Stalybridge, Greater Manchester: John Baimbridge

#TheList John David Baimbridge, born 01/06/1989, of 5 Grey Street, Stalybridge SK15 2NP – for the neglect of two dogs found underweight and infested with fleas at his family home

John Baimbridge from Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, was banned from keeping animals for five years after his pet dogs were left with severe flea infestations and other symptoms of neglect
John Baimbridge was banned from keeping animals for five years after his pet dogs were left with severe flea infestations and other symptoms of neglect

RSPCA inspector Lorna Campbell visited the property John Baimbridge shares with parents Judy and Dave Baimbridge and his brother James Baimbridge and discovered the dogs in poor condition. Both dogs – a red cocker spaniel named Ollie and a German shepherd called Pippa – were scratching furiously due to a severe flea infestation. They were also severely underweight and had suffered extensive fur loss.

Fleas could be seen in neglected spaniel Ollie's fur
Fleas could be seen crawling in spaniel Ollie’s fur

Pippa was in so much pain she was crying, yet Baimbridge had not taken her or Ollie to the vets in four months.

Baimbridge agreed to sign the dogs over to the RSPCA and they were taken to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital for emergency treatment.

Pippa weighed just 21.5kg, when an average weight should have been 32kg, and her body condition score was one out of nine, with one being the lowest possible score. Her ribs, spine and hip bones were clearly visible.

German Shepherd Pippa was neglected by her owner John Baimbridge from Stalybridge
German shepherd Pippa was emaciated with numerous bald patches on her body

She also had widespread hair loss across her body due to a chronic skin condition, believed to have been caused by an untreated flea infestation

Vets found Ollie’s foot had grown around towards the paw pad due to the matted fur. The matts had to be shaved off and his claws were cut.

Following on from the treatment both dogs made a full recovery and have been re-homed.

Baimbridge admitted two animal welfare charges at Tameside Magistrates’ Court on January 7, 2020. No charges were brought against any of the other members of the household in which the dogs lived.

Sentencing: 12-month community order including 100 hours of unpaid work. Ordered to pay a total of £415. He was banned from keeping animals for five years.

Manchester Evening News

Additional information:
John Baimbridge is employed by North West Ambulance Service as an Emergency Medical Technician. Baimbridge works on the front line and deals with patients. He is based at Tameside Ambulance Stations.

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  1. Sadly, this person looks as though he has learning difficulties , but the rest of the family must take responsibility also. do not understand why such a lenient sentence when a stronger sentence could have been applied. This is the law: The maximum sentence available for cases heard in Magistrates Courts have increased from six to twelve months. The maximum fine has risen from £5,000 to £20,000. In Crown Courts, where more serious cases are heard, the maximum sentence for animal cruelty has increased from two to five years

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