Pelsall, West Midlands: Amos Price

#TheList Amos Price, born 10/08/1989, of 24a Trevor Road, Pelsall, Walsall WS3 5DB – encouraged his dog to maul a neighbour’s cat to death

Cat killer Amos Price from Walsall, West Midlands, UK
West Midlands Police mugshot of evil cat killer and career criminal Amos Price who has a history of violence and criminal damage

Footage of gypsy Amos Price setting his dog on eight-year-old cat Cleo on 23 October, 2019, was shared widely online after it was released in a bid to identify him.

The 30-year-old admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

CCTV captured gypsy thug Amos Price setting his dog on friendly cat Cleo

Price, described by police as “a yob”, was also banned from keeping animals for life at Walsall Magistrates’ Court.

The crime was discovered when Cleo’s owner, Gary Truefitt, checked his home’s CCTV footage after he became suspicious that his pet had not come back inside.

The horrific footage shows Price approaching the home with his lurcher-type dog, which he then pulled towards the cat, triggering the brutal mauling.

In a statement, Mr Truefitt said: “I feel as if there is a big part of my life missing.

“I don’t want to go home because I know Cleo is not there.”

He previously described Cleo as “a daft cat in lots of ways” but a companion who “will be very much missed”.

Cat killer Amos Price from Walsall, West Midlands, UK

Price was arrested by West Midlands Police following a six-day manhunt sparked by the release of footage by the RSPCA.

West Midlands Police said the attack was “completely mindless, senseless and beyond any justification”.

“As a police force and community we have all been appalled by the sickening actions of Price.”

Cat killer Amos Price

The unemployed father of two, who has recent convictions for criminal damage and assault, claimed he was drunk at the time.

His defence said he was “extremely ashamed and sorry” and that his family had received death threats after the footage was shared on social media.

Sentencing: 18 weeks in jail. Banned from keeping animals for life.

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16 thoughts on “Pelsall, West Midlands: Amos Price”

  1. I am so glad this sicko got caught. I don’t believe for a minute he can use the excuse he was drunk. He would have done it anyway. He is the most worthless human being I can think of right now, being unemployed and going out and getting drunk and murdering a pet. I hope he gets punished in prison by an animal lover.

  2. He’s only sorry because he’s had death threats. Gypsy scum. It’s a shame he has a family because everything about him should be wiped off the face of the earth and I hope it does. Shame for his family but stupid bitch to have had a child with him – why would you ever want to be with a piece of shit like that. Human trash in all respects but sure somebody will get even with him one day.

  3. he ,is scum and the sentence is a joke. but why do you use the gypsy
    word whats his nationality got to do with it.
    i,am kal or in your words gypsy, i,am a 40 years vegan love and spoil my two cats have a wildlife garden etc notice you don,t say such and such an English man about your English abusers your racist . sort it out.
    all animal abusers are scum full stop . amos price rot in hell you give us a bad name, hope you suffer for the rest of your life.

    1. Reports in the media say he is a gypsy and I have had many experiences with abuse by the traveller population. Sorry if that offends you but that’s my personal experience. I would be pleased to hear of a Traveler or gypsy who is kind to their animals.

      1. hi layla, see above i,am a kal and my wife romani, both vegan,
        love and completely spoil our to cats (i think they own us) have built a wildlife garden since going static 20 years ago.
        also like to say none of our family or friends have ever hurt animals. its humans who are scum who do no matter what there race nationality or religion . if price lived round here then we would. ( no comment) and we would get longer sentence than him he should have got 10 years.

        1. Hi Michael, really good to hear you say that. I’m so glad that you are the way you are – please continue with your good work. I will take your story as an example that I have come across a decent gypsy. May I meet more to come! Best wishes.

  4. He’s sorry he was caught, that all, he’s Evil , so glad he won’t be allowed an animal ever again, should not be allowed to be around children too, very dangerous person , I’ve been drunk. but don’t go round tearing live animals to bits , hope some animal lover gives him some if his own medicine

  5. 18 weeks what a joke he should have got 18 years for what he did, animal rights should be brought in to get his sentence lengthened, I would certainly sponsor this…any thoughts of others as to how we can proceed with this?

  6. What a stupid cunt…and so is Amos price.
    If he does things like that when he is drunk,
    maybe he should go to AA when he gets out…
    guess the little one is her beloved,, hope he
    doesn’t take after the bearded one when he is older
    glad the skanky bitch isnt my neighbour….
    Go to hell the pair of you a dog – Staffie
    and cat lover)

  7. Watching the video on ITV, he didn’t seem as though he was drunk to me. He ran away fast enough, and when he looked at the camera, he didn’t look drunk. That’s just his excuse. I hope every cat lover in prison beats him up daily. To give him 18 weeks, of which he will most likely only serve 9 of them is a mockery.

    1. a bloody soft pampered one knowing this country. with the rest of his low life , granny mugging , poor people robbing scum mates
      there never going to give out proper sentences for animal abuse.
      otherwise they would have to look up the royals and most of the tory party. and a good few of the others as well

  8. I hope his wife and kid get fed to the dogs too. There’s no room in this world for you and your family sorry.

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