Rotherhithe, London: Christopher Haroun

#TheList Christopher Haroun, born c. 1993, of Russell Place, Rotherhithe, London SE16 – kicked a cat, hit her with a broom and threw objects at her. The cat, Nikita, had to be put to sleep.

Violent thug Christopher Haroun, who's from Rotherhithe in South-East London, and the innocent victim of his sadistic cruelty, Nikita.
Violent thug Christopher Haroun, who’s from Rotherhithe in South-East London, and the innocent victim of his sadistic cruelty, Nikita.

Christopher Haroun, who is originally from Hampstead, North-West London, appeared at Basildon Magistrates Court on Thursday where he admitted abusing a cat named Nikita.

The court heard between January 2 and January 6, 2018, Haroun had been dating a woman from Basildon for six months when one day she came home from work and found her cat Nikita bleeding badly and unable to move her back legs.

Not such a great role model: Christopher Haroun works as a volunteer with mentoring charity City Year, which aims to help disadvantaged youths.

After confronting Haroun, who works as a recruitment administrator, she learned he had kicked the female cat, hit her with a broom and thrown objects at her causing her unnecessary suffering.

The owner, who has owned Nikita since she was eight weeks old, took her pet to the vet who told her Nikita had a suspected fractured spine and pelvis and that there was nothing they could do.

Nikita, who would have been two years old in March 2018, was put down the next morning.

The woman broke off the relationship immediately.

The victim said she struggled a lot with it as she moved here from Australia to work as a paramedic for the London Ambulance Service and didn’t really know many people at first so adopted Nikita and her sister Nala within a couple of months of moving here.

She told the court Nala is doing a lot better now but she was really badly affected by it.

Sentencing: community order with 20-day rehabilitation activity requirement; 300 hours of unpaid work. Total of £320 costs and charges. Banned from keeping a cat for five years with no right of appeal for two years.

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