Stockwell, London: Patrick Bell

#TheList Patrick Bell, born 28/12/1962, of Morat Street, Stockwell, London SW9 0RP for beating dog with metal pole then attempting to strangle her and suffocate her by putting her head in a plastic bag.

Bell pleaded guilty to animal welfare offences relating to a Staffordshire bull terrier called Jinx.

He admitted two offences of causing unnecessary suffering by subjecting the female white-and-tan dog to blunt force trauma, and not providing for her needs.

The RSPCA was called with concern in July 2014 after a witness reported Jinx being beaten.

RSPCA inspector Esther Lincoln said: “I arrived at the address to find Jinx a quivering wreck under a makeshift kennel in the back yard. She was so terrified she refused to move and had to be carried out of the address.

“This is hardly surprising as this sounded like an incredibly brutal and vicious attack. A witness saw the defendant hit Jinx multiple times about the head and body with a metal pole and then put her head in a carrier bag and attempt to strangle her. Horrible.

“A vet examining her found bruising all about her neck back and flanks, and several sore points which were tender to the touch – a classic sign of beating.

“The good news though, is that there has been a happy ending. Jinx has made a full recovery and built up such a bond with one of the girls looking after her in her boarding kennels that she has been permanently adopted by her.”

New owner Jessica Lynn said: “Jinx was so withdrawn at first – she would not respond to any of the staff’s attempts to comfort her.

“But when I was introduced to her, she just came up and licked me. It was as if she chose me. We have been inseparable ever since and it was obvious I had to adopt her.

“She is a lot calmer now but she still has her moments when there is a sudden movement and she has a bit of a panic attack until I calm her down. It will haunt her forever, what happened to her, but we have a happy life between us.”

Sentence: total of 14 weeks in jail, seven weeks in prison for each offence, to be served concurrently; £80 victim surcharge; disqualified from keeping animals for life.


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