St Ann’s, Nottingham: Ian Procko

#TheList Ian Procko (aka Caim Procko) of Ferrers Walk, St Ann’s, Nottingham NG3 2GN – kicked a dog in the head and stabbed him in the shoulder

Dog abuser Ian Procko aka Caim Procko from St Ann's, Nottingham

The court heard that Ian Procko “flipped” when the dog bit his girlfriend, Georgia Burrows. He took the unnamed animal into the kitchen where he kicked him in the head before stabbing him in the shoulder. The dog survived the attack but was later put down due to an unrelated illness.

Following his court appearance, Procko was assaulted by two men. One attempted to stab him in the chest with a knife. The other attacked Procko with a machete resulting in him sustaining a hand injury. Procko jumped over a wall to escape. Two men were later questioned in connection with the incident.

Sentencing: 12-month community order of 135 hours’ unpaid work. He was not banned from keeping animals.

Source: Nottingham Post (article removed)

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