Saltash, Cornwall: Abigail Emery

#TheList Abigail Emery (née Aire), born 1988, of Callington Road, Saltash PL12 6LL – left a Shih Tzu-type dog alone in a property to starve to death

Dog killer Abigail Emery from Saltash, Cornwall, UK.

Emery admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the dog known as Clyde by leaving him to starve to death.

RSPCA lawyer Kevin Whithey told the court the exact cause of death could not be determined due to the level of decomposition, but an analysis of the dog’s corpse suggested he had been dead for “not less than three weeks” when he was found.

Abigal Emery from Saltash, Cornwall, UK, abandoned a shih-tzu in an empty property and left him to starve to death.
Abigal Emery from Saltash, Cornwall, UK, abandoned a shih-tzu in an empty property and left him to starve to death.

A veterinarian’s evidence was read out which revealed how a reduced supply of water would result in organ failure and damage to kidneys, resulting in a “prolonged, slow, agonising death for a dog”.

Equally, a lack of food would result in multiple organ failure and death.

Abigal Emery from Saltash, Cornwall, UK, abandoned a shih-tzu in an empty property and left him to starve to death.

Mr Whithey told the court that Emery had started a new relationship at another property nearby and it appeared that “Clyde was no more than an inconvenience” and was abandoned.

He said it would have been “straightforward” to contact the RSPCA or other animal charities and just ask for Clyde to be rehomed.

Dog killer Abigail Emery from Saltash, Cornwall, UK.

He said she initially offered not guilty pleas and the case was listed for trial. However, the day before trial she changed her plea.

He suggested that Clyde’s death was “prolonged and deliberate” and would have caused a “high level of suffering”.

Mr Whithey asked magistrates to consider passing an order to have Emery’s remaining dog, cat and rabbit removed and placed with the RSPCA to be rehomed.

Dog killer Abigail Emery from Saltash, Cornwall, UK.

A probation report was read out in court which noted Emery was dealing with a complex and sensitive domestic issue at the time and her focus at that time was not on Clyde. The report accepted that she did attend the property and fed Clyde on a daily basis, but this soon changed to weekly and then one a month. As a result she was unaware of his health and the faeces in the property.

The probation report noted that she claimed she was “terrified” of getting into trouble and initially misled investigators.

The probation officer told magistrates she did not feel there was “any malicious intent” by Emery.

In mitigation, advocate Andrears Parsons said her client did not deliberately set out to cause suffering and her domestic issues were at the forefront of her mind at the time.

Dog killer Abigail Emery from Saltash, Cornwall, UK.

She highlighted how Clyde would have endured a “slow and agonising death”, over which Emery had initially lied and tried to blame someone else.

However, they also recognised she was of previous good character with no offences to her name, and that she was going through a traumatic time in relation to other matters.

They believed there was a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.

Following the hearing a spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “It is just heartbreaking to think of the suffering Clyde went through.

“The RSPCA believes there is no excuse to do this to an animal. Pet-owners have a legal responsibility to ensure their animals do not suffer like Clyde did.”

Sentencing: 16-week jail sentence, suspended for 12 months; 80 hours of unpaid work; 25 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days. Costs and charges of £866. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years with the right of appeal after five years.


4 thoughts on “Saltash, Cornwall: Abigail Emery”

  1. I would like it known that although Mrs Emery’s maiden name has been published hear she has been estranged from our family for nearly 10 years now. There are a lot of good people with and associated with the Aire name in Saltash and the surrounding area. I know that they too will be incensed by her vile actions and her equally vile and squalid living conditions.

    I am both embarrassed and ashamed to say that I had a hand in bringing up this evil, inhuman and inhumane person. she was an evil child and several times when she was growing up I told her mother that she needed psychiatric help before she did something very serious. I was always told that I was a bad parent and person and should not have these thoughts. I think that my thoughts I have now been vindicated. however after what has happened that does not make it a sweet pill to swallow.

    the comments regarding a domestic situation as mitigation are self generated by Mrs Emery. What she had done was report her ex husband erroneously for pedophilia type child abuse. These were in fact fabricated lies on her part and the investigation was dropped by the police as there was no tangible evidence to prosecute Mr Emery. I have no doubt, but equally no proof that her mother had a hand in this sorry debacle. She is certainly showing support to this vile criminal at present. I divorced Emery’s Mother 9 years ago when emery was 20 so coming from a broken home is no excuse. Indeed both her sisters are fine upstanding young woman. Both career woman, and one with a family of her own. Emery has always been a lazy work shy individual. On many occasions stealing from her family rather than working.

    Mrs Emery is the black sheep of the family, although her mother is supporting her she is not a bad person just a mother with misplaced loyalties.

    Mrs Emery is a pathological lyer and has been so since she was a young child.

    Her own children are under nourished to the point of emaciation, her son has skeletal features and a distended belly and her 5 year old daughter is so small that she is in 9 to 12 month old clothing. I intend to make it a crusade to have the children taken away and placed with their father and deplore anyone who knows her to push Cornwall Social Services for the same outcome.

    Finally, I respectfully ask that you do not associate this vile creature with proud Aire name

    1. I worked with this girl in a care home and she abused Elderly too! She is not a nice person and when I reported her for what she did she claimed I was lying and bullying her as she was pregnant at the time she used that against me in order to save her job! She stated that I was ignoring her making her work life very difficult… may I please note yes I did ignore her how can I stand in the same room breathing the same air as her when I witnessed what she did. She pinned what she did on another member of staff leaving that person to be sacked and me to lose a witness to my case. My Employer at the time stated if I can not work along side this girl and be a team player they would have to let me go well I was willing to walk out that door head high knowing I whistle blew on her I know what’s right and wrong and She was definitely the wrong kind. She kept her job and when I seen this come up on here all I thought was Name and Shame justice just because people now know the sort of person she is! I went to the same school same year as one of her relatives and that person is nothing like her so i will agree she may carry a name but she is her own person and what she has done to this poor animal justifies who she is as a person no one else !

    2. Good man, I hope that this stops her from hurting animals, family, children and herself anymore. What a waste of a life in beautiful Cornwall. I recommend that anyone else who see’s these issues in a person so early, can call the RSPCA or police instead of just talking to their Mother who obviusly will automatically protect her child no matter what. She is a disgusting criminal low-life animal abuser that doesn’t deserve protection. Eyes are wide open for her. Thank you for your update and sorry you are being targeted because of this disgusting excuse of a human (I am sure you can understand these details are posted also because the Police are powerless and their wage payers are forced to do their jobs for them properly, as a member of family, talking to other family may not help, you need to report to the correct parys that will or can push their power, never a friend or family of the culprit) You should report her further (if you already have not) because you say she has unhealthy children also, well they have more rights than animals. It seems there is definatey a much deeper issue with ABIGAIL EMERY. Let’s attempt to fix this reoccurring issue that she knowingly keeps causing against law. Lock her up and throw away the key. Or even better give her a taste of her own medicine, it’s sad that she is protected but not her pets, just because they are animals. She is a muerderer in my eyes and always will be. I hope tha one day the Police and or RSPCA have the power to actually help animals int his situation, they all have their hands tied with stupid laws to protect the criminals that they are paid to stop with us citezens hard earned money.

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