Stanley, County Durham: Natasha Brown

#TheList Natasha J Brown, born 03/11/1993, of 6 Lumsden Terrace, Stanley DH9 8EQ – killed a dog by punching her four times to the head

Dog killer Natasha Brown from Stanley, Co Durham, UK

The court heard how Brown, accompanied by her female terrier dog, had met up with her ex-partner to discuss the return of some items and the pair had gone to the home of her great uncle in Washington.

Oriana Frame, prosecuting, said everything was fine at first, but after Brown had consumed lager and a bottle of wine, she tried to kiss and cuddle her ex, who said no and asked her to leave.

However, she wouldn’t and the situation escalated with Brown becoming aggressive.

Reading from a statement by Brown’s former partner, Ms Frame said they were in the sitting room trying to calm her down and Brown was threatening to smash the great uncle’s phone if he called the police.

The statement went on: “Her dog was sitting on the sofa, she picked up her dog and punched it four times to the head with force. It was screaming. It went limp and lifeless.”

She said Brown then grabbed her ex by the throat and hit her head against the wall. She also bit her finger.

The statement said: “I was trying to comfort the dog and [my great uncle] was telling her to get out and she clenched her fist and told said ‘shut up or I will hit you as well’. Natasha pushed him in the chest causing him to fall back.”

Dog killer Natasha Brown from Stanley, Co Durham, UK

Ms Frame said Brown’s former partner managed to phone the police and when they arrived the dog appeared to be having a fit and was shaking uncontrollably. She was taken to the PDSA where vets said she had a bleed on her brain and an injured leg and they couldn’t save her.

Ms Frame said Brown told police: “I punched the dog because I couldn’t punch my ex – I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt her.”

In his statement, the elderly man said at 82-years-old he couldn’t stop the defendant and was frightened at what she would do next, during the incident on October 1, 2019.

Brown, who has a history of violence and previous convictions for robbery and harassment, said: “I hate myself more than anybody else could.”

Angus Westgarth, defending, said: “I have no doubts at all that there is very, very deep regret. She is still torturing herself about what she did.”

He said she takes medication for mental health problems.

Brown admitted two charges of assault and one of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Sentencing: 24-week jail sentence, suspended for 24 months; two-year restraining order. She was ordered to pay costs and charges totalling £207.

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3 thoughts on “Stanley, County Durham: Natasha Brown”

  1. I’m interested in looking into if this sentence can be appealed in some way. I will be contacting the RSPCA to see what they say,

  2. Clearly this girl has mental health issues that possibly they are giving her a chance to get herself better. Not condoning any of it however maybe not as straight forward as it may seem. Some people make massive mistakes that they regret for the rest of their lives. Maybe she’s as tortured as they said on the case. No one knows. Maybe that is why they gave her a chance. I just think people shouldn’t necessarily judge from the newspapers they read. No one knows really!

  3. I see your point totally but I just don’t take this as a reason for her to be given zero punishment, It should be published in that case if she is under mental health care but it doesn’t mention this though. Lets hope she never decides to take her anger out on a child in her vicinity which is the normal pattern in animal cruelty cases. It seems to me that because its an animal that it really is a case of a slap on the wrist which is why the RSPCA have an uphill battle trying to get these types of cases to court. Hopefully the next government stick to their promises to increase sentencing for these types of offences, even if its in a mental institution where they can at least get help for their illnesses. I hope she is tortured like the animal was I’m afraid but I suspect she won’t be, it will be a case of what will she do next to add to her string of offences.

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