Redruth, Cornwall: Liam Reynolds

#TheList Liam Reynolds, born 21/08/1990, of 63 Oxland Road, Illogan, Redruth TR16 4SH – jailed after appalling conditions led to the deaths of at least three dogs.

Serial animal abuser Liam Reynolds from Redruth in Cornwall

Reynolds, who is unemployed and was living in a caravan at Cocks Roost, St Just, at the time of the offences, pleaded guilty to all charges against him. These related to six dogs for which he was responsible.

Police and RSPCA officers attended the site on March 29, 2018, having been concerned about dogs in the care of Reynolds in the past, and were said to have been deeply affected by what they discovered.

The bodies of two dogs were found. One had been left to decompose inside a plastic bag used to store animal feed and the other, Sam, was found in a makeshift kennel. The court heard that witnesses had described a “powerful smell of rotting flesh”.

Serial animal abuser Liam Reynolds from Redruth in Cornwall

A lurcher called Ben was thin and had scars around his head and muzzle. He was also found to have what was described as a “de-gloving” injury – when skin is lost – on his face and was likely to have been in considerable pain but had not received any treatment.

Three dogs were found inside a “cramped” trailer without water. One of those was a beagle named Bruno who was described as being aggressive and later had to be put down. A dog called Tia was found inside the caravan which was in a “shambolic state” with a “build-up of faeces, especially on the mattress”.

The trailer in which three dogs were found. One of those had to be put down.

Kevin Withey, prosecuting for the RSPCA, revealed: “If the circumstances didn’t change [the dogs] would be at significant risk.”

During a search of the site remains of at least three other dogs were also found.

The decomposing remains of other dogs were found at the site.

Before signing over care of the dogs to the police, Reynolds told officers: “I know I’ve f*cked up.”

A postmortem examination found that Sam had been dead for at least two or three weeks and had died from malnutrition due to starvation. The results from investigations into the death of the other dog were inconclusive because the body had already started to decompose.

Victim of serial animal abuser Liam Reynolds from Redruth in Cornwall

Mr Withey revealed that upon writing his statement, a police officer with 21 years of service described the site as the “most upsetting” scene he had ever witnessed. He also said he had “never witnessed animals being forced to live in such poor conditions”.

Mr Withey added that the animals had been “obviously suffering” and their needs were “deliberately ignored”. He also revealed the RSPCA had concerns for two dogs that Reynolds still had access to but claimed belonged to his partner. However during court proceedings, these animals were also surrendered to the animal charity.

District Judge Diane Baker described the events as the “most appalling case of animal cruelty”.

Serial animal abuser Liam Reynolds from Redruth in Cornwall
Liam Reynolds

She said she found Reynolds of the highest level of culpability due to the “prolonged period of serious neglect”. Judge Baker added that he ignored advice of the RSPCA to increase the dogs’ diet and ensure water was available.

She continued: “I have no doubt the suffering was obvious. It was ignored in the most inhumane manner.” Upon sentencing, Judge Baker took into account Reynolds’ supposed good character, family difficulties and late guilty plea.

Sentencing: 16-week prison sentence, of which he will serve half. One-year’s probation. Disqualified from owning any animals for 20 years, with no right of appeal for ten years.


Update 26/02/2020:

Reynolds was hauled back to court after admitting breaching the 20-year ban imposed for his horrific abuse of dogs.

He breached the order by being caught keeping ferrets and snakes.

Reynolds, whose address was given at court as care of a home in Mount Pleasant, Hayle, had denied the charges but was found guilty after a one-day trial of two counts of breaching a disqualification.

After being found guilty of breaching that ban his case was adjourned for sentencing.

However, he failed to turn up at Truro Magistrates’ Court for that sentencing hearing.

As a result he also faced two further charges of failing without reasonable cause to surrender to custody.

Reynolds received a suspended sentence for two years, was ordered to undergo 200 hours of unpaid work and pay costs of £1,122.


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  1. This horrible piece of scum has just had warrant issued for his arrest on 26th February 2020 for failure to appear for sentencing after being caught last year owning a number of ferrets and snakes
    What the court dont know is he also has had a cat and dog which he yet again left in his flat from 9.30 am to 11pm with no food or water. On his return at 100pm the dog desperately tried to get water from the toilet when he opened the bathroom door and he kicked the dog repedatively for trying to get to the toilet for water. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for it to sink into the courts that as long as he is free and not jailed animals are going to suffer. He is not going to stop treating animals so cruelly.

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