Paisley, Renfrewshire: Ross Elliot

#TheList Ross Elliot, born 18/03/1983, previously of Mountainblue Street, Barrowfield, Glasgow G31 but has moved to Paisley – starved two cats and a dog to death

Serial animal abuser Ross Elliot previously of Barrowfield in Glasgow, now Paisley, Renfrewshire

Serial pet abuser Ross Elliot admitted causing unnecessary suffering to two cats he left to starve to death in his abandoned flat.

Elliot was previously convicted of cruelty after turning up to a vet with the corpse of an emaciated dog. For that offence he was fined £200 and given 12-month pet ban.

Body of cat starved to death by Ross Elliot

Horrified Scottish SPCA inspectors found the bodies of the cats, known as Cheeky and Chilli, curled up in a soiled litter tray and lying beside an empty food bowl.

Body of cat starved to death by Ross Elliot

Inspector Stacey Erwin said: “The cats’ bodies were emaciated and infested with fleas and maggots. Both weighed around 1.4kg — less than half the minimum you’d expect a healthy cat to weigh.

“Our vet concluded the cats likely died a slow and unpleasant death due to a mixture of dehydration and starvation.

“When we informed Elliot of what had happened, he app­eared completely disinterested and unaffected by the news.”

She added: “Three animals have died in Ross Elliot’s care through circumstances which would have been completely avoidable if he’d met their most basic needs of food and water.

“We believe he should have been given a lifetime ban as a minimum. It’s clear he is not fit to own or care for animals and the previous short-term ban did not act as a deterrent.”

Scottish SPCA teams monitored Elliot’s flat for days and noted no-one was attending to the female cats — despite the owner saying a pal was caring for them.

Officers posted food through the letterbox but when they gained entry they found Cheeky and Chilli couldn’t reach it as they had been locked away.

Empty food boxes, full bin bags and piles of unopened mail were also discovered inside.

They said the only water on offer was from an “extremely dirty, stagnant” mop bucket.

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Additional info
We are advised that Ross Elliot is living in Russell Street, Paisley PA3 2LP.

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  1. not only a disgusting this to do but he looks a badly dressed pound world ned from still game. A pal of mine ex Hibs in Edinburgh has moved to Paisley and I am sure if I asked he would try and locate this bellend and give him a special hibs CCS hiding – I assure you he would not ever forget he would be marked for life. very happy to do so and this photo of the ear piercing and pitiful chain only makes me want him to get a proper beating . Let me know if you wish me to arrange.

    1. Yes, this piece of shit needs to learn a lesson. He does need marked for life and I’d gladly assist to track him down and extract the correct punishment this stupid country does not exact on these scum bastards.

    1. Looks just what he is an Delinquent reject – still seems to be able to pick and choose social housing despite the shortage.

  2. Put him thru the same treatment as the poor animals,then if he survives lock him in a dark cell for 30 yrs,as a society we are judged on the treatment of everybody that can’t look after

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