Grimsby: Sara and Richard Loche

#TheList Sara Louise Loche (DoB 06/08/1978) and husband Richard Loche (DoB 12/11/1969) of 110 Eleanor St, Grimsby – let German Shepherd cross Queenie become so emaciated she collapsed and had to be PTS

Sara and Richard Loche, Grimsby and Queenie the dog they starved to death
Sara and Richard Loche from Grimsby and Queenie the dog they starved to death

Queenie weighed only 7.5 kilos – half the weight she should have been.

RSPCA Inspector Stuart Wainwright said he was called in to investigate after staff at Blue Cross Animal Hospital on Nelson Street raised the alarm when Queenie, a tan and black cross-breed female, was brought to the hospital in a collapsed state.

He told the court the dog was in a comatose state and was put down.

“It was terribly emaciated – the worst I have ever seen,” he said.

He interviewed the owners Richard and Sara Loche later, who claimed they had fed the dog two or three meals each day.

Chief vet at The Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Susan Knox said the dog had collapsed and was unable to stand.

She said the dog’s heart rate was very slow and her ribs were protruding, along with shoulder bones, spine and hip bones. The vet described the wasting of muscles and severe loss of fat around the dog’s organs.

She said: “It showed signs that the dog’s needs had not been met and a thoroughly poorly-looking dog.”

She confirmed there had been no underlying illness.

Queenie was put down with the owner’s consent.

Humberside Police officers attended and the RSPCA conducted an investigation into the suffering of the dog.

After the hearing, Inspector Wainwright described Queenie as being “in the worst condition I have ever seen a dog alive. I have only seen them like that when dead”.

Sentence: Sara Loche – 20 weeks in prison; banned from keeping animals for life; Richard Loche – 12-month community order; 10-year ban on keeping all pets.

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