Pontypridd: Eric and Doreen Buckley

#TheList Eric Buckley (born ca. 1955) and wife Doreen (now deceased) of Tower Street, Pontypridd CF37 1NR – kept 9 geese, 2 goats, a cat,  11 former racing greyhounds and a pony in the basement  of a former pub

Animal abuser Eric Buckley of Pontypridd and some of the animals found in the cellar of his putrid home
Serial animal abuser Eric Buckley of Pontypridd, South Wales. Doreen Buckley died in 2015.

The Buckleys admitted chronic neglect of two dozen animals kept in a squalid cellar at their three-storey home.

The pair had already been banned from keeping dogs for 10 years due to animal welfare breaches in 1993.

After more series breaches in 1995 both were banned from keeping all animals for life.

Then in 2011 they were caught keeping a cat, 11 retired racing greyhounds, nine geese, a pony and two goats in a former  pub in High Street, Gilfach Goch, Rhondda Valley.

Shocked RSPCA officials found the couple’s “stinking” home to be infested with animal faeces.

At one point up to 13 greyhounds had the run of the rambling three-storey former pub, used by them as a toilet.

Most, however, were kept in an unlit cellar whose floor was almost an inch deep in animal waste.

A vet brought in to administer to the animals once they were located was forced to extract 34 rotting teeth from the mouth of one dog.

Four of the dogs were suffering from flea infestations, ear infections and oral disease with subsequent veterinary treatment for the animals amounting to £13,333.

RSPCA inspector Nicola Johnston said when Eric Buckley was approached about the conditions and asked why he kept so many animals, he answered: “Why not?”

Eric Buckley: jailed for 12 weeks. Banned from keeping animals for life.
Doreen Buckley: 12 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

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The property was in such a putrid condition it was regarded as proof of breaching animal welfare rules alone.

Eric Buckley admitted all the charges against him while his wife failed to attend but had previously made full admissions of all charges through her lawyer.


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