Raffles, Carlisle: Stuart Whelan

#TheList Stuart P Whelan, born c. 1976, of Dalton Avenue, Raffles, Carlisle CA2 7DY – kicked a stranger’s Westie into the air

Stuart Whelan

The unprovoked attack on the tiny dog was outlined to magistrates as they heard several disturbing accounts of how Whelan – who was out cycling with his own dog at the time – abused other dog walkers.

All regularly visit Chances Park, near Wigton Road, where Whelan cycles with his dog.

The defendant had pleaded not guilty to two allegations of using threatening behaviour and causing a dog unnecessary suffering.
He declined to take take part in his trial because court officials refused to let him bring his dog into court. He was convicted of all three charges.

The first offence was on May 8, 2020, as local woman Maxine Denby walked her dog in the park. “I heard a dog squealing,” she said.

She described seeing Whelan lift his own dog into the air over his head, and then ‘slam’ it on to the ground.

“The dog was crying and in a lot of distress,” she said, adding: “I was in shock.”

Fellow dog walker Tony Peacock corroborated Miss Denby’s account, describing how after verbally abusing Miss Denby Whelan repeatedly cycled past her at speed, with his own dog sitting in his bike’s front basket.

Four days later, dog walker Patricia Guanlett was enjoying a tea-time walk through the park with her two dogs, including her West Highland terrier Cara.

As she walked across the grass, Mrs Guanlett saw Whelan cycling along a path towards her, his dog running along beside him.

Her dogs ran towards him, prompting him to throw down his bike and start screaming at her, falsely claiming one of her dogs had bitten his dog, she said. Mrs Guanlett said: “He said if ‘I see that [her] dog again, it’s dead.”

As she was putting one of her dogs on a lead Whelan ran at her West Highland terrier, which was simply ‘toddling along’ and ‘booted’ her, the force of the blow lifting the dog 18 inches into the air.

“I was terrified he’d hit me,” said Mrs Guanlett, who immediately grabbed Cara to keep her safe. Her dog was shaking, she said.

Of Whelan, she said: “His demeanour was horrific: so hyper and so aggressive. It was really, really scary.”

Since the attack, Cara had been wary of strangers. After she left the park, Whelan briefly followed her, she said.

Judith Keir was also walking her dog in the park. She had previously reported Whelan to the police for his behaviour.

Mrs Keir said Whelan’s dog was not bitten, adding: “Mr Whelan took what I thought looked like a penalty kick, literally running up to Cara and booting her in the ribs. It was deliberate.

“Cara was nowhere near the other dog.”

Whelan denied throwing his dog to the ground or being aggressive. He will be sentenced on September 27, 2020, after background reports have been prepared on him.

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5 thoughts on “Raffles, Carlisle: Stuart Whelan”

  1. That’s absolutely wrong it’s nothing like that my little Yorkshire terrier was attacked by two dogs l flicked one up the arse because l couldn’t grab him being chased all over and bitten because it was judges dog who two years ago killed a dog and bitten a little girl.. Maxine Denby the person responsible for the first false claim because they are all friends trying to get me banned off the park because l am actually a animal lover who has dedicated twenty years of my life to rescuing dogs and infant stopped a young lad killing a duck and her young on a riverbank the other day in fact on top of that l have had fights with people killing hedgehogs with there dogs still have a fractured thumb from two months ago saving hedgehogs.. People are terrified to go on that park because them absolute degenerates can’t control there dogs and because she is a magistrate judge she hand her little pack of absolute idiots can manipulate the system to there own gains can’t believe you have done this to me fucking wrong when l explained the full situation the the two judges after they had all left the court the where shocked. Why did they wait nearly three weeks from when this absolute complete lie was supposed to happen to contact the police and if l had lifted a Yorkshire terrier at full arms length and slammed to with force he would be dead of at the very least have broken bones complete lies can’t fucking believe you have done this to me all the fucking fights lve had over people hurting animals over my lifetime and this is the fucking thanks l get it’s you bunch that are the vile horrible bastards just as bad as her and her four fucking nasty pieces of crap shocking if anyone wants to speak to me in person because to be perfectly honest there is a lot more to this my number 07719041424

  2. Not a soul has tried to contact me and ask for the real story because you know it’s a pack of lies putting me in bad light your as bad as the bloody news and star sat on the step all day not one of you even asked me or the security at the court house who actually know wtf happened look on the news and star fb page for last Thursday and see the support l have become people actually know how much lve done for animals in the fuck past l do it on my own because of this next time l see somebody hurting a animal lm doing nothing if this is the bloody thanks l get you horrible vile people and you have picked the wrong fb account that’s a old one but even that has me at four years old with my two german shepherds l have skills with dogs even from that young age why l rescue you lot can go and fuck yourselfs

  3. This is ridiculous I’ve known Stuart whelan for 21yrs and has always been a dog lover, recently losing his faithful German Shepard Shad who was so well behaved and walked by Stu every day or twice a day more so than most Dog owners. Stuart is against abuse to animals more than most along with being a loyal supporter of our military and veterans showing his compassion and respect by placing flags on veterans graves who have passed on. So to state he is unrespectful to the general public is appalling and all he has done is defend his beloved dog Henry having lost his dog of 10yrs plus shad who was never mistreated. If anything you could call most dog owners for neglecting their animals as most of us work full time and do not walk our dogs as much as they deserve. The dog off the lead who attacked Henry small Yorkshire terrier should also be shamed for not having their dog under control equally. This witch hunt is disgusting and talking about judging a book by its cover says a lot! We need more dog owners like Stuart whelan who care for their animals and provide them with a healthy lifestyle and regular walks not just shut in a home or yard.

  4. I have personally seen him kicking both the Alsatians in the past and on more than one occasion. So you obviously don’t know him as well as you claim! He is a seriously volatile man. I pulled him up when I saw him kick his dog and he went nuts saying that dogs need to learn who is boss. He claimed that he was the alpha male and they need to understand their place in the pack. I was terrified he was going to hit me. Even after I walked away he was still shouting abuse at me. The language he used was disgusting. I hope he is banned from keeping any pets in the future. He may well love them but that doesn’t give him the right to treat them as footballs.
    Word on the grapevine is that he is now off the streets and in jail.

  5. And why does he keep making out that he has dedicated his life to rescuing dogs all his life. You would think he had taken in an awful lot of rescues. He has had 3 and the last 2 were given to him! Hardly a dog rescuer is he.

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