Stanley, County Durham: Natasha Brown

#TheList Natasha Joanne Brown, born 03/11/1993, of 6 Lumsden Terrace, Stanley DH9 8EQ – killed a dog by punching her four times to the head

Dog killer Natasha Brown from Stanley, Co Durham, UK

The court heard how Brown, accompanied by her female terrier dog, had met up with her ex-partner to discuss the return of some items and the pair had gone to the home of her great uncle in Washington.

Oriana Frame, prosecuting, said everything was fine at first, but after Brown had consumed lager and a bottle of wine, she tried to kiss and cuddle her ex, who said no and asked her to leave.

However, she wouldn’t and the situation escalated with Brown becoming aggressive.

Reading from a statement by Brown’s former partner, Ms Frame said they were in the sitting room trying to calm her down and Brown was threatening to smash the great uncle’s phone if he called the police.

The statement went on: “Her dog was sitting on the sofa, she picked up her dog and punched it four times to the head with force. It was screaming. It went limp and lifeless.”

She said Brown then grabbed her ex by the throat and hit her head against the wall. She also bit her finger.

Dog killer Natasha Brown from Stanley, Co Durham, UK

The statement said: “I was trying to comfort the dog and [my great uncle] was telling her to get out and she clenched her fist and told said ‘shut up or I will hit you as well’. Natasha pushed him in the chest causing him to fall back.”

Ms Frame said Brown’s former partner managed to phone the police and when they arrived the dog appeared to be having a fit and was shaking uncontrollably. She was taken to the PDSA where vets said she had a bleed on her brain and an injured leg and they couldn’t save her.

Ms Frame said Brown told police: “I punched the dog because I couldn’t punch my ex – I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt her.”

In his statement, the elderly man said at 82-years-old he couldn’t stop the defendant and was frightened at what she would do next, during the incident on October 1, 2019.

Brown, who has a history of violence and previous convictions for robbery and harassment, said: “I hate myself more than anybody else could.”

Natasha Brown

Angus Westgarth, defending, said: “I have no doubts at all that there is very, very deep regret. She is still torturing herself about what she did.”

He said she takes medication for mental health problems.

Brown admitted two charges of assault and one of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Sentencing: 24-week jail sentence, suspended for 24 months; two-year restraining order. She was ordered to pay costs and charges totalling £207.

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24 thoughts on “Stanley, County Durham: Natasha Brown”

  1. I’m interested in looking into if this sentence can be appealed in some way. I will be contacting the RSPCA to see what they say,

  2. Clearly this girl has mental health issues that possibly they are giving her a chance to get herself better. Not condoning any of it however maybe not as straight forward as it may seem. Some people make massive mistakes that they regret for the rest of their lives. Maybe she’s as tortured as they said on the case. No one knows. Maybe that is why they gave her a chance. I just think people shouldn’t necessarily judge from the newspapers they read. No one knows really!

    1. Sounds more like an anger/alcohol issue to me, I know a lot of people with mental health issues that would never harm their dog never mind kill it!

    2. What a moronic comment! We do know what happened she killed an innocent dog, that’s all that needs to be understood! I’m a sympathetic person, but I hope this evil bitch suffers an agonising death!

      1. I agree..I contacted the RSPCA on this to see if it could be appealed but not heard from them as yet.they are too busy I expect dealing with these types of scum.

    3. Bitch stfu the other article says she fucking punched a taxi driver for no reason so bitch shut the fuck up
      To Sarah crowley

    4. I do know her personally and u have practically hit the nail on the head. I was the person who took her to court and sat with her whilst her solicitor read all the statements from her ex partner and I can honestly hand on heart say what’s been reported is not completely factual.
      They failed to mention that whilst she was in custody the police were all afraid to go and tell her that bear ( the dog) had passed away so what the police did was send the older chap whom she was reported as assaulting down to the cells to tell her.
      I’m not going to explain what I heard direct from solicitor that night as I feel that wud be inappropriate and not my place.

  3. I see your point totally but I just don’t take this as a reason for her to be given zero punishment, It should be published in that case if she is under mental health care but it doesn’t mention this though. Lets hope she never decides to take her anger out on a child in her vicinity which is the normal pattern in animal cruelty cases. It seems to me that because its an animal that it really is a case of a slap on the wrist which is why the RSPCA have an uphill battle trying to get these types of cases to court. Hopefully the next government stick to their promises to increase sentencing for these types of offences, even if its in a mental institution where they can at least get help for their illnesses. I hope she is tortured like the animal was I’m afraid but I suspect she won’t be, it will be a case of what will she do next to add to her string of offences.

  4. How disgusting doing this to a poor defenceless dog. No excuse mental health or not this is used as an excuse far to much. Lots of people suffer mental health problems and wouldn’t dream of hurting an animal. Hope this preys on her mind for the rest of her life.

    1. She should really be added to the Worst of the Worst 2019 cases (photo album on Facebook). Will sort this out. Thanks for reminding me about this horror.

  5. Im so sick of people bleating on about mental health issues, in these cases . Its a sorry defense, she is just using it as an excuse. Shame on her cruel monster, wasn’t getting her own way so she killed the defenseless little dog. Harsher sentences needed

    1. I honestly feel like this needs to be challenged, I’m going to raise it with my MP Oliver Heald, everytime I read another comment it just makes me so mad, perhaps he can look into why the sentence was so poor, I mean you go to prison for not paying your TV license or council tax for god sake and this low life has got a suspended.

  6. So, MP contacted. I’ve asked him to look into the lenient sentancing and the omission of a lifetime ban from owning an animal. You would think that would have been imposed too. I’ve also asked the legal dept at the RSPCA to see if at the minimum a lifetime ban from owning an animal could be applied in some way. I’m willing to pay any costs if it’s possible. I’m not going to give up for that poor, defenceless dog. If we don’t speak up these types of lenient, pathetic sentences will continue. Whether you love him or loathe him Boris Johnson has said he will increase sentancing.

  7. absolute idiot yes has mental health issues but still doesn’t give the right to do that and its a joke 24 weeks typical Britain ,

    1. This girl is unable to tell the truth!! Mental illness or not she is dangerous. I know the old man who she assaulted and he certainly did not go to inform her that the little dog had been put to sleep. He didnt know the outcome until days after. Natasha was already out of the cells by the time himself and his niece were informed…. she cant help herself but lie. I really don’t know why she punched that little dog instead of her ex because she had hit her ex that many times it wouldnt really make a difference. The police were disgusted in her and very upset that she did not go to jail. So sad that her anger has now impacted so many people. That poor little dog.

  8. I would also have uncontrollable rage if she even looked at my dog . But I bet a wouldn’t walk away scott free if I killed her . If they are arguing mental health and no control. Then how come there is no challenge on her saying she chose to hit the dog instead of the ex . She made a decision she knew would carry less punishment . Mental health my ass

  9. What a shitty fucking sentence we need more judge with more brain cells if anything like that happened in my face anyone would get punched up for it I would of fucked her up before anything happened to the dog don’t blame it on the mental health if anything happens to the first dog it will happen to all dogs just wishing one day some dog will attack her and won’t get put down for it can’t wait till she come out

  10. all this bullshit about her being sorry about the dog blahh blahh she ain’t sorry about shit. She hit the dog because she knew the sentence would be lighter than hitting a human. Sick to death of playing the mental illness card I have friends who have mental health issues one who can be very violent but he would rather take his own life than ever hurt an animal and he as the bite marks on his arm to prove it. She needs locking up! Next time we see her face in the paper is when its a human life she has taken.

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