Ravensthorpe, Peterborough: Michael Garner

#TheList Michael Garner, born 1966, of 13 Brookfurlong, Peterborough PE3 7LG – punched and sexually stimulated a dog on Facebook Live

Vile pervert and dog abuser Michael Garner of Ravensthorpe, Peterborough
Vile pervert and dog abuser Michael Garner of Ravensthorpe, Peterborough

Michael Garner appeared alongside brother Thomas Garner, born 09/02/1969 and of the same address, to face animal welfare charges after a video of the dog, an American bulldog named Roscoe, being abused was posted on Facebook.

Vile pervert and dog abuser Michael Garner of Ravensthorpe, Peterborough
Michael Garner

Michael Garner pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal by punching the dog around the head. His brother pleaded not guilty and was set to face trial in June 2017. The outcome of the trial isn’t known.

Giles Beaumont prosecuting told the court that Michael Garner was seen on Facebook Live hitting the dog – owned by Thomas Garner – on or around the head at least 16 times after the dog had hold of his arm sleeve.

He said that Michael Garner “appears to sexually stimulate Roscoe with a glass object.”

Mr Beaumont added: “The dog has been goaded into this game.”

Roscoe suffered bruising to his lip as a result of the beating, and the court heard that a vet examining the American Bulldog believed he had been normalised to the treatment he suffered.

The court was shown the Facebook Live video where the punches can be seen. Pornography was also showing on a screen in the background.

The RSPCA had been alerted to the video by members of the public.

One person wrote on Facebook at the time:

Absolutely gutted and mortified to what I have just witnessed.
3 men done a live feed on a page called roast my selfie, watching porn, whilst performing sexual acts towards a white boxer dog then Antagonising it to fight back, As the dog fights back, one of the men start punching the dog and beating the hell out of it. All of this was live. I have contacted the rspca, RAID, a few peterborough selling sites etc and the police and I have an appointment with an officer at 10am tomorrow morning as there has been screen shots took of all what has happened. Never have I been so shocked, nauseous, disturbed and helpless to what I feel right now. People share his picture!!!! He needs to go viral!

Rebecca Keogh defending said: “It’s certainly unpleasant and uncomfortable viewing.

“It’s clear he was caught up in the incident. It does not excuse that behaviour but he was very drunk.

“If he was not drunk he would not have done it.

“It was lucky he was not seriously hurt goading a dog that size.”

Sentencing Michael Garner, District Judge Ken Sheraton said: “To be frank I see no sense in that behaviour, drunk or not.

“I see less sense why you would put this on Facebook to show to the world. I’m surprised you’ve reached the age you have and not come to your senses.”

Michael Garner has previous convictions in the last three years of producing cannabis and domestic abuse.

Sentencing: Michael Garner was given a six week prison sentence suspended for 12 months and a four-month curfew. £200 costs. Disqualified from keeping an animal or having control of an animal (period not given).

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As noted above, Thomas Garner pleaded not guilty to failing to prevent unnecessary cruelty to an animal and failing to ensure the welfare of an animal and was set to face trial in June 2017. Unfortunately the media failed to report the outcome.

The abused dog, Roscoe, with his owner Thomas Garner of Peterborough
Thomas Garner pictured with abused dog Roscoe

In May 2017 Garner was found found guilty of two charges of assault by beating on September 6, 2016 in St Paul’s Road, Southsea, and given a community order.