Plymouth: Lisa Clements and partner Paul Rendle

#TheList Lisa Clements, aged 34, and Paul Rendle, 37, both of Chatsworth Gardens, Plymouth PL5 2JU – banned from keeping mammals and birds for 10 years after their emaciated dog was rescued by the RSPCA.

Dog abusers Lisa Clements and Paul Rendle from Plymouth and victim Diesel who has now recovered.

The pair  admitted causing unnecessary suffering when they appeared before Plymouth Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, August 21, 2018.

RSPCA Inspector Jon Phipps visited the couple’s home after concerns were raised about the welfare of Staffordshire bull terrier Diesel.

Inspector Phipps said: “Diesel was sadly in a poor condition that could have been treated easily with the right care and attention.

“His condition has improved significantly simply with normal feeding.

“He almost doubled his weight in our care from 10kg to 19.6kg and is now at a healthy weight.

“There is never an excuse for failing to meet the needs of an animal and allowing them to get into such a poor and emaciated condition.”

Sentence:  £280 each in court costs; 10-year ban on keeping mammals and birds (expires August 2028).

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