Barrhead, Glasgow: Sam John Andrews

#TheList Sam John Andrews (DoB 17/12/1988) formerly of Barrhead and more recently (2018) Craig Road, Neilston, Glasgow – caught on CCTV dragging and beating a  terrified Staffy and tormenting him with a cigarette lighter

Photo of convicted dog abuser Sam Andrews and his victim Scooby
Dog abuser Sam Andrews and his victim Scooby

Andrews pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering after being caught on camera whipping Scooby with his lead and terrorising him with a naked flame.  Andrews was seen dragging Scooby backwards on his lead and then repeatedly striking the animal, causing him to cower and shake.

Andrews also hit the dog with his hand, forced him to the ground, with his foot planted firmly on his back, and then sparked a cigarette lighter which he held close to his face.

Police were alerted and Andrews was traced and arrested.

Inspectors from the Scottish SPCA who rescued Scooby discovered the frightened Staffy was underweight. He was later rehomed.

Sentence:  6 months in jail; 10-year ban on keeping animals (expires February 2025).

Barrhead News 10/02/2015

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