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Rowan West travellers site, Darlington: William Henry Welch and William Chates

#TheList William (‘Billy’) Henry Welch, born c. 1989, and William Chates, born c. 1965, both of Rowan West caravan site, Levisham Lane, Darlington DL2 1QZ – for “horrific and abhorrent” cockfighting offences

Travellers Billy Welsh (top left) and William Chates organised and participated in cruel cockfights
Travellers Billy Welsh (top left) and William Chates organised and participated in cruel cockfights

North Yorkshire Police officers described footage of the cockfights, recorded on a mobile phone, as one of the worst examples of animal cruelty they had ever seen – and hailed the “landmark” custodial sentence.

On 13 January 2018, acting on an anonymous call to the police control room, officers from North Yorkshire Police’s Rural Taskforce and the RSPCA attended premises at Skutterskelf, near Stokesley, North Yorkshire.

A number of men were located there. Officers searched buildings and vehicles, and seized a total of 27 live birds, some of which were bleeding from fresh cuts to the body and head. Inside a stable block, officers located bird feathers, and dried and fresh bloodstains on the floor and carpet.

During the enquiry, an examination was carried out on a mobile phone recovered from Welch, which revealed he was present at a number of other cockfights, on 19 December 2017 and 4 January 2018.

Investigators described the extremely graphic video footage on the phone as “sickening”.

The RSPCA provided expert evidence about the condition of the birds, and arranged for their safe storage and ongoing care.

Billy Welch pleaded guilty to charges of causing an animal fight to take place, keeping animals for fighting, and being present at an animal fight on three occasions in December 2017 and January 2018.

Travellers Billy Welsh (top left) and William Chates organised and participated in cruel cockfights
William Henry Welch

Jailing Welch, magistrates told him: “You put your own recreational needs before the welfare of your animals, in the most horrific and abhorrent circumstances.”

William Chates pleaded guilty to being present at an animal fight.

Two further defendants were found not guilty.

Billy Welch was sentenced to 20 weeks in jail, disqualified from keeping all animals for 20 years, and ordered to pay a total of £2,000 costs.

William Chates was sentenced to 120 hours of unpaid work, disqualified from keeping all animals for 10 years, and ordered to pay £170 costs.

North Yorkshire Police
Northern Echo

Caldicot, Monmouthshire: Kathleen Davidson

#TheList Kathleen Davidson (DoB 06/10/1953) of 173 Newport Road, Caldicot, Monmouthshire, SE Wales – failed to appropriately care for 11 horses, and caused unnecessary suffering to two of the horses and a dog.

Some of the animals suffering while under the care of Kathleen Davidson of Caldicot
Some of the animals suffering while under the care of Kathleen Davidson of Caldicot

On Monday 02/07/2018 Davidson pleaded guilty to three offences of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

They were that she caused unnecessary suffering to a chestnut gelding called Zorro and a chestnut mare called Cassie by failing to address the cause of their poor body condition, weight loss and ailments, did not provide a suitable environment and diet including access to fresh drinking water to 11 horses and also caused unnecessary suffering to a black terrier type dog named Millie by failing to address her poor body condition.

When RSPCA inspector Emma Smith attended the location in Magor in December 2017 she found 11 horses in conditions that were not suitable. Between then and January RSPCA inspectors issued multiple warning notices. When they attended they always found a group of horses which were locked in a barn without food and water and others were loose outside and were close to a hazardous river.

Sadly, despite these warnings, and offers of help and guidance, the situation did not improve and at the end of January, RSPCA inspectors attended with a vet, who confirmed that it was not suitable for the horses to be there and the horses were removed.

Cassie was found to be very skinny with arthritis and Zorro was found to be thin and had an infected sheath – which is the area around his genitals.

A few days later a call came into the RSPCA  reporting concerns of a dog at Davidson’s home and officers attended her address. They found Millie who was thin, had a skin condition, and a urine infection.

Inspector Smith said: “This was a classic example of someone who had taken on too much, and did not have the time or resources to care for their animals properly.

“It is frustrating as she was given lots of opportunities to turn things around and to make things right and we offered our assistance to help her reduce her animals. But she chose not to and we were left with no option than to remove the animals for their safety. It was a hazardous situation as it had been reported that horses had previously drowned in the river.

“Shockingly after removing the horses, a few days later we received a call to say she had a dog in a bad condition in her home. It is just a very sad situation, but there is no excuse for not caring for your animals properly.”

The 11 horses and Millie are in RSPCA care and are doing well. They will be placed into the rehoming system so they can find their forever homes.

Sentence: £832 fine plus £41 victim surcharge and £840 costs.  Banned from keeping any animal for 10 years (expires July 2028).


July 2019 update: Davidson was back in court having breached her 10-year ban on keeping animals. Following a tip-off, the RSPCA found two lurcher-type dogs at Davidson’s home. Her ban was extended by a further 10 years and she was given a curfew and ordered to pay costs and charges of £325.

Bromyard, Herefordshire: Tracey Dawn Davis

#TheList Tracey Dawn Davis, born 18/02/1969, of 16 Ballhurst, Bromyard HR7 4EF – allowed two thoroughbred horses to become so malnourished they had to be put down

Hal (left) and Pumpkin were starved to the point of no return.

Tracey Davis admitted neglecting ex-racehorses Pumpkin and Hal when she appeared before magistrates.

Davis was warned about the condition of one of the horses but failed to listen to their advice.

She admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to the horses between October 14 and November 14, 2017, and also admitted failing to meet their needs between March 14 and November 14, 2017, by not adequately worming them.

Hal formerly known as ‘He’s a Leader’.

Hal, 18, formerly known as ‘He’s a Leader’, collapsed after he was recovered by the RSPCA and the decision was made to put him down after vets could not get him to stand.

Five-year-old Pumpkin, formerly known as ‘Buds Bruvver’, collapsed from damage caused by redworm and was also put down – despite putting up a good fight in recovery.

Following an anonymous call from a member of the public, the RSPCA, vets and police found the horses in extremely poor condition and they were removed.

RSPCA inspector Suzi Smith, who investigated, said: “To let these horses get into such a shocking state is inexcusable.

“Both horses were extremely thin and undernourished and had simply been left to suffer without care for their welfare.

“Thoroughbreds are not an easy horse to keep, yet are unfortunately too easy to pick up for little to no money and sadly therefore often find themselves in the hands of those who are completely inexperienced or unequipped in dealing with their needs.”

Sentencing: 12 weeks in prison, suspended for one year; 120 hours unpaid work; £614 in costs. Banned from keeping horses for 20 years.

Daily Mail
Worcester News

Anniesland, Glasgow: Helen Campbell

#TheList professional dog walker Helen J Campbell, born c. 1958, of 97 Netherton Road, Anniesland, Glasgow G13 1LJ – left eight dogs in a hot van causing two of them to lose their lives

Milly lost her life after being left in a van for three hours during a heatwave by professional dog walker Helen Campbell of Netherton Road, Anniesland, Glasgow

Campbell, who owned a dog walking business named nose2tailk9care, locked eight dogs in a van for three hours during a heatwave. This resulted in two – Milly and Cody – dying. Three other dogs were hospitalised and three others fell ill.

The temperature inside the van is thought to have been as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 21C.

Instead of telling owners what had happened to their dogs, Campbell repeatedly changed her story which resulted in some animals receiving the wrong treatment from vets.

In court Campbell admitted causing the dogs unnecessary suffering by leaving them in her van for a prolonged period of time without proper ventilation. and failing to seek necessary veterinary treatment.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, Scottish SPCA Inspector Gillian Dick said, “This is a heart-breaking example of why dogs should not be left in hot cars.

“The van was a totally unsuitable environment for dogs to be kept, especially on such a hot day. The dogs were left alone for two and a half to three hours which is unacceptable.

“Campbell did not inform the owners as to what had happened to their dogs which resulted in dogs receiving the wrong treatment. Had Campbell been truthful more appropriate treatment would have been given and prevented the situation being made worse.

“The temperature inside the van is likely to have reached at least 40 degrees centigrade. These conditions would be difficult for even a human to cope with never mind a dog that can’t sweat, as they have no sweat glands in the majority of their skin surface. The main way for a dog to cool down is through panting, which is much less effective than sweating and makes a dog much more prone to heat stroke.

“As a dog begins to overheat it will become very weak, have an increased heart rate and blood circulation which leads to dizziness and ultimately the dog will collapse and lose consciousness.

“Even in cases where dogs do not die, they can suffer from long term illness and the experience is extremely distressing.

Sentencing: 176 hours of community service. 20-year ban on owning, keeping, transporting or working with all animals.

Scottish SPCA News
Evening Times
The Sun

Horton, Slough: Clint Rimanoczy

#TheList Clint Rimanoczy, born c. 1989, of Milton Close, Horton, Slough SL3 9PP – cut off the ears and tails of two puppies

Clint Rimanoczy (misspelt as Rimanaczy in linked article) was sentenced at Slough Magistrates’ Court on Friday, December 8, 2017, for carrying out a prohibited procedure on an animal.

The charge relates to an incident on November 23, 2016, involving the cutting off of the ears and tails of two cane corso puppies.

Rimanoczy also admitted to a separate charge of removing whole/part of a dog’s tail and a third charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal by failing to seek veterinary assistance.

18 weeks in jail.  Costs/charges of £7,056.28. Banned from keeping animals for 20 years. His dog and her two puppies were taken away from him.

Windsor Express

West Denton, Newcastle Upon Tyne: Bruce Elliott

#TheList Bruce Jon Elliott, born 24/11/1984, formerly of Lordenshaw, Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 and more recently 20 Gloucester Court, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 2XJ – killed his pregnant girlfriend’s dog after ‘losing his temper’

 Bruce Elliot who was jailed for 19 weeks after killing his girlfriend's dog and harassing his new girlfriend
Bruce Elliot who was jailed for 19 weeks after killing his girlfriend’s dog and harassing his new girlfriend

Bruce Elliott kicked the eight-year-old Jack Russell cross, known as Smudge, before leaving her to die.

The incident happened at Elliott’s home on 26 October 2016, when his then girlfriend was not there.

RSPCA inspector Helen Bestwick said: “He told the court that Smudge wasn’t allowed upstairs but had gone up there and urinated on the bed. He said he chased her downstairs and a mountain bike, which was at the bottom of them, fell on top of her, then he kicked her outside.

“We’ll never know exactly what happened but when Smudge was found by a neighbour around 300 metres away on a patch of grass between the local social club and supermarket she was collapsed.

“Recognising her as sometimes being walked by Elliot, he was alerted to her plight and took her back to his home. When the neighbour enquired as to how she was and discovered she hadn’t been taken to a vets we were called.

“We believe the incident happened at around 6.15pm but unfortunately it was 8.30pm by the time we got the call about Smudge, who Elliot had allowed to suffer all that time. When I got there Elliot was aggressive so police had to be called.

“Sadly, Smudge died in the back of my van on the way to the vets. It was awful. A post mortem revealed she had died of internal bleeding. She had a ruptured liver with multiple lacerations, a hemorrhage near her right kidney and bruising between her shoulder blades.”

Smudge was kicked to death by violent and controlling Bruce Jon Elliott from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Victim Smudge

Elliott pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal – one count for kicking the dog and another for preventing the dog from getting treatment – and was sentenced to 15 weeks’ prison for the animal cruelty offences.

He also admitted harassing his new girlfriend, Paris Dixon, and was given a four-week jail term for that offence.

Bruce Elliot who was jailed for 19 weeks after killing his girlfriend's dog and harassing his new girlfriend

Elliott met Ms Dixon after his previous girlfriend, Smudge’s owner Franchesca Jones, left him following his cowardly attack on her pet.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson said they met in December 2016 and at first the relationship seemed “too good to be true”.

He said: “Unfortunately she was right and the defendant became controlling and violent during the course of their relationship.”

The court heard Elliott manipulated Ms Dixon into thinking she was mentally ill, so much so that she even went to her doctor looking for help.

“He would call me a tramp and take the mickey out of my lisp,” she said in a statement read out in court. “I am scared to see him if I go out and I am scared to let my dog outside.”

After they broke up, Elliott harassed her with 300 messages in one day

In court father-of-two Elliott complained that he would lose his business and his house as the details emerged in court, but was sent to prison.

Mitigating for Elliott, Sara Clasper said: “He lost his temper, it was a momentary reaction. He is very remorseful.”

Sentencing: jailed for 15 weeks for animal cruelty with a further four weeks for harassment. Disqualified from keeping animals for 20 years with right of appeal after ten years.

Dog Magazine

Additional information: in July 2019 Bruce Elliott started a company called BE Engineering Consultants Ltd. The company is registered in Scotland and the Companies House entry gives Elliott’s nationality as Scottish.

Elliott’s LinkedIn profile

Gnosall, Stafford: Peter David James Waters

#TheList Peter David James Waters, born 16/11/1975, previously of 101 Monks Walk, Gnosall, Stafford ST20, and more recently (2018)  Hunters Road, Birmingham B19  – stabbed Staffy ‘Kyzer’ multiple times and dumped his body in a bin.

Peter Waters from Stafford stabbed Staffy Kyzer to death then dumped the body in a  bin
Peter Waters from Stafford stabbed Staffy Kyzer to death then dumped the body in a bin

Waters pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Kyzer, whom he had only had for four months.

The court heard how Waters plunged a kitchen knife into Kyzer with such force two of the dog’s ribs were broken and his lungs collapsed. The knife had snapped.

Kyzer had two stab wounds to the chest and suffered extensive bleeding. A vet said he would have experienced severe pain, a feeling of suffocation, panic, fear and distress, indicating an act of cruelty and suffering.

The RSPCA, which brought the prosecution, discovered dried blood around the flat.

The court heard Waters claimed he had taken Kyzer on from a previous owner, who had abused him. He told police Kyzer was “a brilliant dog”.

Peter Waters from Stafford stabbed Staffy Kyzer to death then dumped the body in a  bin

The morning of the attack, a neighbour said Waters banged on his door, shouting. He appeared unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred. He said he heard Waters return to his flat and begin shouting at his dog, yelling: “Where’s your fucking lead?”

Waters banged on the neighbour’s door again several times until he answered at around 4pm. He said Waters told him: “I’ve killed my dog. I’ve stabbed him twice in the heart and cut his throat.”

When police were called, they said Waters appeared to be drunk. Officers said he was abusive and believed he presented a threat. After a struggle, in which Waters tried to kick and bite an officer, they overpowered him and he was arrested.

The dog was discovered wrapped in blood stained bedding inside a bin in Greenside, Yarnfield near Eccleshall. The broken knife was protruding from his body.

The court heard when Waters arrived at the police station he remained aggressive and restraints and a spit hood were used.

The RSPCA described Waters’ cruelty towards Kyzer as ‘stomach-churning’, saying the dog would have been ‘terrified’.

Waters was jailed for 23 weeks and disqualified from keeping animals for 20 years (expires February 2037).

Express & Star

Kingston upon Hull: Andrew Gill

#TheList repeat offender Andrew Gill, born c. 1964, of 34 Downing Grove, Hull HU9 3SY –  left his four dogs without access to food, water or bedding; breached disqualification order.

Photo of serial animal abuser Andrew Gill from Hull
Andrew Gill celebrates winning The World’s Biggest Knob competition.

Gill was banned, alongside former partner Suzanna Falconer, from keeping animals in 2012 for causing unnecessary suffering to 13 rats, which died of starvation, failing to meet the welfare needs of three ferrets and a rabbit and causing unnecessary suffering to a hedgehog.

RSPCA inspector Hannah Bryer said: “Throughout the duration of the previous proceedings, Mr Gill was given advice, assistance and warning notices to improve the welfare of his remaining animals.

“After he was banned, he failed to follow the court order and continued keeping animals.

“Mr Gill has proved he is unable to care for animals properly, even when given extensive guidance.

“He has shown a complete disregard for the court order and to the wellbeing of his pets.”

Andy Gill photo

RSPCA inspectors and police raided Gill’s home in September 2012. When they entered the property, he said: “You’re not taking my pets, you are not touching the snake or the fish, no way.”

Inside, they found 20 fish, a corn snake, two Staffordshire bull terriers called Zane and Patch, two terriers called Dufus and Meg, two cats and six kittens.

Miss Bryer said Dufus and Meg were confined to the kitchen and had been eating out of the bin. Zane and Patch were in the garden, which was littered with rubbish including broken glass jars, rusty metal tins and exposed metal chair springs.

Gill admitted breaching his disqualification order and failing to meet the welfare needs of the dogs.

In 2007, Gill spoke of of his devastation after an arson attack on his shed killed his 300 rats, two rabbits, two hamsters, two guinea pigs and three hedgehogs.

Sentencing: 12-week prison sentence, suspended for a year, 200 hours of unpaid work, £250 costs.  Banned from keeping animals for 20 years (expires April 2033).

Source article (Hull Daily Mail) removed.

Corby, Northants: Luke Hamilton

#TheList Luke Hamilton, born 29/03/1990, originally from Corby and more recently of Hilary Road, Manchester M22, for starving greyhound then dumping dying animal at roadside

Dog killer Luke Hamilton from Corby

Hamilton admitted causing the animal unnecessary suffering by not addressing her weight loss and poor condition.

Kevin McCole, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said concerns were reported to the charity after people were shocked and distressed to see the condition of the dog.

A PCSO also investigated a report that the greyhound had attacked and killed a cat.

Mr McCole said: “The officer told the defendant to take the dog to the vet as its whole ribcage could be seen. He said he would do so.

“Later a greyhound was found collapsed and dying on the side of the road in Viking Way, Corby. It was severely emaciated and was conscious but unable to move.”

The five-year-old animal was taken to a vet and tests showed she had organ failure. She had to be put down.

The RSPCA made inquiries and traced a former owner of the greyhound who had transferred ownership of the dog to Hamilton.

He was so upset to hear of the dog’s condition that he burst into tears.

The RSPCA was then able to track down Hamilton who at first denied responsibility, lying that he had given the dog to his brother.

Sentence: sentenced to eight weeks in prison by Corby magistrates and banned from owning an animal for 20 years (expires March 2033).

Northamptonshire Telegraph