Spalding, Lincolnshire: Sian Williamson

#TheList Sian Williamson, age unknown, of Redthorne Close, Spalding PE11 2LP – kept two dogs in appalling conditions; one dog extremely emaciated when rescued

Dog abuser Sian Williamson of Spalding was let off with an RSPCA caution, which will only remain on file for 3 years.
Despite evidence of animal neglect and cruelty Sian Williamson of Spalding was let off with an RSPCA caution, which will only remain on file for 3 years.

The dogs – Staffy Molly and Sharpei cross Mika – were rescued in February 2019 by Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, who were alerted by a local dog warden.

Emaciated Molly was being kept in grim conditions by her callous owner Sian Williamson of Spalding
Emaciated Molly was being kept in grim conditions by her callous owner Sian Williamson

Rescuers found the dogs in a desperate state in the back garden, with their owner, mother-of-two Sian Williamson, nowhere to be seen.

Neglected dogs Molly and Mika

Eventually she returned and the rescuers asked why her dogs were in such poor condition. Williamson responded that she had no money but was carrying a takeaway for her and her kids.

Neglected dog Molly

Williamson agreed to sign the dogs over to the rescue, who then alerted the RSPCA.

Dog abuser Sian Williamson of Spalding was let off with an RSPCA caution, which will only remain on file for 3 years.

The RSPCA took some photos and asked for a copy of the vet report but decided to let Williamson off with a caution, which will remain on her file for three years.

Molly, victim of dog abuser Sian Williamson

Williamson has a large collection of exotic pets including snakes and other reptiles. Since she was never formally prosecuted, there is nothing to stop her continuing to acquire more animals.

Animal abuser Sian Williamson from Spalding, Lincolnshire
Animal abuser Sian Williamson
No words needed …
Victims of dog abuser Sian Williamson of Spalding.
The dogs have recovered from their ordeal.

Molly recovered well in the care of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, who continue to post regular updates on her progress. Sharpei cross Mika who was far less emaciated than Molly, was sent to another rescue due to her breed but is also doing well. She had to have an operation for an eye condition known as entropion, which Williamson had failed to treat.

SBT’s post on the dogs’ rescue

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  1. Animals are a luxury. They can not speak for them selves. They didnt ask for her to take them in. We need to speak up and protect these poor defenceless animals. She needs to be punished and prosecuted and banned from ever owning animals again. She was responsible for them and failed them. I dont care if she never had money she should have prioritised her self in order to care for them. She taught her children the same as her self which is disappointing. Her first action should have never to get these beautiful dogs and second given them to rescue sooner. She’s a disgusting and vile creature!

    1. I agree,she should have known better, if she cannot afford to look after herself and her young ones whey get an animals that have no voice whatsoever to tell people what state they are in. This kind of people needs to be educated deeply. This is 💔💔💔.

      1. She can afford to buy a snake for £300 and people who know her says she spent well over £1000 at the last reptile show

      1. She can pay for piercings and her shit pink hair but can’t feed her dogs don’t have them then she’s evil and that’s abuse at its worst and gets off with a caution mmmmm wish I lived near her I wouldn’t starve her but I can assure you she wouldn’t be eating for a while

  2. Disgusting and what’s more disgusting is that she hasn’t been banned from keeping any animals for life.

  3. So was she allowed to keep the exotics? All she had to provide for. The dogs was food and water but since she couldn’t afford I find literally impossible that she can afford all the heat lamps, heat mats, and UVA/B lamps plus all the enclosures with suitable substrate, any aquatics needing a large aquarium kitted out with strong filter, water heater, and UVA/B/HEAT lamps above a designated basking spot. Seems pretty unlikely that she can afford all that if she can’t even afford a 3 quid bag of dog food.

  4. The rspca prove yet again how Inept they are are punishing these abusers.. A caution really? So she can get more…

      1. It didn’t go to court as the dogs were signed over to another rescue who alerted rspca she just got slap on wrist

  5. This saddens me so much , how can a human being bring a animal into there life and treat it in such a disgusting way when all they look for is love affection and a healthy life and in return you create a great bond . This woman should be banned for life for having any pet and be punished for her wrongdoing on these dogs 😢😡

  6. Pathetic excuse, what a vile woman. Needs a much harsher sentence. I hope she is closely monitored, but I won’t hold my breath.

  7. Disgusting – she should have been prosecuted. Those dogs must have suffered badly. Let’s hope she looks after her children better 😡

  8. This individual was always self-centred and lived in a fantasy world of her own lies … as an adult she has obviously become a cruel and heartless individual. Sian Williamson – you were an obnoxious child but you are now something so much worse .. you are unfit to be responsible for any other living being … you have inflicted cruelty, neglect, pain and starvation on two once beautiful animals – the emotional scars will be just as long lasting as the physical deprivation. I am not surprised – I remember you throwing stones at my defenceless cats and not caring when confronted … I remember you influencing smaller and vulnerable children to do the same – all because I and our family stood up to you and your despicable behaviour. I hope karma finds you and inflicts on you tenfold what you did to them (just you … not your innocent children (who you don’t deserve) … not your other unfortunate animals). I hope this story follows you and hounds you till the day you depart this earth – you are EVIL.

  9. Her kids need to be removed from the home, if she can’t look after two dogs how the fuck can she look after two kids? No normal person would watch dogs get into this state, she’s mentally sub-normal.

  10. She s a vile woman if you can call her she wants locking up if she couldn’t feed the dogs then she should of asked fir them to be found a bee home .
    The RSPCA um I don’t donate to them never have this is a fine example of why I don’t donate to them .
    All the other animals should be taken away from her and ever allowed to keep animals again simple as she looks a horrid

  11. Exotic animal s dont come cheap wake up and smell the much is a 15kg of dog food ..there is absolutely no reason to treat mans best friend like that!!!the other animals dont stand a chance live food costs a lot more than a tin of dog food ..its about priorities and obviously she has them all wrong!!!its disgusting …

  12. I’m in the United States, worked in law enforcement and am a shelter volunteer. The local “dog warden” alerted the rescue?, why didn’t he file charges? Why does she have the dogs if she can’t afford to feed Them? She’s allowed to keep the exotic animals who require care? The RSPCA obviously doesn’t do a proper job and the bloody assholes should be charged with criminal neglugence!

  13. Bit of the Spalding Resident’s ‘justice’ needed here. RSPCA are hopeless, probably too much bother to prosecute. Wonder if her neighbours (in Redthorne Close) are happy to live near a place where loads of snakes may also be going uncared for? Watch out for your cat, dogs, (and your kids). You never know, the snakes may well decide to escape IF they are hungry!

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