Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire: Gavin Best

#TheList Gavin Patrick Best, born 20/09/1982, of Avondale, Redbourn Way, Scunthorpe DN16 1NQ – left his pet Dalmatian in squalor and without food or water

Dog abuser Gavin Best from Scunthorpe
Gavin Best is banned from keeping animals until 2025 after starving his pet Dalmatian

RSPCA prosecutor Rachel Taylor told the court how five-year-old Dalmatian Freckles had been left in squalor at Best’s home.

She said: “Officers attended the property after a tip-off from the public and entered the home.

“The inspector saw the dog verging on skeletal and very dehydrated.

“There were empty bowls in the kitchen with no water present.

“The living room floor was covered in faeces and shredded paper, which the dog had shredded out of boredom or hunger.”

The court heard how the property’s toilet bowl was empty, suggesting Freckles had been drinking from the toilet due to lack of water.

Starved Dalmatian Freckles
Freckles only weighed half the normal weight for her breed

A vet described Freckles as “a bag of bones covered in fur” and on the verge of emaciation at almost half her expected weight.

After four weeks, the animal’s body weight had increased by around 45%.

In mitigation, Sunny Dhinsa said the case was out of character for his client. He said Best had spent little time in the property due to work commitments.

He told the court: ”He has no track record of this sort of behaviour, so it’s surprising to me.

”He accepts that he behaved in a negligent manner and has co-operated throughout the case. He has no excuses, the reasons have simply been laziness, not having enough time, and lack of finances

Sentence: Ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work, fined £521.56, ordered to pay £63.90 in vets’ fees and a £60 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping all animals for 10 years (expires April 2025).

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