Slough, Berkshire: Sarah Harris and Sam Brewer-Wright

#TheList Sarah Anne Harris (DoB 08/08/1980) and Sam Brewer-Wright (DoB 27/09/1984) formerly of Salt Hill Mansions, Bath Road, Slough, for neglecting Westie Archie; implicated (but not prosecuted) in the death of another dog who was flea-infested and underweight

Sam Brewer-Wright, who together with partner Sarah Harris, neglected Westie Archie.
Sam Brewer-Wright, who together with partner Sarah Harris, neglected Westie Archie.

Harris and her now ex-partner Brewer-Wright (pictured) were found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to their pet Westie named Archie.

Neighbourhood enforcement officers from Slough Borough Council (SBC) and police rescued Archie in August after they discovered he was being neglected.

He was very skinny, suffering with inflammation and an infection in his hind legs, and lots of his fur had been chewed away.

Previously Harris had been warned about the treatment of Archie and was told she had to seek medical treatment for him.

She then failed to act on an improvement notice issued to her under the Animal Welfare Act.

Linda Corcoran, housing and enforcement officer for SBC, said: “We tried to engage and educate Sarah Harris but we had no choice but to take Archie away for his own safety due to the general neglect from Sarah Harris and Sam Brewer-Wright.”

An investigation into the couple began when Harris took another dog to the vets, claiming he was a stray and it was revealed he had a flea infestation, was very underweight and later died.

Sweet little Archie recovered and has a loving new owner.

Harris is now living at Brisbane Court, Buckingham Gardens, Slough, and her hapless ex-partner Brewer-Wright at Pocock Avenue, West Drayton, Hillingdon.

Sentence: Both – 150 hours of unpaid work, costs and fines; disqualified from owning or keeping animals for 10-year minimum.

Slough Observer 05/04/2016

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