Puppy Farm Dealer Richard Kendall from Royal Wootton Bassett

Meet notorious puppy farm middleman Richard James Kendall, who trades from kennels in 45 Marlborough Road, Royal Wootton Bassett, Swindon SN4 7SA and, until recently, a pet shop named Red Lion Pets in Tividale, Birmingham (company dissolved January 2020).

His brother Peter Kendall is also in the puppy business and trades as Puppy Paws (formerly People’s Pets) of 402 Reading Rd, Winnersh, Wokingham RG41 5EP.

Richard Kendall supplies the likes of grubby Essex con-artist Stacey Hayward, and also sells puppies directly to the public online.

All of his puppies are sourced from puppy farms in Carmarthenshire (there are around 87 of them in this region alone) although he lies to his customers that they are privately bred.

The paperwork he provides with his puppies is doctored and meaningless.

His puppies are often riddled with parasites or suffering from a serious disease, which can end up costing their unsuspecting owner hundreds of pounds in vets fees.

Starved of affection and proper care in their early weeks of life, Kendall’s puppies also tend to be withdrawn and timid, with a potential for long-term behavioural problems. Naturally, their welfare ranks low on money-hungry Kendall’s list of priorities.

In July 2014 Kendall was filmed by the ITV Tonight programme attempting to dupe an undercover reporter, but even this embarrassing publicity hasn’t put an end to his duplicitous activities.

Well, it’s time to get your exceptionally well-fed face back into the public eye and keep it there, Richard Kendall. Hopefully this latest exposure will force you to give up your grubby little business once and for all.

Man’s best friend deserves better than greedy exploitation by the likes of you.