Rotherham, South Yorkshire: Tara Louise Bridges

#TheList Tara Louise Bridges, born 08/05/1986, of Beaconsfield Road, Rotherham S60 – allowed poodle terrier cross dogs Lila and Moxy to starve to death

Convicted animal abuser Tara Louise Bridges from Rotherham and Moxy, one of the two dogs she allowed to starve to death

RSPCA inspectors found the dead bodies of 3yo Lila and Moxy aged 5 when they visited Bridges’ home on January 30, 2018. Both dogs had died from starvation.
The court heard the dogs had been left dead for so long that Lila was found with maggots in one of her eye sockets.  Inspectors noted a strong smell of decay at the property. 
It is believed that Lila had died some 10-15 days before Moxy, who had been dead for between three and seven days when inspectors found her.
Bridges told the police during an interview that she had lived alone at the address and was responsible for the dogs.
She said she had them both since they were puppies.
Bridges claimed the dogs were fine just a day before they were found by the RSPCA.
Speaking outside court, RSPCA prosecutor Andrew Vickers said: “The dogs clearly suffered prior to their death.
“She (Bridges) tried to explain that the dogs might have eaten some cannabis they found on the carpet.”
Mr Vickers said that a post-mortem examination found the dogs died as a result of having no food or water.
Bridges was convicted of the charges in her absence after she failed to attend the hearing, prompting magistrates to issue a warrant for her arrest.

Sentencing (12/10/18): 18 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months; £300 costs. Banned from keeping pets for 10 years (expires October 2028). 

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  1. She should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and never allowed to own an animal again. This is animal cruelty in the worst case, how those poor dogs must have suffered and to lie about it shows she knows she has done wrong. Don’t let people like this get away with it, she should be made an example of. Absolutely disgusting.

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