Penton, Carlisle: Daniel William Waring

#TheList Farmer Daniel William Waring, aged 48, of Haithwaite Farm, Penton, Carlisle – left hundreds of sheep to die through starvation and neglect.

Farmer Daniel William Waring from Carlisle left hundreds of sheep to suffer and die
Over 640 sheep died in one year of starvation and neglect on Haithwaite Farm, Carlisle

Waring pleaded guilty to numerous animal welfare and disease control offences at Carlisle Magistrates Court on Tuesday 28/8/18.

In just one year over 640 of  Waring’s sheep died due to starvation and neglect.

Councillor Celia Tibble, Cabinet Member responsible for Trading Standards, said: “This was a long and complex investigation which has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

“We support the farming community but where poor practice and unnecessary suffering are discovered we will intervene and take action.

“These animals were kept in terrible conditions, animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

“Laws are there for a reason, to control disease, to protect animals and to ensure the safety of the wider food chain.”

Sentence: 121-day prison sentence, suspended for twelve months; 110 days of unpaid work; costs of £17,783.
7-year ban on keeping animals (expires August 2025)

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