Poole, Dorset: Christine and Clare Hawkins

#TheList Christine Jane Hawkins, born 30/09/1958, and daughter Clare Louise Hawkins, born 23/12/1992, both of Dewlish Close, Canford Heath, Poole BH17 8AQ – failed to get veterinary treatment for a gravely ill elderly dog

Clare and Christine Hawkins
Aspiring actor Clare Hawkins and her mother Christine Hawkins only received a five-year ban on keeping animals.

Crossbreed Honey was discovered collapsed and motionless at the home of Christine and Clare Hawkins by RSPCA Inspector Patrick Bailey, who described her as “the skinniest living dog” he had ever seen, with every bone in her body clearly visible.

The dog, whom her owners claimed was 19 years old, was rushed to the vets who identified a catalogue of serious health problems including kidney disease, dental decay and conjunctivitis. Her claws were overgrown indicating that she was never exercised. Horrifyingly her owners admitted they hadn’t taken her to the vet for 12 years.

Honey, who had been starved and neglected by her cruel owners
The emaciated dog was motionless when discovered by an RSPCA inspector, who initially thought she had died.

Sadly she was too poorly to be saved and was put to sleep.

Now the Hawkins have been banned from keeping any animal for five years after admitting charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal over a three-month period in 2019.

Christine Hawkins

Prosecuting for the RSPCA, Matthew Knight said records showed Honey had not been to the vet since 2007, adding “it was obvious this dog needed help”.

The dog had been with the family since she was a puppy. Clare Hawkins was, they said, aged around seven at the time when they first got the pet.

Graphic images were shown in court which showed Honey’s protruding ribs and pelvis bones.

Honey, who had been starved and neglected by her cruel owners

Ben Schofield, mitigating on behalf of Christine Hawkins, said the mother had been struggling to accept that she allowed Honey to suffer.

“It was an incompetence by Ms Hawkins to not properly care for the animal,” said Mr Schofield.

Mark Price, mitigating for Clare Hawkins, said she broke down in tears when being interviewed and had tried to get help for Honey.

Honey, who had been starved and neglected by her cruel owners

Before she contacted the RSPCA, she attempted to get assistance from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) but the charity said they needed to see proof of her mother’s benefit top-up before they could provide support.

Clare Hawkins
Clare Hawkins

Mr Price said when Clare Hawkins got home from work one day and discovered the dog could not stand, she spent the night by her side. She spoke to a veterinary friend and they advised her to call the RSPCA.

“She did the best she could for the dog but in an incompetent way,” said Mr Price.

Magistrate Ian Kendall said: “The photographs say it all. Absolutely appalling treatment of a poor, defenceless animal.”


Christine Hawkins: 120 hours of unpaid community work.
Clare Hawkins: 60 hours of unpaid community work.
Both defendants were ordered to pay £300 costs and a £90 victim surcharge.
Both were banned from keeping animals for just five years (expires July 2025).

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  1. Absolutely Heart Breaking, To See Something Suffer To This Extent Under Your Nose, There Is No Excuse Full Stop.

  2. these bastards shud have got banned from keeping animals for life now u have jus given them a line to start all over again in 5yrs time i hope they get hounded out ther house for making that poor animal suffer like that it didnt get like that overnyt and it has never been walked by the look of the poor dogs nails i hope they suffer big time idv starved myself to feed my furbabys

    1. Shocking sickening what suffering that poor Dog must have endured…5 years!!! The law is an ass lifetime ban should have been in place disgusting

  3. How is their sentence a punishment? Doesn’t exactly fit the crime. That poor dog would have suffered under their noses for a prolonged period of time. Absolutely no excuse for not seeking help.

  4. There’s no excuse for what they did, it was horrendous, obviously they could afford food for themselves.
    Howsver as regarding pdsa they should look at there rules, I’m on a basic pension over by 6 pence.they would not help me with my pet, who turned out to have cancer

  5. This is pure evil they should NEVER be allowed another special soul. This poor dog suffered for a very long time may Honey RIP. As for these horrid excuse of humans may Karma hit hard

  6. Mr chase ,animals do not have soul’s( BIBLE KJV.) And there is NO SUCH THING as “karma”RUBBISH. UK needs to stop! Draging its feet! And get the law changed like SCOTLAND , IRELAND Have just done!.

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