Redhill, Surrey: Samuel Healey

#TheList Samuel Paul Healey, born 12/08/1987, of Flat 15, Graham House, Timperley Gardens, Redhill RH1 2BQ – subjected a young mastiff to repeated beatings, resulting in her death from extensive injuries

Healey punched and kicked the two-and-a-half year old female tan mastiff, called Puppy leaving her suffering from blunt force trauma. Her injuries were so bad that vets had no choice but to put her down.

Following the sentencing, RSPCA Inspector Robert Jackson said: “This was a hugely distressing case. A post-mortem showed Puppy suffered extensive injuries caused by blunt trauma used with considerable force.

“The vet said this caused extensive suffering. Puppy did not die quickly.

“The defendant has anger issues and said he was in a rage and very frustrated. He was very penitent afterwards and is seeking treatment for his anger management issues.”

Sentence: 12 weeks in prison, suspended for two years; 100 hours of unpaid work; £500 costs. Banned from keeping animals for ten years (expires January 2025).


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