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Greenock, Inverclyde: Patrick Carter

#TheList Patrick Carter, born 17/11/1999, of 30 Lansbury Street, Greenock PA15 2NR – filmed his brutalised dogs ripping wild animals apart in a series of horrific animal fighting videos

Sick urban hunter Patrick Carter filmed his dogs ripping apart badgers and foxes.
Sick urban hunter Patrick Carter filmed his dogs ripping apart badgers and foxes.

Carter has been branded ‘barbaric’ after admitting to training his three dogs to attack and kill foxes and badgers and taking them on sickening hunts.

The thug’s vile cruelty — which took place over at least six months — was finally exposed after concern for the dogs was reported to the Scottish SPCA.

Investigators found multiple videos on Carter’s phone showing him and others goading their dogs to fight with foxes and drag badgers from their setts.

One piece of footage showed faceless individuals using spades to hit a doomed badger, as other participants in the barbaric “sport” urged them to allow the dogs to finish it off.

In another sickening video, a badger is pinned in place while dogs attack it.

Sick urban hunter Patrick Carter filmed his dogs ripping apart badgers and foxes.
Patrick Carter refused to seek vet treatment for his pets’ shocking injuries and instead proudly showed them off.

Carter refused to seek vet treatment for his injured pets despite them suffering serious injuries in battles with badgers.

An undercover Scottish SPCA special investigations unit officer said: “The footage and pictures we uncovered are gut-wrenching.

“The animals he set his dogs on would have endured terrible suffering before they were killed.”

Carter’s dogs, a Patterdale/Jack Russell cross called Laddie, and lurchers Max and Murphy, have now been successfully rehomed.

During the investigation officers uncovered conversations between Carter and a pal discussing animal fighting as well as the result of a recent hunt.

Items associated with animal fighting, including a hunting lamp and used nets, were seized in a raid on his home.

The probe revealed that callous Carter regularly made Laddie, Max and Murphy fight wild animals and the dogs had also suffered severe injuries.

The undercover officer said: “Whilst his dogs appeared to be in good general health when we searched his property, Laddie had severe facial injuries consistent with animal fighting and Max had scarring to the jaw area and his leg.

“On further examination, Laddie and Max were found to have scarring and deformities within the mouth and nose consistent with previous severe traumatic injuries.

“Multiple videos of animal fighting were found on Carter’s personal devices, featuring two lurchers matching Max and Murphy’s description. All of the videos found were incredibly disturbing to view and the animals involved were clearly in great distress and suffered the most horrific end to their lives.

“Over the animals’ screams, voices can be heard in the footage goading and encouraging the dogs to tear the animals apart.”

The investigator said: “Badger baiting and animal fighting are far more common than people would think and anyone engaging in this barbaric activity is inflicting unimaginable pain on the animals involved.”

Sick urban hunter Patrick Carter filmed his dogs ripping apart badgers and foxes.

Carter is a known associate of Sean Ward, who was jailed for seven months in 2018 and banned from keeping animals for 20 years after his activities were discovered by the Scottish SPCA.

Carter pleaded guilty to keeping or training dogs for the purpose of an animal fight between February 6 and July 3 last year, contrary to the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

Sentencing: 225-hour community payback order; 6-month curfew; one-year’s supervision. Banned from keeping animals for 20 years.

Daily Record

Alternative address for Patrick Carter: 80 Mackie Avenue, Port Glasgow PA14 5AY.

Leigh, Greater Manchester: Jodie Mulcrow and David Herbst

#TheList Jodie Mulcrow, born c. 1993, and David Herbst, born 01/11/1991, both of Wigan Road, Leigh WN7 – launched a violent attack on their own dog, causing her horrific facial wounds

Staffy Emily suffered a horrific facial injury while in the care of evil Jodie Mulcrow and David Herbst from Leigh, Greater Manchester
Staffy Emily suffered a horrific facial injury while in the care of evil Jodie Mulcrow and David Herbst from Leigh, Greater Manchester

Herbst and Mulcrow were given suspended sentences after magistrates heard how their Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Emily, suffered shocking injuries from “blunt force trauma” whilst in their care.

Staffy Emily suffered a horrific facial injury while in the care of evil Jodie Mulcrow and David Herbst from Leigh, Greater Manchester

The pair, who have three children, were both convicted of three animal abuse charges – which include failing to seek veterinary care, failing to get treatment for a skin condition and failing to protect a dog from pain and suffering.

Staffy Emily suffered a horrific facial injury while in the care of evil Jodie Mulcrow and David Herbst from Leigh, Greater Manchester
Jodie Mulcrow

They were found guilty following a trial which they did not attend back in April 2019.

During their sentencing hearing, RSPCA prosecutor Anna McDonald showed the bench images of the dog’s injuries.

Staffy Emily suffered a horrific facial injury while in the care of evil Jodie Mulcrow and David Herbst from Leigh, Greater Manchester
Emily has recovered from her ordeal at the hands of cruel Jodie Mulcrow and David Herbst

Herbst and Mulcrow both denied causing the wounds, but magistrates heard how a truncheon spiked with nails was found on their property.

Ms McDonald told the bench how, in September 2018, the couple’s neighbour had been in her back garden when she heard the dog yelp next door.

“She asked if he (Herbst) had hit the dog,” she said. “He denied it.

“On November 23 he went over to his neighbour’s in a panic. Emily had a cut on her head over her eye. She advised him to take the dog to the vets.”

Concerned about Emily’s welfare, the neighbour said she would take the dog to the vets herself if the couple didn’t.

“She could see that there was a puncture wound on the dog’s left cheek,” added Ms McDonald. “She contacted the RSPCA about the dog’s injuries.”

The dog was treated for the wounds to her eye and upper lip and put on painkillers.

She was later taken to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, where vets determined that her injuries had been sustained a few days previously as a result of “blunt force trauma”.

When interviewed by RSPCA officers, the couple said that they had had “family dog” Emily for between two-and-a-half and three years.

Regarding her skin condition, they said that they had tried treating it, but it hadn’t worked.

Staffy Emily suffered a horrific facial injury while in the care of evil Jodie Mulcrow and David Herbst from Leigh, Greater Manchester
David Herbst

Herbst said that he had let Emily in the field at the back of the couple’s house and that she had “come back” with the injuries to her head.

They said they didn’t have money to take her to the vet.

Ms McDonald told magistrates that Mulcrow said Emily had never been to see a vet and that she didn’t believe the dog had suffered because of her injuries.

Defending, Nick Woosey said: “He (Herbst) believed it was a deliberate injury but it wasn’t down to him. They regularly let the dog out in the field, he didn’t think anything of it.”

The bench said they were “horrified” by the images of the dog’s wounds.

Sentencing: eight weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months; £615 each in costs. Banned from owning an animal for 20 years.

Wigan Today

Grangemouth: Coral and Andrew Elliott

#TheList Coral Elliott, born c. 1995, of 28A Fendoch Road, Grangemouth FK3 9HA, and former partner Andrew Elliott, age and current whereabouts unknown – for the horrific neglect of a dog who was “waiting to die”

Convicted animal abuser Coral Elliott from Grangemouth
Convicted animal abuser Coral Elliott from Grangemouth
King suffered appalling mistreatment at the hands of his callous owners Coral and Andrew Elliott

Coral and Andrew Elliott were tried separately for their part in the shocking mistreatment of German shepherd King, who was found barely alive at the couple’s then home in Cultenhove Crescent, Grangemouth.

Convicted animal abusers Coral Elliott from Grangemouth and ex partner Andrew Elliott whose whereabouts are currently unknown
Birds of a feather: Andrew and Coral Elliott

Andrew Elliott was sentenced in June 2017 after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide his dog veterinary treatment and adequate nutrition. He was given a 180-hour community payback order and banned from keeping animals for 20 years.

In December 2017 Coral Elliott also pleaded guilty to the cruelty charges but received a ban of just five years. She failed to comply with her community payback order and was given another one in May 2019.

Speaking about the distressing case Scottish SPCA Inspector Nicola Liddel said: “When I first visited the property, King could be seen lying in an emaciated state with thick yellow mucus streaming from his nostrils.

“His eyes were so sunken back into his head that you could hardly see them and they were surrounded by a thick greenish discharge. His demeanour was so low, it looked like he was waiting to die.

“After taking King to the vet it was found that he weighed only 18.6kgs, when a dog of his size should be around 32kgs.

“He was severely emaciated with all his bones visible throughout his coat and muscle wastage around his skull. His coat was stark and horrendously matted due to filth and faecal matter.

“Poor King had a chronic flea infestation and was struggling to breathe due to the severe discharge blocking his nasal passages. Unfortunately, King was put to sleep following veterinary advice.

“King should not have been left to suffer as he did and was housed in entirely unsuitable accommodation which smelt strongly of urine and faeces.”

Scottish SPCA News
Falkirk Herald

Drakes Broughton, Worcester: Claire Mason

#TheList Claire A Mason, born c. 1972, of Magnolia Close, Drakes Broughton, Worcester WR10 2AZ – banned from keeping equines for 20 years after neglecting her three part-bred Arab horses

One of the three horses left to suffer by their cruel owner Claire Mason of Drakes Broughton, Worcester
One of the three horses left to suffer by their cruel owner Claire Mason of Drakes Broughton, Worcester

Mason admitted causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide appropriate veterinary treatment for part-bred Arabs Rosie, Enrica and Fern, who were kept on a livery yard in the Worcestershire village of Norton. All three animals were suffering from laminitis.

The mares were found to be “severely lame” when an RSPCA inspector attended following concerns raised about their wellbeing in May 2018.

Inspector Suzi Smith said: “The horses were suffering from laminitis brought about by failing to treat underlying pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, also known as Cushing’s.

“This can be managed successfully on medication alongside a well-managed diet. Sadly Mason failed to do this despite being made aware of the condition and being advised accordingly.”

The inspector said Mason was an experienced owner who should have known how to care for horses adding this made it “even more unacceptable” that she left the mares to suffer.

“The treatment plans and advice she’d been given were simply ignored. By banning her from keeping horses the court has recognised how important it is that no other animals are made to endure the same fate,” said Ms Smith.

All three mares were put down with the owner’s consent following veterinary advice owing to the severity of their condition.

The court heard Mason had mental health problems and further mitigation was advanced on the basis that the defendant had owned horses for years, had never had any previous issues, and had “won prizes at shows”.

12 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, and 100 hours of unpaid work. She was ordered to pay £1,000 costs and a £115 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping equines for 20 years

Horse & Hound

Port Glasgow, Inverclyde: Sean Ward

#TheList Sean Ward, born c. 1991, originally from Greenock and more recently of Dougliehill Terrace, Port Glasgow PA14 – kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.
Sheriff Craig Harris described Ward’s behaviour ”evil and sadistic” as he jailed Ward for seven months and banned him from keeping dogs for 20 years.

Violent career criminal and wildlife persecutor Sean Ward was jailed for seven months after Scottish SPCA investigators uncovered evidence of his appalling animal cruelty. This included text messages in which Ward described setting dogs on a fox as “some buzz” as well as a sick video showing a live deer being restrained by it hind legs as voices urged dogs to attack it.

Photographs of Ward smiling beside the dead animal later emerged.

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.

The habitual thug, who has multiple previous convictions for weapons offences and violence, pleaded guilty to two charges under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act on summary complaint.

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.

Ward was caught after a dog walker spotted him out with an injured dog in Port Glasgow in April 2018.

The black and white Jack Russell terrier was limping, had cuts and blood on her limbs and chest as well as a severe injury to her face.

The dog walker filmed the injured dog and sent footage to the Scottish SPCA.

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.

The court heard police officers and Scottish SPCA investigators carried out a series of raids at Ward’s home after receiving the video from the concerned dog walker.

On one occasion, they found a Patterdale Terrier with scars on her face.

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.

The animal was taken to a Scottish SPCA facility where she was examined by a vet. He found that the injuries were consistent with face-to-face fighting with a badger.

The vet viewed the film taken of the Jack Russell. In his opinion, the dog’s injuries were also consistent with face-to-face fighting with a badger.

A mobile phone seized during a search of Ward’s home was examined and a number of images and video were found.

One of the photographs showed Ward with a dead deer, a white lurcher and a Jack Russell.

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.

A video of three dogs savaging a deer was also found where people were heard urging the dogs to attack.

Sara Shaw, head of the Wildlife and Environmental Crime Unit at the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS), welcomed the sentence.

She said: “These dogs caused terrible and unnecessary suffering with numerous wounds and scars.

“COPFS will continue to work to ensure those who participate in this barbaric practice are prosecuted and would encourage anyone who may have information on dog fighting to contact the police or Scottish SPCA.”

Sentencing: Jailed for seven months. Banned from keeping animals for 20 years.

BBC News
The Sun

Falmouth, Cornwall: Peter and Vicki Quick

#TheList Peter Quick, born c. 1981, and Vicki Quick, born c. 1979, both of 18 Oakfield Road, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 2HR – for the starvation and neglect of two dogs and four cats

Convicted animal abusers Vicki Quick and Peter Quick from Falmouth in Cornwall
Pet abusers: the Quicks were banned from keeping animals for 20 years after their two dogs and four cats were found to have been starved and badly neglected

Peter and Vicki Quick were found guilty of five counts of animal cruelty.

The court was shown photographic evidence of the couple’s cats and dogs, some of whom had visible rib cages and painful skin conditions.

Peter and Vicki Quick from Falmouth in Cornwall left their pets to starve and failed to treat their painful skin conditions

The two dogs, Scooby and Bambi, together with four cats Toulouse, Cookie, Crumble and Dough, have been in the care of the RSPCA pending the sentencing.

The couple do have another cat, Midnight, described by Vicki Quick as her “therapy cat”, who will also be taken away from them, although he did not have any injuries or issues.

The Quicks’ lawyer said that the offences were committed at a time when the couple, who have four children, experienced difficulties in living at the address. He said they had been threatened and advised not to return to the property

It was said that Vicki Quick has a long history of mental health issues including psychosis, depression and agoraphobia.

In sentencing the pair, the judge said: “It was your responsibility to look after those animals and while we have sympathy for your situation, it is clear that you do not have the skills or understanding at this time to prevent suffering to them.

“We do not accept that you could not have noticed they were being starved and dehydrated and that they were in pain and had injuries, body scabs and fleas.”

Sentencing: £300 costs each. 20-year ban on keeping animals. This was suspended for 21 days, during which time the couple have a right to appeal.


Methil, Fife: Alexander McGhee

#TheList Alexander Andrew McGhee, born 27/02/74, of 590 Wellesley Road, Methil, Fife KY8 3PF – battered his rescue dog to death in a drunken rage

Dog killer Alexander McGhee from Methil, Fife
Dog killer Alexander McGhee from Methil, Fife

The dog, named Murphy, suffered numerous injuries on his sides, lower back, abdomen and neck, as well as the brain bleed which caused him to die.

His owner Alexander “Eck” McGhee, a train driver with ScotRail based at Edinburgh’s Waverley Station, had denied killing the lurcher, but was found guilty following a trial at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.

Dog killer Alexander McGhee from Methil, Fife
ScotRail train driver Alexander McGhee subjected a defenceless rescue dog to a prolonged brutal attack

Neighbours giving evidence described hearing a drunken McGhee return home in the early hours of the morning of 8 July 2017 followed by “yelping” and “scrabbling” noises coming from his flat.

They claimed to have heard an aggressive male voice shouting “bastard” and what sounded like “a dog being thrown against a wall”.

The couple said they were forced to leave the property because their own dog was so distressed by the horrific sounds coming from next door. They called police who attended some hours later.

During initial interview McGhee told police officers that Murray had bolted from the flat after he accidentally left the front door open.

Dog killer Alexander McGhee from Methil, Fife

McGhee said he had gone out to look for Murray and found him dead at the side of a nearby road. He said that the dog must have been hit by a vehicle. McGhee then led officers to the lurcher’s body which he had put in the boot of his car.

When asked by officers about injuries to his hand, which he appeared to be trying to hide with the sleeve of his jumper, McGhee claimed that he had punched the wall in temper after Murray escaped.

Veterinary evidence presented in court contradicted McGhee’s claims that Murray had been run over.

Veterinary pathologist Dr Bryn Tennant said he believed Murphy had sustained the injuries from being “hit, kicked or shaken with considerable force”.

Dr Tennant went on: “The outcome of the post-mortem examination was that this dog had been subjected to multiple traumatic incidents.

“The constellation of injuries, in my opinion, were not consistent with a road traffic accident.

“There is a very, very remote possibility that this dog was struck by a vehicle but from what I saw, I do not believe that happened on the basis on my examination.”

“The bleeding around the brain is the same as boxers get when they haemorrhage.”

Dr Tennant said that he would have expected to see damage to the skin and paws or crush injuries if the animal had been struck by a vehicle.

Giving evidence in his defence McGhee wept as he described how he had adopted Murray as a puppy in 2013 and he was “emaciated and full of worms and fleas”.

He described the dog, who was named after the tennis star Andy Murray, as “the biggest sook”, saying he would “go to anyone”.

Asked about the moment when he said he found Murray’s body, McGhee said: “He was just lying there. Just cold. Heavy.

“He had a tiny bit of blood coming out of his mouth. That was it.

There were four or five guys on their way to work at BiFab who asked me if it was my dog and offered to help me put him in the back of the car.”

Convicted dog killer Alexander McGhee from Methil in Fife

McGhee’s lawyer, Scott McKenzie, asked him: “The neighbours describe hearing a fairly distressing incident going on within your property with the dogs. Did you engage in any distressing conduct towards your dogs?”

He said: “I’m not going to rescue dogs to hurt them.”

Mr McKenzie asked: “Did you lose your temper with the dog and cause him so much pain that he was in agony for minutes or possibly hours before he died?”

McGhee: “No.”

Fiscal depute Ronnie Hay told McGhee he was lying and said he had actually come home from a night out in a drunken state.

Mr Hay said: “Is it not the case that you came home drunk, acting aggressively and you took it out on the dogs and one of the dogs paid the ultimate price?”

He continued: “The couple next door left their flat because of the noise emanating from his property.

“When they returned they spoke of a bottle of bleach being outside the premises that wasn’t there when they left.

“They were adamant the noises were not a dog fight.

“They spoke of a male voice talking aggressively using language such as ‘bastard’.

“One heard slapping sounds and one said it sounded like the dog was being thrown against a wall.”

McGhee dismissed these allegations as lies, however, believing the neighbours giving evidence against him had a grudge against his police officer partner.

Having considered all of the evidence, Sheriff Alistair Thornton said he was satisfied that McGhee had caused Murphy’s death by inflicting blunt force trauma and found him guilty.

Sentencing McGhee Sheriff Thornton told him: “The veterinary evidence provided in that case indicated the degree of blunt force trauma suffered by the dog was substantial.”

“The social work report I have read indicates you maintain your denial of the offence and accordingly there is no remorse expressed by you.”

However, he said that he had to consider the impact of a jail sentence on McGhee’s family and children and the fact that he was a working man with a productive life. Taking all of this into account he handed him a community payback order and a 20-year ban on owning or having sole custody of a dog.

McGhee and his partner have another rescue dog, Dora, who has been cared for by a relative when his partner is absent since the offence on July 8, 2017.

McGhee’s solicitor said a rescue charity [source article states the Scottish Greyhound Trust but this isn’t correct] had monitored Dora and there were no concerns about either her or a guinea pig the couple have.

McGhee was placed on a community payback order and told to perform 240 hours of unpaid work. He was also banned from owning or having sole custody of any dog for 20 years.

Evening Telegraph
The Courier
The Courier

Change.org petition to Alexander McGhee’s employer Abellio ScotRail asking them to make a stand against animal cruelty and dismiss him: https://bit.ly/2BUmtbr

Anfield, Liverpool: Justin Jervis

#TheList Justin Jervis, born c. 1976, of Gorst Street, Anfield, Liverpool L4 0SB – refused to take his ailing elderly dog for free veterinary treatment, leaving her to suffer in agony for almost a year

Cruel Justin Jervis left Bubbles the Shar-pei to suffer in agony for months rather than take her for free veterinary treatment. He has now been banned from keeping animals for 20 years.
Cruel Justin Jervis left Bubbles the Shar-pei to suffer in agony for months rather than take her for free veterinary treatment. He has now been banned from keeping animals for 20 years.

Justin Jervis’s Shar-pei Bubbles was put to sleep by vets at the PDSA in Kirkdale on September 3, 2018 – after she was presented in a horrifying skeletal state.

The golden Shar-pei was also infected with mature maggots which had nested in her ear canal and began migrating throughout her head, as well as having a back leg which was hugely swollen from cancerous growths.

Jervis pleaded guilty to three charges of causing suffering to an animal, after leaving his dog to suffer in pain for nearly a year.

Prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, Peter Mitchell told the court that Bubbles had first been presented to vets at the PDSA in October 2017.

At that point, she was already in such a poor condition that vets suggested euthanasia to prevent any further suffering. Bubbles weighed just 18kg and was categorised as underweight by the RSPCA body weight scoring system.

The system scores animals between one and nine – one representing total emaciation and nine being obese. At the time of her death, Bubbles scored one.

When vets saw Bubbles on October 25, 2017, Jervis asked to be given pain killers for his pet. He was given the medication on the condition that he returned one week later for a follow-up appointment.

He did not return to the PDSA for nearly a year, by which point his dog was at death’s door.

Mr Mitchell said: “Mr Jervis was interviewed under caution and had to be arrested in relation to the matter. He minimised the situation the dog was in and when asked specific questions he made no comment.

“When asked if the dog was caused to suffer or was distressed, he said no comment.

“Sean Taylor [a vet who saw Bubbles] said the dog was in an emaciated condition. The right ear canal was thick with maggots, there were masses on the legs and in the lungs. The dog was clearly in distress back in October 2017 and not then represented until September 2018.

“After that pain medication, it would have continued to suffer and got worse in that 11 months. He says the dog was suffering due to weight loss and due to the condition around the ear with maggots.

“For all these reasons, he says the dog was suffering for 11 months.”

The inspector who handled this upsetting and distressing case described it as among the worst she had seen in her 16 year career with the RSPCA – and burst into tears when the sentence was read out.

Looking at the photos of the neglect, Judge Shaw said: “They are terrible photos aren’t they? I don’t think I have ever seen a dog in that condition.”

Sentencing Jervis, Judge Shaw said: “On November 25, 2017 you were aware that your dog was so poorly that the vet wanted you to consider euthanasia on that occasion. You were asked to take the dog back after seven days.

“Over the next 10 months your dog lost weight to the point where she was obviously emaciated and it’s perfectly clear to any sensible onlooker that the dog was in appalling physical condition.

“The vets choose to use a body scoring condition of one to nine and they chose one for your dog. Her physical condition was appalling and pathetic. You were responsible for her care. Your neglect could equally be considered as cruelty.”

Justin Jervis of Anfield, Liverpool, has been banned from keeping animals for 20 years after leaving his elderly dog to undergo appalling suffering for nearly a year

Defending Jervis in court, Emma Smith said: “This is not a case where he has deliberately harmed the dog and he found that very difficult to accept. For 12 years there were no medical issues in relation to the dog that he failed to seek medical assistance for.”

She added: “You might find it difficult to believe but he clearly did have very strong feelings towards the dog. He was upset with himself and upset that the dog had to be put to sleep. It wasn’t done through any type of malice or hatred of animals.”

Sentencing: 16-week custodial sentence, of which he will serve eight weeks in prison and spend 12 months on licence. Banned from keeping animals for 20 years and forbidden from appealing the conditions of this ban for at least 10 years.

Liverpool Echo
ITV News

Redruth, Cornwall: Liam Reynolds

#TheList Liam Reynolds, born 21/08/1990, of 63 Oxland Road, Illogan, Redruth TR16 4SH – jailed after appalling conditions led to the deaths of at least three dogs.

Serial animal abuser Liam Reynolds from Redruth in Cornwall

Reynolds, who is unemployed and was living in a caravan at Cocks Roost, St Just, at the time of the offences, pleaded guilty to all charges against him. These related to six dogs for which he was responsible.

Police and RSPCA officers attended the site on March 29, 2018, having been concerned about dogs in the care of Reynolds in the past, and were said to have been deeply affected by what they discovered.

The bodies of two dogs were found. One had been left to decompose inside a plastic bag used to store animal feed and the other, Sam, was found in a makeshift kennel. The court heard that witnesses had described a “powerful smell of rotting flesh”.

Serial animal abuser Liam Reynolds from Redruth in Cornwall

A lurcher called Ben was thin and had scars around his head and muzzle. He was also found to have what was described as a “de-gloving” injury – when skin is lost – on his face and was likely to have been in considerable pain but had not received any treatment.

Three dogs were found inside a “cramped” trailer without water. One of those was a beagle named Bruno who was described as being aggressive and later had to be put down. A dog called Tia was found inside the caravan which was in a “shambolic state” with a “build-up of faeces, especially on the mattress”.

The trailer in which three dogs were found. One of those had to be put down.

Kevin Withey, prosecuting for the RSPCA, revealed: “If the circumstances didn’t change [the dogs] would be at significant risk.”

During a search of the site remains of at least three other dogs were also found.

The decomposing remains of other dogs were found at the site.

Before signing over care of the dogs to the police, Reynolds told officers: “I know I’ve f*cked up.”

A postmortem examination found that Sam had been dead for at least two or three weeks and had died from malnutrition due to starvation. The results from investigations into the death of the other dog were inconclusive because the body had already started to decompose.

Victim of serial animal abuser Liam Reynolds from Redruth in Cornwall

Mr Withey revealed that upon writing his statement, a police officer with 21 years of service described the site as the “most upsetting” scene he had ever witnessed. He also said he had “never witnessed animals being forced to live in such poor conditions”.

Mr Withey added that the animals had been “obviously suffering” and their needs were “deliberately ignored”. He also revealed the RSPCA had concerns for two dogs that Reynolds still had access to but claimed belonged to his partner. However during court proceedings, these animals were also surrendered to the animal charity.

District Judge Diane Baker described the events as the “most appalling case of animal cruelty”.

Serial animal abuser Liam Reynolds from Redruth in Cornwall
Liam Reynolds

She said she found Reynolds of the highest level of culpability due to the “prolonged period of serious neglect”. Judge Baker added that he ignored advice of the RSPCA to increase the dogs’ diet and ensure water was available.

She continued: “I have no doubt the suffering was obvious. It was ignored in the most inhumane manner.” Upon sentencing, Judge Baker took into account Reynolds’ supposed good character, family difficulties and late guilty plea.

Sentencing: 16-week prison sentence, of which he will serve half. One-year’s probation. Disqualified from owning any animals for 20 years, with no right of appeal for ten years.


Update 26/02/2020:

Reynolds was hauled back to court after admitting breaching the 20-year ban imposed for his horrific abuse of dogs.

He breached the order by being caught keeping ferrets and snakes.

Reynolds, whose address was given at court as care of a home in Mount Pleasant, Hayle, had denied the charges but was found guilty after a one-day trial of two counts of breaching a disqualification.

After being found guilty of breaching that ban his case was adjourned for sentencing.

However, he failed to turn up at Truro Magistrates’ Court for that sentencing hearing.

As a result he also faced two further charges of failing without reasonable cause to surrender to custody.

Reynolds received a suspended sentence for two years, was ordered to undergo 200 hours of unpaid work and pay costs of £1,122.


Clevedon, Somerset: Jennifer Parnell

#TheList Jennifer Parnell, born c. 1944, previously of Beaconsfield Road, Clevedon,  Somerset – a serial hoarder who breached a previous ban on keeping animals after eight cats were found in squalor at her home

Jennifer Parnell is a serial animal abuser of cats, dogs and also, allegedly, horses though she faced no charges in relation to the welfare of those she currently has.
The conditions inside serial hoarder Jennifer Parnell's filthy home
 The conditions inside serial hoarder Jennifer Parnell’s filthy home

In April 2012 Jennifer Parnell, then living in Burnham-on-Sea, was banned from keeping dogs and cats for 10 years after being convicted of cruelty charges relating to three dogs and four kittens. Now her disqualification order has been extended until 2038 after eight cats were found in disgusting conditions at her current address.

Parnell had crudely white-washed the windows of her home in an attempt to hide the faeces-ridden rooms inside the property and the cats who lived there.

But when the RSPCA got into her home, they found the eight cats living in squalid conditions.

One of the cats was so poorly he had to be put to sleep. He had been left to suffer with a blocked bladder.

This unnamed black and white cat had to be put to sleep to end his suffering
 Sadly this little one had been so neglected he couldn’t be saved

Parnell was brought to court but failed to turn up and had to be brought back to court under a warrant.

She was convicted of three charges of causing animal suffering.

“This could have all been avoided if the disqualification order had not been breached,” said RSPCA acting chief inspector Stephanie Daly.

“The courts impose disqualification orders for a reason – to protect animals from suffering and neglect at the hands of people who have been convicted of doing so.

“We rely on the public to inform us if someone has breached a ban and take this very seriously – as do the courts,” she added.

The surviving cats will now be made available for rehoming.

26 weeks in prison, suspended for two years; £2,000 towards boarding costs. Ban on keeping dogs and cats extended until 2038. 


Note – 07/12/2018: we have been advised that Jennifer Parnell (who has been known to use aliases including the surname Stewart) has now moved to Ashcombe Road, Weston-super-Mare. We understand that this serial hoarder and animal abuser relocates often to avoid detection. Anyone in that road should keep an eye out for those giveaway white-washed windows.

Parnell also apparently keeps four horses in Portbury, near Gordano, which were not the subject of the cruelty  case. We also hear that two dogs were in her possession as well but the RSPCA’s prosecution only concerned her keeping of cats.

Please watch out for her. By all accounts this is no confused old lady, but a devious individual who has apparently left landlords, vets, farriers and others thousands of pounds out of pocket.