Richhill, Armagh: Keith Wilkinson

#TheList Keith Leslie Wilkinson, born c. 1976, of 5 Mullansilla Road, Armagh BT61 9HN – kicked a tiny dog with such force she was launched into the air and landed halfway down the garden

Violent dog abuser Keith Leslie Wilkinson from Armagh, Northern Ireland
Violent dog abuser Keith Leslie Wilkinson from Armagh, Northern Ireland

Wilkinson pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal after attacking the Shih-Tzu during an argument with his wife.

Prosecution outlined that on November 26, 2019, police arrested Wilkinson at his home after he was alleged to have kicked the dog.

During a first interview, following his arrest, Wilkinson denied the offence but later made admissions after viewing CCTV.

Defence barrister Patrick Taggart stated that the defendant had “kicked out” following an argument with his wife.

He said: “Mr Wilkinson helps his wife at her kennels at their home. That is effectively what he lives for.

“He had an argument with his partner and lashed out at the dog. He did not believe it himself until he was shown the CCTV.”

Deputy District Judge Kennedy commented: “He would not have done it to a bigger dog. It would take a brave man to take on a larger dog.”

Speaking from the dock, Wilkinson said: “I am disgusted with myself.”

Mr Taggart stated: “Tempers had been raised. Once he watched the CCTV, well, he outlined his feelings better than me.

“He was initially not allowed to return to the family home. This was varied but then he was not allowed to have contact with animals.”

Deputy District Judge Kennedy stated: “I accept that this was a one-off offence, given the references I have been furnished with from various people in business and from religious ministries.

“Something must have come over you and the rage caused you to kick this Shih Tzu. Had this been a bigger dog like a Rottweiler you may have met your match.”

Sentencing: ordered to pay a fine of £250, along with the offender’s levy of £15, within 20 weeks.


14 thoughts on “Richhill, Armagh: Keith Wilkinson”

  1. This boy is pure scum.
    A gangster he got of with hitting his partner as she dropped the charges.
    His ex wife from fivemiletown got the shite beat out of her for years.
    Rumour has it he poisoned a few dogs belonging to a woman who spoke out about him re this matter.
    Filth is what he is.

  2. This is the Evil Cunt who helps run Paws for Thought between Richill and Armagh.
    God help his partner .
    The internet is full of stuff about this evil thieving bastard.
    He must be a Pilice tout and claims DLA from what i have heard

  3. This bastard made my and my family’s life a misery for a few years.
    Played mind games with us and even had us put out of our home on Xmas day with a hoax call to the Police.
    Glad his name is now pure shite.
    One hateful bastard

  4. Keith was originally from Dungannon and was always in trouble for starting fights at school. He received a serious bashing a few years ago, something to do with his ex-partner. He was accused of being a conman when he lived in Fivemiletown. Not a very intelligent man and should be avoided at all costs.

  5. So happy to see Karma finally catching up with this piece of scum.
    He broke into a friend’s car he was fishing with and stole the money out of his van for a kitchen he had just finished fitting that morning.
    Pure dirt a liar bully thief and total scumbag.

    I would avoid Paws for Thought at all costs with this evil Physopath being around or near it.

  6. Well well well.
    This nutter still up to his Antics.Paws for thought will be a no go with this tramp being anywhere near it.
    A thief woman beater and liar.
    A total waste of oxygen.

  7. Can’t believe this piece of Scum is still on the outside.
    Should have been locked up years ago.
    Nothing but a liar fantasised who lives in Cuckoo land.Loves beating woman up and telling people he was in the SAS. Complete dickhead who got his shit kicked in when he went mouthing of to a boy in Portadown.
    Then run to the Police crying like a little bitch.
    Not as hard as he likes to think he is.

    Paws for thought has no chance with this prick being around it.
    1st class Dickhead

  8. Oh my goodness not this gobshite.
    Wondered were he had moved to.
    This gangster was a total nightmare while living in Fivemiletown.
    He terrorized the local community with his bully boys tactics.
    Beat his poor wife senseless and tried to bully everybody.
    I bet his present girlfriend was told to drop the charges or else.
    This cowboy will stoop to any level playing mind games using false names and profiles to attack people.
    Cunt deserves everything that comes his way.
    We were glad to see the back of him here in Fermanagh.

  9. This gangster helped my company out as a kennel hand for 6 months.
    Next thing he is advertising that he is a fully qualified dog trainer.
    The clown couldn’t train a Budgie.
    When i spoke out about him the big child that he is made calls to the Guards with a false name and put death threats on me.
    Man is a liar cowardly dickhead and a liability.

    Woman beater and just a pure prick.
    Beware have absolutely nothing to do with this cowardly Gobshite

  10. Not this bloody Knobhead again.
    Oxygen thief and the biggest liar fantasised the world over.
    Thinks he’s a hard man hardest part of him was flushed down the toilet
    1st class wife beater liar and thief a real dumb fuck who needs locked up.
    There will never be piece while this piece of shite is loose in modern society..

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