Perth, Scotland: Christopher Dickson

#TheList Christopher James Dickson, born July 1987, of 2 Balhousie Street, Perth PH1 5HJ – caught on dashcam brutally kicking his dog after she strayed onto the road

Dog abuser Christopher James Dickson of Perth in Scotland

Horrified witnesses saw Dickson, a director of The Dunblane Motor Company Ltd, which trades as Dicksons of Perth, kicking the dog on her underside causing her to fall to the ground.

The court heard that when a passing motorist pointed at Christopher Dickson from her car, he gesticulated at her by raising his middle finger.

One of the witnesses was “particularly upset” at what had happened and uploaded dashcam footage on to Facebook and it was “circulated” by other members of the public.

Dickson was subsequently identified and later traced by police.

Dog abuser Christopher James Dickson of Perth in Scotland

Dickson admitted behaving in a threatening and abusive manner by gesticulating at a member of the public and kicking a dog on Perth’s Dunkeld Road on September 14 2019.

He originally admitted causing the animal unnecessary suffering by kicking her on the body but having obtained legal representation later changed his plea to not guilty. This plea was accepted by the Crown. He was not, therefore, banned from keeping animals.

Dickson’s solicitor Paul Ralph said his client had been walking his dog when she strayed from his side.

He said: “The problem was the dog was not on the lead. The dog walked on the road.

“He administered swift justice, which he would normally have done with a clip round the ear but he’d had an operation to his hand.

“The dog is six and a half years old and still lives with him.”

Dickson was told by a sheriff that this was “a dog-loving nation” and the attack had caused revulsion.

Dickson is no stranger to appearing in the dock at the Perth court.

In September 2017, he was banned for five years and ordered to carry out unpaid work – as an alternative to prison – after he ignored a 40-month driving disqualification imposed earlier after a drunken road rage incident. The court heard that he got behind the wheel of his £37,000 Mercedes but was caught by police.

He was banned for five years and told to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work after he admitted driving without a licence and without insurance on Perth’s Balhousie Street on August 3, 2017.

Dickson had earlier been put off the road for more than three years – and fined £5000 – after he was convicted of causing an accident which left three young children screaming in terror in their parents’ people carrier.

Aged 29 at that time, he was convicted of driving with 35 microgrammes of alcohol in his system – the legal limit is 22 – driving carelessly and behaving in a threatening and abusive manner.

He also has a previous conviction for drink-driving from February 2008, when he was fined £600 and disqualified for two years.

Sentencing: fined £240.

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    1. Take the dog away from this piece of scum and find a loving home . In addition stick him in jail for a full 6 months. And make sure that his salary for that time is given to dogs ‘ homes. Lastly ban him from keeping any animal for life.

  1. This man is not fit to be a director. To have a plea of not guilty accepted for brutally kicking his beloved pet just shows that this justice system is a joke.
    Everyone should boycott this business which is being run by an animal abuser and drunk.
    He clearly thinks his above the law.
    Shame on you Christopher Dickson. I hope karma bites you very hard very soon.

  2. I know what I would have done if I was judge
    1i would have removed the dog from his care
    2 he would be working for nothing at a dog home
    3 he is clearly has good income being the director of a company so he should have been fined a 3 figure sum of money he would have had to pay many thousands of money to a dog charity and be banned from ownership of any animal in his life time a dirty evil pig of a so called man

  3. Chris Dixon you are a big piece of shite and l wish we had never bought our motor home from you. You deserve to be bankrupt and no-one ever employs you. I hope you get everything that you deserve starting with a good kicking.

  4. I rented a motor home from this company in October 2019 and was poorly treated just like this poor defenceless and helpless animal. Shame on you on every level, absolutely despicable and unforgivable. I would never in my life recommend this company😡😡😡😡

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