Sauchie, Alloa, Clackmannanshire: Paul Murray

#TheList Paul Scotty Murray, born 21/11/1999, of 10 Gartmorn Road, Sauchie, Alloa FK10 3NX – inflicted a catalogue of injuries on a pup and stuffed him into a tiny drawer

Dog killer Paul Murray from Sauchie in Alloa
Paul Murray

The badly injured dog, known as Tyson, was left in agony with no access to food, water, light or room to move after being stuffed into a drawer by his twisted owner, Paul Scotty Murray. The four-month-old dog had to be euthanised on humane grounds.

Murray only admitted causing Tyson unnecessary suffering by failing to get him treated for a catalogue of horrendous injuries. The court did not address how he came to be injured in the first place.

Tyson had sustained a fractured elbow and injured hip, and was suffering from a painful ear condition between February 21-28, 2019.

Instead of taking the stricken dog to a vet, Murray left him to suffer in agony at his property on Gartmorn Road during that period.

He also admitted cramming Tyson into a tiny drawer under a bed on February 28.

Police discovered Tyson in the drawer and immediately seized him from Murray.

The court heard a vet found “evidence of definite trauma to the head, neck and femur”.

The injuries were likely to have been a result of “separate incidents” of trauma, and the pain the dog was in would have been obvious to any owner.

Sadly, Tyson was euthanised on welfare grounds on March 1.

Murray’s solicitor, Grazia Robertson of Glasgow law firm L and G Robertson, said her client was barely able to care for himself, let alone an animal.

She said this was due to a troubled upbringing, and asked for unpaid work or a curfew to be imposed on Murray.

She added: “Clearly, some punishment is required.”

A furious Sheriff Craig Harris warned Murray of how seriously he viewed the offences.

He said: “You put this animal through absolute hell. You should be nowhere near animals.

“I’ve given serious consideration as to whether you should go to prison for this.”

Instead, Murray walked free from court with a community order.

Sentencing: 150 hours of unpaid work and a one-year supervision order. He is banned from owning, keeping, or taking charge of any animal for a period of seven years.

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9 thoughts on “Sauchie, Alloa, Clackmannanshire: Paul Murray”

  1. You Are A Mentally Disturbed Young Man,
    What A Sad Life You Have, Pure Scum
    Another Who Has Escaped A Custodial Sentence.
    Pathetic Legal Justice System Of This Country.
    But At Least Now, Your Face Is Out There.

    1. This little I won’t say what he is should have the same done to him and stuffed in a drawer god we would be jailed for years if it happened he should be jailed well karma has a habit of bitting back scum that’s what you are

  2. Absolutely pathetic community service, should of been given a jail sentence. I wouldn’t want him in my community. Utter scum 😡

  3. Is that all he is getting 150 hours of unpaid work. What about that poor little puppy what if the police didn’t find him. Personally I think he should go to jail and get out to a remote island where there is no animals for him to hurt. I hope he rots in hell..!!!!

    If it was a person he would get life. But because it’s an animal he doesn’t I know he didn’t kill it but it had to get put to sleep because of it.

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