Penlan, Swansea: Lee Aylott

#TheList Lee Roger Aylott, born December 1976, of Lavender Court, Tudno Place, Penlan, Swansea SA5 7AG – starved a dog to death and dumped his body in the back of a vehicle

Lee Aylott

Aylott pleaded guilty to three Animal Welfare Act offences at Swansea Magistrates’ Court on 27 July 2020.

Two offences related to a German shepherd dog known as Shadow whom Aylott starved to death before concealing his remains in a pink duvet in the back of his people-carrier vehicle.

Post-mortem examination confirmed that Shadow had suffered unnecessarily due to his extremely poor body condition, severe weight loss, ear disease and skin lesions.

Surviving dog Suzie

Another German shepherd, Suzie, found at the property was also extremely thin but survived. She is to be made available for rehoming having undergone extensive training.

Lee Aylott

RSPCA inspector Holly Brown said: “Poor Shadow suffered and ultimately lost his life because of a lack of nutrition and suitable care.

“His body was concealed in the boot of a car – but, fortunately, we were able to find Shadow’s body and secure some justice for the suffering he had faced.

“Thankfully, another dog – Suzie – will get another chance of forever home happiness, but her body condition was also very poor and her needs were clearly not being met.

“Owning animals is a privilege – and something this man will no longer be entitled to do, as a result of the way both Shadow and Suzie were treated.”

Sentencing: 12-week prison sentence, suspended for two years; 140 hours of unpaid work; £2,500 in costs. Banned from keeping all animals indefinitely.

8 thoughts on “Penlan, Swansea: Lee Aylott”

  1. Absolutely Heart Breaking. How the hell can you Starve something to Death. If you cannot afford to Feed them, you have to Rehome them. Yet he looks Fat his self. So he was obviously Feeding Himself.

    1. i just can not believe this, he should have had a custodial sentence, he would have only had 12 weeks,is this a joke, the R S P C A fought for longer sentences they had them, yet the Magistrates are not giving them, they are living in Cuckoo land, should be locked up, and throw away the key… i am so angry, and upset…

  2. Suspended sentence what a joke
    Animals have feelings emotions they feel take & suffering like us humans…
    This vile selfish bastard should be flung in jail & left to rot

  3. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Should have gone to jail to suffer himself instead of the pathetic sentence he was given.

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