Wigan: Sean Adam Deakin and Sarah Amanda Tame

#TheList Sean Adam Deakin (DoB 20/04/1993) of Fairfax Road, Leeds- beat his Staffordshire bull terrier with hammer and stabbed dog to death while girlfriend Sarah Amanda Tame (DoB 06/07/1992) laughed

Sean Deakin and Sarah Amanda Tame
Evil incarnate. Sean Adam Deakin and girlfriend Sarah Amanda Tame, originally from Wigan but now living in Leeds

The pair. who are originally from Wigan and have also lived in Wakefield, responded to a Gumtree advert offering a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Tyson. Just a couple of days after getting Tyson, Deakin viciously attacked him with a hammer at 3am in the morning, smashing down around 20 blows on his head, while girlfriend Sarah laughed.

Three hours later Deakin woke to find that Tyson had urinated on the bed. Deakin chased the terrified dog, gripped him between his legs and stabbed him in the chest with a six inch knife.

For the next 12 hours he allowed Tyson to die slowly, in agony, unable to move, fully conscious and vomiting.

Neither Deakin, nor Tame, who have a child who lives with Tame’s mother, sought help for Tyson during his many hours of agony.

Later under the cover of darkness Deakin wrapped Tyson in a plastic bag and dumped him in a wheelie bin.

Sentence: Deakin – jailed for 20 weeks; Tame – 150 hours’ unpaid work and £200 prosecution costs. Both banned from keeping any animals for 10 years (expires July 2022).

Manchester Evening News

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