St Ives, Cornwall: Joanne and Christopher Hosking

#TheList Joanne Hosking, born 17/10/1976, of 12 Joannies Avenue, St Ives TR26 2FT –  punched Jack Russell terrier Edie and slammed her onto a patio; she and husband Christopher John Hosking, born 23/08/1972, admitted failing to provide veterinary care for the injured dog

Convicted dog abuser Joanne Hosking of St Ives and her helpless victim Edie

Joanne Hosking was caught on camera punching and slamming the 12-month-old terrier down onto a concrete patio – because the dog had split her coffee in the garden.

Hosking and husband Christopher also admitted failing to provide veterinary care.

Dog abusers Joanne and Christopher Hosking of St Ives, Cornwall
Joanne and Christopher Hosking

Veterinary evidence revealed that Edie suffered a dislocated hip for seven days and would have been in great pain. She later needed an operation to remove part of the joint.

RSPCA Inspector Paul Kempson said: ‘The number of times that I’ve had to sit through that video and watch it, when I see that little 12- month-old innocent dog being picked up to shoulder height and slammed down onto concrete paving slabs twice and hearing the thud as she makes contact – it actually turns my stomach every time I see it.’

The court was told Edie had been re-homed with a veterinary nurse and had now recovered.

Joanne Hosking – jailed for 18 weeks.
Christopher Hosking – electronically tagged and put under a curfew
Both – £1,450 costs. Banned from keeping animals for life

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