel Registration Ltd.

King was found guilty of failing to protect 835 puppies from pain, suffering and disease. He was sentenced to five months in jail and ordered to pay £2,500 in costs

Peter Jones (30/06/1983) whose birth name was Aneirin Joseph Scully, has used aliases George Cooper, Marco Emme and Michael Emme and is sometimes known by the nickname ‘Nye’. We understand that he may since have changed his name to Arnie Swartz. He is a former director of King’s ‘pedigree registration’ company Kennel Registration Ltd. He has a brother named Keir Sculley and his mother’s name is Diane Sculley.

Jones was found guilty of failing to protect 835 puppies from pain, suffering and disease. He was given six months in jail and ordered to pay £2,100 in costs.

All three were banned from keeping animals for life.

The RSPCA rehomed the puppies that were seized during the investigation, after providing the required treatment and care to those which were sick. 

Sentencing: custodial; costs; lifetime bans.

Mirror 14/10/2015
Metro 06/05/2016
Manchester Evening News 06/05/2016

Peter Jones and Julian King were previously banned from keeping animals for 10 years following a successful RSPCA prosecution in April 2010. Jones was convicted in the name Michael Emme and King in his birth name of Alec Paul Rogers.

Julian King
Julian King photographed during a previous court appearance in 2010

The charges related to six ten-week-old Staffy-type puppies that had been left to lie in their own filth, unfed and in the dark, for days on end in the middle of winter.

Puppies left to starve in their own filth by Julian King and Peter Jones
Only three of the starving puppies survived

Just three of the puppies survived after RSPCA inspectors found them in a freezing, pitch-black outhouse, with their ribs, spine and pelvic bones protruding from their bodies.

The pups were found on a stone floor, whimpering and huddled together to keep warm. They were extremely underweight and only had one small, dirty plastic bed between them – in the middle of November.

There was an “overwhelming smell of urine” when inspectors approached the outhouse, on Braddon Road, Woodley. The pups had worms and had been licking their matted fur in an attempt to groom themselves.

Conditions in which the puppies were found

King had left the pups in the care of Jones while he went on holiday for a week, in what a vet later described as “atrocious conditions”.

Jones kept them in his outhouse, but claimed that he had only left the pups alone for 36 hours at the most while he went on holiday to Blackpool – although he admitted the conditions were “disgusting” and the remaining pups were lucky to be alive.

Magistrates heard that Jones had given the RSPCA and the courts a series of false names and addresses, and that he had also breached his bail conditions.

The pair were given a community sentence and banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Manchester Evening News 19/04/2010

Just one year later, in January 2011 the pair were back in court having breached their disqualification order.

This followed an RSPCA raid on Nook Farm in Tyldesley, Manchester where 33 puppies in poor health were seized. The pups, which included nine Yorkshire terriers, five West Highland white terriers, five King Charles cavaliers, five labradors, seven Pomeranians and two King Charles spaniels, had intestinal disease caused by infection or parasites and some had respiratory infections.

The farm’s owner, William Hartley, had rented buildings to Jones and King. Hartley was also prosecuted for animal cruelty but ultimately cleared. The court accepted his claim that he had prepared for the puppies’ arrival by putting out food, water and heating lamps but hadn’t seen them prior to the raid.

Manchester Evening News 13/01/2011

Bromley, South-East London: Everald James

#TheList Everald Hugh James, born 03/08/1967, formerly of Mottingham, South London and more recently Lewis King House, Plaistow Lane, Bromley BR1 3TE – strangled a bull mastiff and hung him outside his house with rope as the dog gasped for air

Dog killer Everald James from Bromley, South East London

Callous James, who is also known as ‘Shadow’, was found guilty of hanging the three-year-old dog, known as Boyzee, while punching him in the face as the terrified dog “gasped for air”. He had denied the charge, claiming Boyzee died accidentally during a “tug of war”.

Giving evidence, James’ neighbour Harlon Horsford told the court how he had heard shouting at about 8pm on September 6, 2015. He opened the front door and saw James with Boyzee.

He said: “He had the dog with a rope wrapped round its throat, repeatedly hitting the dog in the face and throat with his left hand.”

He stated the rope was wrapped around a metal railing, one end strangling the dog and the other end being pulled by James’ right hand, as he hit him with his left.

Mr Horsford continued: “The dog was secured to the railings.

“I confronted him, I said let go and he wouldn’t. He said he doesn’t care about the police or RSPCA, he’s named Shadow and no one can tell him nothing, It’s his dog.

“So I punched him in the face, he fell back on the floor and Boyzee dropped to the floor.

“I took the rope off of Boyzee’s neck. He couldn’t breathe properly, he was gasping for air. I pushed his tongue to the left, he had saliva all in his mouth, I was trying to breathe air into him.

“His back legs were twitching, he made his last breath and passed away. He was a lovely dog, very loving, very gentle.”

While giving evidence, Mr Horsford broke down in tears and had to compose himself. He said that throughout the attack Boyzee’s legs were not able to reach the floor, and he scrabbled to get a footing.

James was arrested later that day. He initially stated he was taking the dog outside to do his business, and dragged him through a crowd of people, inadvertently strangling it. But while giving evidence he claimed it was actually a tug of war between him and Mr Horsford which accidentally killed the dog.

James, who admitted he had been drinking that day, said: “He grabbed the lead, I said let go of my dog. He said he wanted the dog.

“I just kept pulling my dog not looking back. When I turned back around I saw the dog on the floor.

“I could never harm my dog, it’s what keeps me alive. I’ve got a 15-year-old daughter I can’t see, I bought the dog to keep me company.”

When passing the verdict, magistrates described his testimony as “not credible”.

Sentencing: 18 weeks in jail. Indefinite ban on keeping animals.

ITV News

Sutton, South London: Lance Powell

#TheList Lance Paddington Powell, born 02/02/1952, of St Paul’s Close, Carshalton, Sutton SM5 1NR – beat a stray cat repeatedly with a broom before shoving him off 10ft balcony

Cat killer: Lance Paddington Powell from Carshalton, Sutton
Cat killer: Lance Paddington Powell

Angry that the cat had defecated on his balcony, Powell beat the animal several times with a broom before sending him crashing to the pavement 10 feet below.

The stray cat suffered a fractured skull and internal injuries and died the next day
The stray cat suffered a fractured skull and internal injuries and died the next day

The cat, who was a stray, fractured his skull and suffered internal injuries from which he died the next day.

Sentencing Powell, who came to Britain from Zimbabwe, the district judge said the cat had “suffered an agonising and lingering death”.

“This was an offence of cruelty of truly horrific proportions,” he told Powell.

“You acted with callous disregard for a living animal.

“The offence was so serious that only a custodial sentence is justified and I would be failing in my public duty if I did not impose one.”

After the case, RSPCA Inspector Lucy Chillery explained how Powell had taken his anger out on the stray cat who was being fed by neighbours.

“Mr Powell was angry he kept defecating on his balcony and so, when he came onto his balcony once more, he hit him again and again with a broom,” said the inspector.

“The violent attack was witnessed by two neighbours who screamed at him to stop beating the dazed and injured cat, who then fell around 10ft off his balcony and onto the pavement below.

“The neighbour rushed the cat to a local vet where he was given emergency treatment but, sadly, died overnight.

“A post mortem showed the cat had suffered from internal bleeding and a fractured skull.

”The RSPCA also praised the witnesses for bringing the case to light.

“This was a shocking and horrific case of cruelty against a defenceless animal,” added Inspector Chillery.

“I would like to thank the witnesses for their continued support without which we would not have been able to get the justice this poor cat deserved.”

Sentence: jailed for six weeks; £2,998 in costs. Banned from keeping animals for the rest of his life.

Evening Standard

Newcastle upon Tyne: Anthony Bruce

#TheList Anthony Bruce, born 15/09/1996, most recently of Heddon Avenue, Hazlerigg, Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 7DA – tried to drown an Old English Sheepdog puppy named Benji before killing him by feeding him toilet paper

Dog killer Anthony Bruce of Newcastle upon Tyne
Dog killer Anthony Bruce originally from Billingham, Co Durham, and more recently Hazlerigg, Newcastle upon Tyne. Photo shows his victim Benji and his partner/Benji’s owner Lauren Brattle

Bruce, who also uses the names Warren Michael Bell and Elliot William Gleave and is originally from Billingham, Co Durham, tried to drown Benji because he didn’t like the attention the dog was getting from his girlfriend, Lauren Brattle.

Bruce pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Denise Jackman, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said Benji was forcibly submerged in water and had suffered. The puppy was also allowed to eat toilet paper.

Ms Jackman said the RSPCA had been contacted by a social worker, who had concerns for Benji and another dog. She had been told that Benji had died on April 26, 2015, while having surgery to remove toilet tissue in his stomach.

It was said that another dog in the house had bitten Benji in his ear, causing it to bleed. Bruce tried to remove the blood and decided to bathe him.

He then went on to submerge the pet’s head in the water until he was unconscious. Benji survived the ordeal but later died.

Bruce said he was sorry and admitted he had gone too far. He also admitted encouraging the pet to eat toilet paper on three separate occasions, knowing the dog was unable to digest the material.

Benji, who was around five-months-old, had previously had surgery to remove paper from his stomach.

Ms Jackman added: “Mr Bruce said his partner gave Benji more attention than she gave him.

“When he was giving him a bath, he became agitated and held the dog’s head under the water until he was unconscious. He said he was jealous of his partner’s contact with the dog.

“He also allowed Benji to eat a large quantity of unpalatable dry tissue under coercion. Mr Bruce was well aware of the consequences of such coercion.

“This suffering was unnecessary and avoidable.”

As at September 2018 Bruce and Benji’s owner Lauren Brattle are very much together and have gone on to have children. In September 2017 Brattle was named on the BBC website as being involved in Facebook raffle scams.

16 weeks in a young offenders’ institute. Banned from owning animals for life.

Daily Mail

eRITH, London: Gary Stockford

#TheList Gary Charles Stockford, born 24/08/1973, previously of Swanscombe, Kent, and more recently (2019) of 8 Kale Road, Erith DA18 4BJ – subjected a dog to a 45-minute beating

The vicious beating delivered by Gary Stockford, in Dartford town centre, lasted 45 minutes, prompting several disgusted shoppers to call the police.

Every time his master called him, the loyal dog, known as Benny, returned to his side, only to be kicked and punched again and again.

Several witnesses called police after they saw Stockford attack his dog near to the Orchard Theatre in July 2015.

RSPCA inspector Vikki Dawe said: “Witnesses saw Benny being repeatedly hit and kicked, in vicious bursts, over a period of about 45 minutes.

“They said the poor dog kept coming back to the defendant when he was called, only to be attacked all over again. They were so distressed by what they saw they called us.

“It is totally unacceptable to be violent in this way towards an animal. Benny showed clear signs of submission and distress.

“Thanks also must go to the witnesses who were brave enough to agree to give evidence so Benny’s owner could be prosecuted.”

Sentencing: 12-week custodial sentence, suspended for 24 months; total of £1244 in costs and charges. Banned from keeping animals for just five years (expires December 2020) .


Havant, Hampshire: Cheryl Welch

#TheList Cheryl Welch, born 08/08/1978, of Purbrook Way, Havant PO9 3SG – failed to adequately groom her elderly shih tzu dog and treat her eye condition

Dog abuser Cheryl Welch from Havant, Hampshire, and victim Tam
Despite allowing her pet dog to get into this state Cheryl Welch was not disqualified from having animals and was allowed by magistrate Jennifer Duddridge to keep cats, birds and another dog …

Cheryl Welch admitted causing unnecessary suffering and failing to protect shih-tzu Tam from pain, suffering, injury and disease by failing to adequately groom her

The 10-year-old shih tzu could not see after her fur became so matted it damaged her eyes.

The court heard that Tam had been a rescue dog and Welch had taken her in.

But she was found by a member of the public and reported to the RSPCA after a freak near-miss when she ran out into the road and was nearly run over.

The driver was so shocked by the matted hair all over Tam that she called the RSPCA.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard how she was suffering from ‘poor husbandry’ with faeces and urine in her hair.

She was also suffering from dry eye, which had gone untreated for six months.

Sarah Wheadon, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: ‘It certainly had been very uncomfortable for Tam and caused a significant degree of irritation.’

She added: ‘This was not a condition that could have gone on unnoticed by the owner.

‘It’s very severe and Tam was giving off a smell.’

Tam was signed over to the RSPCA but Welch was allowed to keep cats, birds and another dog.

Chair of the magistrates’ Jennifer Duddridge made the ruling as there was ‘no evidence of neglect of remaining animals and your children love their pets and they are important to them’.

Sentencing: community order with a 15-day rehabilitation activity requirement. Total of £160 costs and charges. No ban.

Source: The News (article removed).

Willenhall / Wolverhampton, West Midlands: Abigail Clemson and Thomas Webster

#TheList Abigail Clemson, born 14/01/1994, of Astoria Close, Willenhall WV12 5XP and and Thomas Webster, born 13/02/1994, of Arps Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1SH – left a cat trapped in an empty flat with no food or water

Cat killer Abigail Clemson
Abigail Clemson

The one-year-old black cat was found collapsed and covered in faeces and urine when an RSPCA inspector called at Abigail Clemson’s former apartment.

An examination by a vet showed the animal, who had not been named by the pair, had been suffering for ‘several weeks’.

The unnamed male cat, who was skin and bone after being abandoned by callous Abigail Clemson
The unnamed male cat was skin and bone after being abandoned by callous Abigail Clemson. Sadly he could not be saved.

The creature weighed just over 2lb, or 1kg, and was in such a collapsed state that he had to be put down to prevent further suffering.

Magistrates heard how the cat had been left at Clemson’s former home while she was spending more time at partner Thomas Webster’s home in Codsall.

Both Webster and Clemson were convicted of causing unnecessary suffering.

RSPCA inspector Kate Levesley, who investigated the case, said: “The sight of the cat collapsed behind the door still haunts me.

The couple had told RSPCA staff in interview that they had found the cat as a stray and taken the animal in after taking pity on him.

Cat killer Abigail Clemson

Ms Levesley said: “This was Clemson’s flat but they started spending more time at Webster’s place in Wolverhampton.

“Soon they were not going back to her flat at all. How long they thought the kitten could go without food, I don’t know.

“There is absolutely no excuse for something like this to happen. The cat would have suffered a lot and was in such a bad way that he very sadly did not survive.

“This is such a sad case and one which has stayed with me. It is important for people to remember that it takes less time for an animal to become starved or dehydrated than they might realise.

“Some people are naive and do not realise that it does not take long for an animal to get into this state. This is an important message that we want to get across.”

Webster – 12-month community order; £510 costs.
Clemson – 12-month community order; £560 costs.
Both were banned from keeping animals for 15 years (expires December 2030).

The cases were heard separately last month after they entered different pleas to one count of causing unnecessary suffering to the cat. Clemson pleaded guilty to the offence while Webster was found guilty following a trial in October.

Express & Star

Queensbury, Bradford: Jamie Sykes Newburn

#TheList backyard breeder Jamie Sykes Newburn, born c. 1973, previously of High Street, Queensbury, Bradford BD13 and as at November 2018 believed  to be in Carlisle, Cumbria – failed to seek help when two bulldog-type puppies received mystery burns at his flat

Dog abuser Jamie Sykes Newburn from Bradford
Dog abuser Jamie Sykes Newburn from Bradford has a history of violence

Newburn admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to the puppies between July and August 2015.

Bradford magistrates heard that Newburn had treated the puppies himself with ointment given to him by a friend, an unauthorised breeder who had previously been prosecuted by the RSPCA.

The alarm was raised by a would-be buyer of one of the puppies who was about to hand over £100 when she noticed wounds to one of the pups, Tasha, and a second, unnamed pup.

The woman asked Newburn about the injuries and then burst into tears. She described Newburn as “unconcerned, laughing and smiling,” prosecutor Andrew Davidson told the court.

Dog abuser Jamie Sykes Newburn from Bradford

Newburn told the woman that the injuries may have been caused by a radiator or by a larger dog.

A vet who examined the puppies described the injuries as burns or scalds that would have caused a great deal of pain.

One of the injuries was eighteen centimetres long and about two centimetres wide. The unnamed puppy also had a burn under its left ear.

Dog abuser Jamie Sykes Newburn from Bradford

Mr Davidson said an aggravating feature of the case was the “quite severe” suffering caused to the animals and the “fairly sinister” nature of the injuries.

He said injuries to one puppy might be understandable but “two such injuries is clearly a serious case of neglect, however these injuries have arisen.”

Mr Davidson said the puppies had been denied treatment for two weeks and it had been suggested that it was a case of “commercial breeding of puppies for financial gain.”

Upkar Bahia, for Newburn, said his client accepted he had been responsible for the welfare of the puppies.

Newburn accepted the ointment treatment was inadequate and that he ought to have taken the pups to see a vet.

Mr Bahia told magistrates that Newburn did not have any previous convictions of a similar nature and he hadn’t intended to cause any unnecessary suffering.

Magistrates decided to ask the Probation Service to provide a pre-sentence report after hearing that Newburn has previous convictions involving violence.

The defendant was warned by magistrates that they were keeping open all sentencing options, including imprisonment.

The case was adjourned for sentencing on December 18, 2015. Newburn was granted unconditional bail.

Speaking after the hearing, RSPCA inspector Sophie John said: “The injuries to these two puppies were terrible, and no doubt caused a great deal of suffering.

“One of the burns was 18 centimetres long and two centimetres wide, running almost the whole way down the puppy’s side. It was shocking to see. It would have been clear to anyone that it needed urgent treatment.

“We still don’t know how the injuries came to happen, but what we do know is that Newburn failed to seek appropriate veterinary care to treat them as was his responsibility.”

Unconfirmed but believed to be probation and a 12-year ban on keeping animals.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus