Sauchie, Clackmannanshire: Susan Hume

#TheList Susan Hume, born 26/02/1974, of 77 Rosebank, Sauchie, near Alloa FK10 3NR – kept a dog and cat in foul conditions.

Susan Hume kept border collie Jake and ginger tabby Simba in a squalid flat coated in animal waste and broken furniture.

Shocking photographs showed faeces caked onto the wooden floorboards, which were soaked in urine – so much so the dogs’ paws were burnt.

Conditions inside the flat where Susan Hume kept her dog and cat were described as "horrendous".
Conditions inside the flat where Susan Hume kept her dog and cat were described as “horrendous”.

Rubbish could be seen piled up in the flat, where the animals were exposed to sharp objects and medication as well as cigarette smoke.

The Scottish SPCA launched an investigation and Hume was taken to court accused of failing to meet the needs of the animals in her care under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

Conditions inside the flat where Susan Hume kept her dog and cat were described as "horrendous".

The court imposed a disqualification order on Hume keeping dogs but suspended this for 12 months. No charges were brought for the cat. Both animals were, therefore, returned to Hume – a decision slated by the Scottish SPCA.

Scottish SPCA inspector Nicola Liddell said: “This case gives out a confusing message.

“To be banned from owning dogs and not the cat, along with being able to get her animals back, highlights the inconsistency among sentencing.

“The living conditions of both Jake and Simba were absolutely horrendous.

“The house was so dirty that Jake’s coat was matted with faeces and his feet were badly scalded due to prolonged contact with the damp, urine soaked floor.

“Simba the cat had regular access to the outdoors so was not affected in the same way.

“Both animals smelled strongly of cigarette smoke and urine.

“As a result of our enquiries, we removed Jake and Simba from the premises.

“While we respect the decision of the court we are disappointed by this sentence.

“Due to this, the animals will be returned to her.

“We hope that Hume now fully ensures the welfare of both Jake and Simba and will seriously consider whether she can adequately provide for any animal in the future.”

Sentencing: 12-month community payback order. Disqualified from keeping dogs but the order was suspended for 12 months.

Scottish SPCA News
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  1. How can the courts allow these two poor animals to given back to these cretins, absolutely disgusted by this decision. What is the point of having a recognised organisation such as the scpa/sspca to protect poor animals when the judicial system does not take into account the evidence of professionals.
    Disgusting sentence.

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