Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire: Yvonne McAllister

#TheList Yvonne McAllister, born 1963, of 27 Wordsworth Close in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire BB5 4QP – kept a poorly Westie in a dirty and flea-infested cage under the stairs of her home

Yvonne McAllister kept Bobby in a filthy cage riddled with fleas and failed to take him to the vet for treatment for his painful skin condition.
Yvonne McAllister kept Bobby in a filthy cage riddled with fleas and failed to take him to the vet for treatment for his painful skin condition.

Cruel Yvonne McAllister pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to West Highland terrier Bobby.

The dog was spotted by a district nurse during a visit to McAllister’s home.

The court heard how McAllister told the nurse that Bobby had a skin condition for which she had bought shampoo but hadn’t taken him to the vet.

She had also bought clippers but Bobby ‘wouldn’t let anyone near him to cut his nails’.

Bobby had to be put to sleep to end his immense suffering caused by Yvonne McAllister’s long-term neglect of him.

An RSPCA officer later attended the property and said he was ‘unrecognisable to him as a West Highland Terrier’ with grey skin which was ‘leather-like, thick and dry’.

The officer said Bobby must have had the skin condition for an ‘extended period of time’ and he was ‘subdued, lethargic and reluctant to move’. When he asked to take the dog to a vet McAllister refused and said she wanted an independent assessment.

RSPCA prosecutor Paul Ridehalgh said Bobby’s skin was pink with ears ‘twice the size’ as normal and his paws were ‘overgrown and had begun to twist’.

Police were called to the property and Bobby was taken to the Myerscough Veterinary Group. Mr Ridehalgh said Bobby had to be carried into the consultancy room because he was ‘unable to walk’ and ‘so weak he could not stand up’.

The vet said his nose was ‘dry and cracked’ and she couldn’t examine his ear canal because it was ‘too inflamed’. His eyes were also covered with a ‘thick green discharge’.

The prosecutor said: ‘In the vet’s opinion he was in a very poor condition. She observed that she had never seen an animal in such a condition previously.’

The court was told that Bobby ‘highly likely had an underlying systemic disease’ which led to ‘secondary bacterial infection’.

Mr Ridehalgh said the dog had suffered ‘for a period of at least several months and possibly longer’ and had to be put down after ‘long-term neglect’.

McAllister said she couldn’t afford to take Bobby to the vet and ‘nothing was done on purpose’.

Sentencing: 12-month community order with 50 hours of unpaid work, a three-month curfew, ordered to pay £600 costs. Banned from owning or keeping animals for five years.


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  1. I cannot believe that I had a good Christmas, while not knowing this little bobby was slowly dying at the hands of Yvonne McAllister Wordsworth Close, oswaldtwistle.

    I am so sorry that Yvonne McAllister Wordsworth Close, oswaldtwistle, did this to you, I am so sorry I did not know.

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