Spondon, Derby: Hayley Langton and Derek Yeomans

#TheList Hayley Langton, born 18/12/1996, and Derek Yeomans, born c. 1950, both of Willowcroft Road, Spondon, Derby DE21 7FR – left their Akita to suffer in “unimaginable pain” over several months

An Akita suffered 'unimaginable pain' for months at the hands of Hayley Langton and Derek Yeomans of Spondon in Derby - pictured here outside court
Convicted animal abusers Hayley Langton and Derek Yeomans are now banned from keeping dogs indefinitely

Hayley Langton and Derek Yeomans pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the dog, known as Keeta, between August and September 2019.

An Akita suffered 'unimaginable pain' for months at the hands of Hayley Langton and Derek Yeomans of Spondon in Derby
Keeta had a severe skin condition and ear and eye problems. She hadn’t been taken to the vet for six years.

Keeta was found with no fur and her eyes were covered in a green discharge.

The dog was rescued by RSPCA workers and immediately rushed to a veterinary centre.

Southern Derbyshire Magistrate’s Court heard how the vet said they had never seen a dog with dry eyes so severe, causing her extreme pain and distress.

Andrew Cash, prosecuting, said the last time Keeta was seen by a vet was in September 2013.

The dog was owned by single mother Langton, but was kept at the house of Yeomans.

When testing the dryness on her eyes, both readings came back as zero – something the vet said they had never seen before.

An Akita suffered 'unimaginable pain' for months at the hands of Hayley Langton and Derek Yeomans of Spondon in Derby. Pictured is Langton

Mr Cash said Langton believed Keeta had a cold which had lasted around a month. However she failed to notice how serious her condition had become as she was out a lot and described her life as “chaotic”.

The dog has recovered, despite still showing signs of hair loss.

She has since been fostered by a veterinary nurse.

John Haye, mitigating, said Yeomans had not been fully aware of the severity of the situation the dog was in.

He said it was “fair to say” they had both taken their eye off the ball in terms of caring for the animal.

He revealed how Yeomans has ill health, suffers from high blood pressure and cares for his wife full-time.

An Akita suffered 'unimaginable pain' for months at the hands of Hayley Langton and Derek Yeomans of Spondon in Derby. Pictured is Langton

He said Langton also suffers a range of mental health problems and struggles to care for herself, “never mind a dog”.

He said: “They both express remorse and sorrow for what happened.”

District Judge Jonathan Taaffe said: “Keeta is now properly looked after and responding to love and care that any domestic animal needs.

“This is not a matter that Keeta suddenly became ill, developed skin conditions and eye problems.

“It’s a situation where Keeta has clearly been in great distress over a significant period of time.

“The pain and distress that the dog must have been in could not be imagined.

“When people have pets, they have responsibilities to look after them.

“I accept this is not a case of sadistic ill treatment of Keeta. This is more a case of neglect based on issues in your life.”

Sentencing: three-month curfew of 7pm to 7am; 12-month community order; ordered to pay £490 each in costs. Both were disqualified from keeping dogs for a period without limit.

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7 thoughts on “Spondon, Derby: Hayley Langton and Derek Yeomans”

  1. There is No Excuse Nowadays, there is The PDSA Vets, last resort the RSPCA have Vet Clinics. Or Phone Various Vets and ask can you Pay Instalments.

  2. Ive known Derrick from the past and he has always been of good character and respectful of people and willing to help people. He is however not too bright and their is no reason why he shouldn’t have taken his dog to the pdsa or rang the rspca for help with its eye infection and advice on the dogs untreatable skin care. . I know this fine will make his life much harder as he has no money and he will suffer and people who are cruel to animals deserve to be prosecuted. Hes been punished and justice has been done but I don’t think it is fair that this web site should put his address for everyone to see and to put his life in Danger and his daughter and her young children..

    1. Nah sod him he deserves everything he gets coming to him in my opinion.
      Ill health, skint bla bla just excuses after excuses.
      You DO NOT leave an animal to suffer.
      I’m really peeved at the mental health card being played for her too,
      I and many many other dog owners suffer with ill mental health and our dogs are the one good thing in our lives, our little life savers.
      So no, I’m not buying that either.
      Their sentence is pitiful and a joke.

  3. Uk are to soft on abusers , they all play the MH card . Thats no excuse you get a animal then look after said animal. My animals dont go vets often but thats cos i look after them properly i sure as hell would take them if for a moment i thought they was unwell!!! Their my responsibility!

  4. Nobody should be putting anyone’s address up that’s sick and wrong in all honesty and the police will be involved in this situation and you all will but shut down from who ever put the address up

    1. Some newspapers still publish full addresses and no laws have been broken by us doing so. The address is on the electoral roll, which is public domain. The only thing that’s “sick and wrong” here is your treatment of a loyal pet. Now go away and stop wasting my time.

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