Peterlee/Horden, County Durham: Andrew Lee and Mark Baxter (FOUND NOT GUILTY)

#TheList Andy Lee of Barsloan Grove, Peterlee SR8 2PY, and Mark Baxter of Morpeth Street, Horden SR8 4BE – found not guilty of animal welfare and hunting offences after a fox was dug out of a hole and stabbed to death.

Not guilty': Andy Lee (left) and Mark Baxter were cleared of animal welfare charges due to the existence of "reasonable doubt" as to their guilt
‘Not guilty’: Andy Lee (left) and Mark Baxter were cleared of animal welfare charges due to the existence of “reasonable doubt”.

Northallerton Magistrates’ Court heard that Lee and Baxter both had permission to hunt so-called vermin on land at Sandhutton near Thirsk in December 2016.

The trial heard that the pair were hunting with dogs and a shotgun but the police were called after a witness saw them digging for around an hour before throwing a dead fox up out of the hole.

The pair were charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, hunting a wild mammal with dogs and inflicting unnecessary suffering to a wild animal.

They denied all charges.

Lee said that they had been hunting rabbits with two young boys and only began digging because one of the dachshunds had disappeared underground.

He said that two lurchers were being held on leads by the boys but the dogs broke free and went for the fox when it emerged from the hole.

Lee then stabbed the fox, saying his intention was to prevent its suffering.

He said: “As far as I am concerned I dealt with a bad situation as best as I could.”

A postmortem report showed the fox died instantly from the stab wound and not from injuries inflicted by the dogs, which included a broken jaw.

One of the lurchers had a cut nose and face but it was not established whether the injuries were caused by the other lurcher or by the fox.

After retiring for around an hour, magistrate Scott Handley said the bench could not be sure beyond reasonable doubt that the criminal standard for hunting a fox with dogs had been met.

The men were cleared of all charges.

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