Pool, Redruth, Cornwall: David Owen

#TheList David Owen, aged 30, of  South Crofty Way, Pool, Redruth TR15 3FS – savagely beat his pet lurcher before asking vets to put him down

David Owen from Redruth launched a prolonged and forceful assault on the defenceless dog
David Owen launched a prolonged and forceful assault on the defenceless dog

David Owen landed a number of forceful blows leaving lurcher Archie with serious injuries including a suspected ruptured ear canal, severe facial swelling, blood in his urine and a compound fracture to one of his vertebrae.

Owen pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary to an animal and failing to meet the needs of an animal.

Prosecuting the case for the RSPCA, Lindi Meyer said that on April 16, 2018, Owen, who had owned Archie for two years, rang vets to say the pet had bitten him and needed to be put to sleep. But vets at Cornwall Animal Hospital in Redruth said Archie showed no signs of aggression when being treated and refused.

Ms Meyer said Archie suffered heavy blows to his neck, face and thorax but on examination a vet concluded that Archie presented no more risk of aggression than any other pet dog.

When interviewed Owen said Archie lunged for his face and neck and that he had acted in self-defence, describing the force he used as “appropriate but not excessive”.

The court was then showed a series of images depicting the serious nature of Archie’s injuries.

Ms Meyer said: “This was a sustained attack during which the defendant acted in anger. It was an inappropriate method of discipline and instead of asking for help, he asked for the dog to be killed. The RSPCA fears for any animal in his possession.”

Defending Owen, Neil Lewin said the defendant is still a young man who has had a troubled upbringing.

He said: “He has a complex background and was in a long-term relationship for six years. When the relationship broke down it caused a lot of emotional distress. He didn’t cope well whatsoever.

“Around the time of this breakdown he got Archie and it appears the time wasn’t right for him to have a pet. Mr Owen has anger management problems and difficulty dealing with traumatic experiences.”

Sentencing Owen, district judge Diane Baker said he “showed no remorse at all during interview” and “gave a lot of excuses”.

She said: “It was a deliberate and sustained unprovoked attack on a dog in your care.

“The attack caused significant and serious injuries and you tried to argue it was discipline.”

Archie has since recovered and been rehomed.

Sentencing:  18-week prison sentence; £500 in costs. Banned from keeping animals for life.