Swindon, Wiltshire: Ebony Eve

#TheList Ebony Eve, born c. 1989, of Frobisher Drive, Swindon – battered her pet Shar Pei Nettles with hammer and stabbed him 20 times with a kitchen knife

Dog killer Ebony Eve from Swindon, Wilts, and her loyal victim Nettles
Dog killer Ebony Eve from Swindon, Wilts, and her loyal victim Nettles

Police called to Eve’s home found blood splattered on the floor and walls next to where the dead pet was lying.

Speaking softly, the killer told them she had killed her dog.

Eve admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the pet and was remanded in custody for her own safety.

She was later transferred through the Mental Health Act to the medium secure unit, run by Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust.

At a sentencing hearing on Friday, magistrates said the killer, who has severe mental health issues, will not be sent to prison but will remain in a secure psychiatric unit.

Magistrates heard how Eve’s brother had been with her the night before the killing when she gave Nettles a bath because he smelled.

The following morning he found the dog’s bloodied body on the living room floor of their home in Swindon and raised the alarm.

Eve admitted killing the dog straight away but could give no explanation as to why she had done it.

Chairman of the bench Felicity Dowell said: “We have read the two reports from the psychiatrists and we feel what they are recommending is the most sensible option.

“Therefore you are going to continue with the hospital order where you are now and you will remain there and you will get the treatment you need there.

“You will stay in hospital as long as it takes depending on how you respond to the treatment.

“We are not making any costs because of your situation nor are we awarding a victim surcharge.”

Sentence: to remain in a secure psychiatric unit indefinitely.

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