Rochester, Kent: Margaret and Philip Redman

#TheList Margaret Redman, born 1961, and husband Philip Redman, age unknown, both of Borstal Street, Rochester ME1 3HL – left their cat to suffer with a painful mouth tumour

Misty was neglected by her owners Margaret and Philip Redman of Rochester, Kent, UK

RSPCA officers visited the Redmans’ home on Saturday, March 9, 2019, and found that their cat Misty had a tumour on her mouth which had teeth embedded into it. This was making it difficult for her to eat. She also had matted fur caked with faeces and discharge from the tumour.

Mrs Redman told the officers that they had delayed taking the cat to the vets because she feared she would be put to sleep.

The couple pleaded guilty to failing in their duty to ensure welfare, and two counts each of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Their solicitor successfully argued that the couple were unsuitable for community sentences where there would be a possibility of carrying out unpaid work.

Sentencing: community order involving attendance at a rehabilitation course; £300 costs.


One thought on “Rochester, Kent: Margaret and Philip Redman”

  1. Margaret and Philip Redman – you both are so wicked and vulgar leaving this poor cat , requiring veterinary care and in a lot of pain

    How could you on a daily basis watch this cat suffer ?

    You’re both disgusting people and I hope you both suffer from here on in your lives – truly wicked

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