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Clevedon, Somerset: Jennifer Parnell

#TheList Jennifer Parnell, born c. 1944, previously of Beaconsfield Road, Clevedon,  Somerset – a serial hoarder who breached a previous ban on keeping animals after eight cats were found in squalor at her home

Jennifer Parnell is a serial animal abuser of cats, dogs and also, allegedly, horses though she faced no charges in relation to the welfare of those she currently has.
The conditions inside serial hoarder Jennifer Parnell's filthy home
 The conditions inside serial hoarder Jennifer Parnell’s filthy home

In April 2012 Jennifer Parnell, then living in Burnham-on-Sea, was banned from keeping dogs and cats for 10 years after being convicted of cruelty charges relating to three dogs and four kittens. Now her disqualification order has been extended until 2038 after eight cats were found in disgusting conditions at her current address.

Parnell had crudely white-washed the windows of her home in an attempt to hide the faeces-ridden rooms inside the property and the cats who lived there.

But when the RSPCA got into her home, they found the eight cats living in squalid conditions.

One of the cats was so poorly he had to be put to sleep. He had been left to suffer with a blocked bladder.

This unnamed black and white cat had to be put to sleep to end his suffering
 Sadly this little one had been so neglected he couldn’t be saved

Parnell was brought to court but failed to turn up and had to be brought back to court under a warrant.

She was convicted of three charges of causing animal suffering.

“This could have all been avoided if the disqualification order had not been breached,” said RSPCA acting chief inspector Stephanie Daly.

“The courts impose disqualification orders for a reason – to protect animals from suffering and neglect at the hands of people who have been convicted of doing so.

“We rely on the public to inform us if someone has breached a ban and take this very seriously – as do the courts,” she added.

The surviving cats will now be made available for rehoming.

26 weeks in prison, suspended for two years; £2,000 towards boarding costs. Ban on keeping dogs and cats extended until 2038. 


Note – 07/12/2018: we have been advised that Jennifer Parnell (who has been known to use aliases including the surname Stewart) has now moved to Ashcombe Road, Weston-super-Mare. We understand that this serial hoarder and animal abuser relocates often to avoid detection. Anyone in that road should keep an eye out for those giveaway white-washed windows.

Parnell also apparently keeps four horses in Portbury, near Gordano, which were not the subject of the cruelty  case. We also hear that two dogs were in her possession as well but the RSPCA’s prosecution only concerned her keeping of cats.

Please watch out for her. By all accounts this is no confused old lady, but a devious individual who has apparently left landlords, vets, farriers and others thousands of pounds out of pocket. 

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire: Donna Glenister

#TheList Donna Glenister (aka Donna Ward), born 06/12/1972, of 13 Tapping Road, High Wycombe HP14 3DY – for horse cruelty; repeatedly breaching ban on keeping horses

Glenister was first banned from owning horses in 2012 and was later hauled in front of magistrates in June 2015 after RSPCA investigators found she had bought two horses and was keeping them in stables in Henley-on-Thames.

In January 2016 Glenister was ordered to pay almost £2,000 after being caught breaking the court’s disqualification order for a second time in less than a year. That offence was discovered just a week after the 2015 hearing, with a member of the public tipping off the RSPCA over suggestions she had bought another horse.

Then in July 2017 after being caught breaching her ban for a third time, Glenister was given a 12-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months, and ordered to pay costs of £750 and a £115 victim surcharge. Her disqualification order on keeping horses was extended for a further seven years, expiring in 2024.

Bucks Free Press

Edgware, London: Nijamul Islam

#TheList serial dog abuser Nijamul Islam, born 19/02/1973, of 91 Farm Road, Edgware HA8 9LR – kept dozens of large-breed ‘protection’ dogs in cramped, dirty conditions and without food or water

Serial dog abuser Nijamul Islam of Edgware, London, kept dogs to be used in the security industry
Islam ran a business supplying dogs to the security industry but kept them in filth and squalor and without food or water

Persistent animal abuser Nijamul Islam was first convicted of dog abuse on a massive scale in November 2012. Then trading as the Vardalu Pet Hotel based in Elstree, Herts, Islam was convicted of cruelty to 173 dogs and puppies, including Rottweilers, German shepherds, Belgian malinois and American bulldogs. He was given a two-year suspended prison term and banned from keeping dogs for 10 years.

Footage from the RSPCA’s 2012 raid on Islam’s then premises in Elstree, Hertfordshire

In October 2014 the authorities discovered he was keeping 102 dogs at Woodhill Farm, Stanstead Road, Great Amwell SG12 9RN after a kennel maid was attacked by a Belgian shepherd and a German shepherd. The victim was rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries and required surgery to save her arms.

The two dogs concerned were later destroyed due to their “extremely aggressive nature”.

Serial dog abuser Nijamul Islam of Edgware, London, kept dogs to be used in the security industry

Both police officers and officers from the RSPCA entered the farm later on the same day where they discovered more than a hundred dogs being kept in “squalid” conditions.

Judge John Plumstead was told several people worked at the farm, where dogs to be used in the security industry were allegedly trained.

The judge was told the conditions for the animals were ‘appalling’ with filthy cages covered in urine and faeces.

The animals, some of which were puppies, had inadequate bedding and no access to clean water or food.

There were also dead dogs on the site.

Serial dog abuser Nijamul Islam of Edgware, London, kept dogs to be used in the security industry

Of the dogs found within the farm, 40 had to be put down either because they were deemed dangerous by the RSPCA or had severe medical conditions and were suffering.

RSPCA inspector Steph Law said: “The conditions the dogs were kept in were horrendously squalid. It was filthy and most of the dogs had been left without food and water.

“Sadly we also found that a number of the dogs were very badly injured and had been left to suffer without veterinary treatment.

“It was sickening to see the scale of suffering as we worked with the police over four days to remove the dogs and bring them into boarding.”

Serial dog abuser Nijamul Islam of Edgware, London, kept dogs to be used in the security industry

Judge Plumstead said Islam had an ‘appalling track record’ for neglect and cruelty to animals.

He said: ‘These were not everyday dogs. They were all large and potentially violent dogs.

‘These dogs were kept in dreadful conditions in a way which could only be described as scandalous.’

He said he had also seen a training video seized from Islam’s business, which showed him setting a large Alsatian-type dog across a field to attack a man wearing a bite suit.

Judge Plumstead said the dog had been ‘biting determinedly and with considerable force until it was called off by the defendant’.

He said: ‘This was not a legitimate business because he was in no position to legally be doing what he was doing.’

In July 2017 Nijamul Islam was jailed for two and half years after pleading guilty to two charges of being in charge of a dog which was dangerously out of control.

Islam also admitted being in breach of an order disqualifying him from keeping dogs and four charges of causing unnecessary suffering to dogs.

Sentencing: two-and-a-half year jail term. Continuation of his original 10-year ban on keeping dogs imposed in 2012.

Daily Mail
BBC News

Doncaster: Barry Scott, Liam Smith and Daniel Davey

#TheList badger baiters Barry Shane Scott, born 12/07/1988, of 35 Norman Crescent, Sunnyfields, Doncaster DN5 8RX, Daniel Paul Davey, born 16/08/1990, of 27 Manor Court, Denaby, Doncaster DN12 4LT, and Liam Smith, born 15/12/1990, of 33 Denaby Avenue, Conisbrough, Doncaster DN12 3NL

Badger baiters Daniel Davey, Barry Scott and Liam Smith from Doncaster
From left Daniel Davey, Barry Scott and Liam Smith

Barry Scott, Liam Smith and Daniel Davey admitted interfering with a badger sett in the Whitwell area and causing unnecessary suffering to a dog on 30 November 2011.

The court heard that the trio had gone equipped with spades and tracking equipment to locate a badger. A terrier-type dog suffered severe injuries to her face when she was forced to enter a badger sett.

The men pleaded guilty on the basis that the offences resulted from reckless behaviour. The RSPCA, which prosecuted the case, believed there was deliberate intent and a mini-trial was held to decide what exactly happened.

Daniel Paul Davey
Daniel Paul Davey was described in court as a “prime mover” when it came to the persecution of badgers

Deputy District Judge Goodman said all three had lied about their intentions at the mini-trial in which Davey came across as ‘the prime mover.’ Smith was a willing participant while Scott allowed himself to be led by them.

Sentencing: Davey and Smith were given a 20-week custodial sentence. Scott was handed a 16-week jail term, suspended for a year. He was also ordered to do 250 hours of unpaid work, with £250 costs. All three were banned from keeping animals for an indefinite period. Six dogs were seized.

Gainsborough Standard

New Addington, Croydon: Lorraine and Patrick Farrell

#TheList Lorraine Farrell, born 18/11/1966, and husband Patrick Farrell, both of 32 The Coppins, Croydon CR0 9DE – left an injured puppy to starve on a urine-soaked mattress with a bone sticking out of his leg.

Dog killer Lorraine Farrell

The Farrells pleaded guilty to neglecting the Staffordshire bull terrier puppy known as Caesar.

The dog was found in May 2012 after the RSPCA were called to the Farrells’ home by police. He was severely underweight and suffering from infected dog bite injuries all over his body, as well as broken bones that had pierced his skin.

Caesar was given treatment but had to be put to sleep two days later on veterinary advice. A vet estimated that he had been suffering for at least three months.

Injured puppy Caesar who was found starving on a urine-soaked mattress
Despite being given treatment the eight-month-old puppy was put to sleep on veterinary advice.

The couple pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, due to their failure to provide exercise and an adequate diet, veterinary treatment and protection from painful dog bites.

RSPCA Inspector Becky London said: “This is a really sad case and was made worse by the knowledge that the dog couldn’t be saved. Poor Caesar had no joy at all in his short life.

“He spent all of his time in an upstairs bedroom while the other dogs lived downstairs. He had a bone infection and septicaemia, and I’ve never seen a dog with an open fracture before – I was shocked. He had pus and blood coming out of his many wounds”.

Sentencing: Patrick Farrell was sentenced to four months in prison, his wife to just 12 weeks. Both received a 15-year ban on keeping an animal (expires December 2027).

Sutton & Croydon Guardian
East London Lines

Workington, Cumbria: Daniel Porter and Jamie Atkinson

#TheList serial wildlife persecutors Jamie Atkinson, born 31/10/1992, of 8 Honister Drive, Workington CA14 3XY, and Daniel James Porter, born c. 1994, of 27 Eskdale Crescent, Workington CA14 3LJ – goaded their lurcher dogs into attacking cats

Social media photos of Jamie Atkinson (and Daniel Porter
Jamie Atkinson (left) and Daniel Porter

Atkinson and Porter went on trial alongside a 17-year-old youth and two 15-year-olds, none of whom could be named for legal reasons.

The youths went on trial in December 2012 and were found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering.

Unfortunately all newslinks relating to the sentencing have been removed, though we do know that Atkinson was given a custodial sentence in a young offenders institution and banned from keeping dogs for five years. He was caught breaching that ban in February 2018 and again in October 2018.

Times & Star
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Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire: Marc Else

#TheList Marc Anthony Else, born 12/10/1989, of 15 Priestsic Road, Huthwaite, near Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 2AE – launched a fatal attack on his pet dog

Marc Else lost his temper with white Staffy Ellie after, he claimed, she had bitten him in the face during the early hours of the morning.

The animal, who had been poorly, then fouled on the carpet and curtains so Else grabbed her by the throat and threw her out of the house causing her abdominal injuries.

He then dragged her back in, putting her in the bath and biting a chunk out of her ear.

Finally Else put the dog in a cage downstairs and admitted himself to hospital because he wanted to undergo a mental health assessment.

The dog, named Ellie, died the next morning and a post-mortem revealed she had been underweight, had fractures to the liver and was bleeding from the left ear which had been partly torn off.

Else, who admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, was said to have been abused when he was a child and was now receiving psychiatric treatment.

Sentencing: suspended 18-week jail sentence and a 10-year ban from keeping animals (expires December 2022).


Accrington, Lancashire: Jordan Morgan

#TheList Jordan Morgan, previously of Bloomfield Road, Blackpool, but as of July 2020 of Lydia Street, Accrington BB5 0PX – set fire to an animal sanctuary, resulting in the deaths of 26 rescue animals

Police mugshot of Jordan Morgan

On March 23, 2011, the then 18-year-old Jordan Morgan and accomplice Karl Heaton of Smithy Lane in St. Annes deliberately set fire to the Easterleigh Animal Shelter in St. Annes, killing five cats, four kittens, 16 chickens and one rabbit. The pair also caused £25,000 worth of damage to the premises of the cash-strapped animal charity.

Facebook photo of Jordan James Morgan
2019 Facebook image of Jordan Morgan

As well as the starting the blaze at Easterleigh, Morgan and Heaton admitted setting fire to the Fylde Scout headquarters on Heyhouse Lane, a Volkswagen van on Clarendon Road, and a garage on Church Road in St Annes.

Jordan James Morgan - Facebook photo of Morgan with girlfriend (her face pixellated)

Morgan was also later convicted of trying to dig his way to freedom at Preston Prison after plotting a Colditz-style escape bid.

During the arson trial, Karl Heaton described Morgan as a ‘nutcase’ and said he was ‘crazy and spontaneous’.

Sentencing (November 2012): four years and four months in jail, later reduced to three years on appeal.

Blackpool Gazette

July 2020 update: Jordan Morgan has three dogs, one of whom has just given birth to 12 puppies. He also has a cat. Morgan’s current girlfriend describes him as “a good egg”.

We don’t have anything new on Heaton yet but any information on him, especially a mugshot and his current whereabouts, would be welcome.

Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside: Paul McCaw

#TheList Paul McCaw, born 03/09/1985, of 66 Laurel Avenue, Newton-le-Willows WA12 8JA – stabbed an arthritic terrier to death before burying her in his back garden

Dog killer Paul McCaw from Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside

Staffy Cheech “died an absolutely terrible, violent death” at the hands of her owner McCaw.

RSPCA inspectors visited McCaw’s home after a tip-off from neighbours who noticed Cheech was missing. Some reportedly heard the dog’s cries and yelps the previous evening.

Prosecuting, Peter Mitchell said: “He said that the dog collapsed in pain, so he took it into the back garden and he strangled it.”

But when inspectors dug up the body, they found the ten-year-old dog covered in multiple stab wounds and soaked in blood.

Victim Cheech
RSPCA inspectors found Cheech, pictured, covered in blood and stab wounds buried in the back garden

Mr Mitchell said that one of the wounds looked as if McCaw had attempted to “slash its wrist”. Cheech also had wounds to her head, chest and neck.

In total Cheech suffered 40 wounds – with one puncturing a lung – causing her to collapse. The dog eventually died, drowning in her own blood.

Mark Brown, defending, told magistrates: “He was of the view that Cheech was suffering and needed to be put out of its misery.”

He said McCaw tried to smother the dog, but it didn’t work, so he stabbed her.

Dog killer Paul McCaw from Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside

RSPCA inspector Louise Showering said: ‘This dog suffered an absolutely terrible, violent death at the hands of an owner who had been responsible for her for almost her entire life.

‘Though he says he thought he was putting her out of her misery, he actually caused her to suffer much more with the actions he took. First trying to suffocate her then stabbing her many, many times.

‘I can’t imagine what this dog’s final hours must have been like at the hands of someone she loved.

‘It certainly wasn’t the dignified and pain-free end most owners hope for their beloved pets.’

Sentence: jailed for 18 weeks. Banned from keeping animals for 20 years (expires November 2032).

Daily Mail

Manningham/West Bowling, Bradford: Saima Bi and Kiran Hussain

#TheList Saima Bi, born 19/05/1986, of 55 Sunderland Road, Manningham, Bradford BD9 4QJ, and Kiran Hussain, born 09/10/1993, of 21 Ackworth Street, West Bowling, Bradford BD5 7HA – kept a skeletal large breed dog locked up in a squalid hot car covered in faeces because they said she was “violent”

Kiran Hussain (left) and Saima Bi were banned from keeping animals for just five years over their cruel treatment of a dog they kept locked in a faeces-ridden car
Kiran Hussain (left) and Saima Bi were banned from keeping animals for just five years over their cruel treatment of a dog they kept locked in a faeces-ridden car

Saima Bi and Kiran Hussain, who at the time were living together in East Squire Lane, Bradford BD8, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Bella, a Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog, and not giving her a suitable place to live.

Magistrates heard a member of the public tipped off the RSPCA in July 2012 that the dog was living in a car parked outside Bi and Hussain’s then home in Manningham.

Bella was found lying beside her own faeces in the Seat car, left, outside Kiran Hussain and Saima Bi's home in Bradford. The couple refused to let the pet in their house.
Bella was found lying beside her own faeces in the Seat car, left outside Kiran Hussain and Saima Bi’s home in Bradford. The couple refused to let the pet in their house.

When RSPCA Inspector Sarah Brisco went to investigate, she found starved Bella curled up on the seat and thought she was dead.

Nigel Monaghan, prosecuting, said the smell in the car had been “overwhelming” and that Insp Brisco had “never in all her experience seen a dog so thin”.

“The dog was almost skeletal with rib and hip bones sticking up clearly visible, faeces was all over the car and there were flies,” he said.

Bella was found lying beside her own faeces in the Seat car, left, outside Kiran Hussain and Saima Bi's home in Bradford. The couple refused to let the pet in their house.
Bella was desperately thin and lucky to be alive after her ordeal at the hands of her cruel owners

Until the hearing Bi had insisted she wanted Bella back because she was a guard dog and loved her but she did finally did sign her over to the RSPCA to find a new home.

Defending solicitor Zanfar Khan said her clients both held their hands up to show “remorse and upset”.

Miss Khan said Bi and Hussain said it was Bella who got into the car and that because she was violent it was difficult to get her out.

After sentencing, Insp Brisco said Bella was now doing well.

Sentencing: 100 hours of unpaid work with five days of a low-level activity requirement; costs of £260 each. Banned from keeping animals for five years (expired 2017).

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